Hi! we're the society. We are a P2P clan that mostly does Pest Control and monster killing. We only have a few members and are still recruiting.

The Society
February 22nd, 2009
Clan Chat:
144, 53
Minimum combat requirement:

Requirements & Rules Edit

The Society is loosely structured but we have a few rules. The only requirements are that your combat lvl is 40 and you are a member. to join, add Tot05 to your freindlist then search for Tot05's chat server.
Rule 1: Be respectful to your clanmates.
Rule 2: Follow Jagex and their rules, remember you would not be able to play runescape without them.
Rule 3: Have fun!

List of Members Edit

The Society uses the normal ranks for clans. I (Tot05) will promote and demote you as I see fit.

Recruits Edit

Dds Bhunter (lvl ?)
Justcallmek0 (lvl 42)
Maninsanty (lvl 99)
Minnymeleeds (lvl ?)

Corporals Edit

None so far

Sergeants Edit

None so far

Lieutenants Edit

None so far

Captains Edit

None so far

Generals Edit

Dumb Ellis (lvl ?)
Iw4ntu0nt0p (lvl ?)
Klow47 (lvl ?)
Trevster456 (lvl 55)
Zara Temple (lvl 42)

Owner Edit

Tot05 (lvl 60)

If I got your level and/or name wrong please feel free to correct me. Do not add yourself I will do that.

News Edit

03/02/2009: Trevster456 has been promoted to general and head of recruitment due to his help in recruiting more members.

03/08/2009: Justcallmek0 has joined The Society.

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