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February 2011

Many clans fail each year. This was not one of them.
In fact, this page was so well written, it had to be featured on the Main page.

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“The Skiller's Union, is a huge clan which has ONE goal, to be the largest and friendliest skilling community in RuneScape, and to have our Clan be as 'family' as possible.“ – Silentc0re.

Clan Info

Clan Motif

We're Skill Union, a World 23-based, Friendship-focused, skilling clan founded in 2007 by the great, Silentc0re (Icey Dan1 at the time).

Today, we continue to impact peoples's RuneScape careers. Whether it be through friendships or skilling challenges, we want to improve your RuneScape career.

Receiving your first Clan Chat stripe is absolutely requirement free, and there are no obligations besides using the clan chat.

If you want to hang out and chat, join our Friends Chat, "Skill Union".
If you're interested in pursuing a longer career with our clan, join our Clan Chat, "Skill Union" and ask for an invite.

Skill Union

Infobox image.jpg

Icey_Dan1 (Silentc0re)
Summer, 2007
Friends/Clan Chat
Skill Union
Home Worlds
P2P: 23

F2P: 43

OSR: 306
Clan Uniform
Clan Cloak or Skill Cape
Clan Vexillum
Private Forums
Clan Facebook
Clan Twitter


You must not join any other clans, teams, or guilds while in The Skillers Union.
Any members found multi-clanning will be banned without warning.
Other clan members are still welcome to use our Clan Forums and Clan Chat Channel but they can not be ranked with higher than 'Clan Friend' Rank.

Exceptions: You ARE allowed to temporarily join other clans, which are devoted to mini-games (Such as Pest Control or Barbarian Assault).

The Official Skillers Union Rules

These are the official rules of the clan and should be reviewed at least once per week. Please note that if you do not abide by these rules then you risk the chance of being permanently banned from the friends chat, clan chat, and the clan forum.

Members who can kick are:

Lieutenant or Overseerclanrank.png Moderators

Captain or Deputyownerclanrank.png Managers

General or Ownerclanrank.png Clan Leader

Clan Chat Rules

Rule 1: Offensive Language
Every single member of the clan is strictly prohibited from using any form of offensive language that be offensive to another members self, nationality, religion, and beliefs. If you're not sure what is considered offensive then simply do not say it.

Rule 2: Scamming
Any form of scamming is strictly prohibited.

Rule 3: Spamming
SPAM (Stupid - Pointless - Annoying - Messages) are strictly prohibited and if the offense is at a high enough level, you will be instantly kicked.

Rule 4: Arguing
Arguing will not be tolerated and anyone involved in the argument shall be warned.

Rule 5: Begging/Asking For Ranks
Begging for ranks and anything else that is possible to be begged are prohibited.

Rule 6: Racism
This is the higher form of racism that shall result in no possible warning.

Rule 7: Verbal Abuse Toward Members
Any verbal abuse toward another member shall not be tolerated, even if it's just a joke.

Rule 8: Advertising
Advertising any clan, chat, or website is strictly prohibited and shall added to the list of blacklisted members. The only exception to this rule is when refering a Help/activity clan to another member. (Excluding Merch Clans)

Rule 9: Encouraging Rule Breaking/Luring
Encouraging or luring others into breaking a rule is prohibited.

Rule 10: Impersonation
Any caught impersonating a staff member of Jagex or Skillers Union shall be instantly kicked from the Clan Chat.

Rule 11: Threats
Threatening other members in game or in real life are prohibited.

Rule 12: Offensive Names
Offensive account names are strictly prohibited in the Clan Chat and shall be instantly kicked if they do not leave after being asked to do so.

Rule 13: Events
When an event is in play make sure you're always there 5-15 minutes before the event starts. Make sure that you follow the leader of the event's instructions and that you do not talk while a ranked member is talking.

Rule 14: Begging For Items/GP
Don't beg for other peoples' money or items. Honestly, who wants to give up something they have worked so hard for? Earn your own possessions.

Rule 15: Rules Of RuneScape
Always follow the rules Jagex has set out for you. If you do not abide by these rules you shall be warned or even possibly kicked from the Clan Chat with no warning needing to be issued.

Rule 16: Power Abuse (Clan Staff+)
Anyone caught abusing their powers will be kicked (depending if anyone is on to kick them) and added to the list of blacklisted members. If you're unable to kick then simply report to a Clan Leader.

Rule 17: In the case of spamming
Any member that is not a Silver star or above should NOT go into anybody elses chat to sort out spamming. This job should be left to a Silver/Gold star, unless their isn't one present. In this case a 3 Stripes/Bronze Star should sort it out, but please refer to a silver+ when online.

Forum Rules

Please note that breaking any of these rules shall result in receiving an infraction from a Forum Moderator.

Rule 1: Offensive Language
Every single member of the clan is strictly prohibited from using any form of offensive language that be offensive to another members self, nationality, religion, and beliefs. If you're not sure what is considered offensive then simply do not say it. This also includes saying something that may be considered offensive via PM.

Rule 2: SPAM
We do not tolerate SPAM (Stupid, Pointless, or Annoying Messages) here at Skillers Union, please post intelligently

Simply posting one word does not usually help anyone, explain your posts/answers.

Things that will be considered spam:

  • Posts in all capital letters
  • Posts that only consist of images
  • Posts with large amounts of emoticons
  • Posts not related to the topic, or in the wrong forum
  • Excessively creating large amounts topics with little discussion value.

Rule 3: Edit
The edit button is there for a reason, if you have something to add please edit your posts. Do not double post, it will not be tolerated. The only forum members may double post is the "Achievement Diaries & Logs" section.

Rule 4: Excessive Bumping
You may only bump a post if the post is in the "Runescape Marketplace & Lending Office" section. You may only bump the topic once every 12 hours.

Rule 5: Gravedigging
You may not post in a topic that hasn't had a reply in at least 2 months of time. This excludes the 'Runescape Guides' section and important topics.

Rule 6: Flaming/Flame Baiting
Flame baiting is when one attempts to provoke a response that is classed as flaming. Or saying something that would annoy the other person (not classed as flaming) so they will flame back.

Flaming is engaging in an argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more people.

Rule 7: Signatures
The signature limit of the forum is 550 x 250 pixels. Anything higher than that may result in you have your signature removed.

Rule 8: Ban Evasion
Evading a ban is strictly against the rules and may result in being permanently banned from the forum. Anyone caught avoiding a ban shall be put on a list of blacklisted members.

Rule 9: Plagiarism
Copying another members piece of work is strictly prohibited.

Rule 10: Language
The forum blocks any bad language but you shall receive an infraction if bypass the censor. There are kids in the clan.

Rule 11: Advertising
Advertising any outside links is strictly prohibited and may result in being temporarily banned. The only outside links that are prohibited are websites that are affiliated with RuneScape and Skillers Union.

Rule 12: Pornographic/Offensive Images
Any pornographic or offensive images are strictly prohibited on the forum.

Rule 13: Leave the Moderating to the Moderators
Don't worry about moderating people/topics on the forums, that's what we have Moderators for!

Rule 14: Name Changing
Due to the name changing update that Jagex has released, members want to change their display names. Simply PM a Clan Leader that you want your name changed and they shall do it for you. Please do not request a name change if you haven't changed your display name in game.

Rule 15: Malicious Links
Posting dangerous links that have viruses, pornography, or any otherwise unacceptable content will result in an instant ban from the forums and the clan chat.


All members in Skill Union start as the same rank. Higher ranks are earned after spending time with and showing dedication to the clan, as well as improving your stats. The requirements are shown below.

Pay-to-Play: 1200 Total Level
Free-to-Play: 700 Total Level (Not counting Pay-To-Play skills)
Level 4 Skillers: 2 Level 99 skills

Clan Uniform

Clan Cloak
SU Clan Cape.png

Clan Vexilium
Clan Vex.png

Ranks Information



Friends Chat Rank: None or Smiley Face Friend icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: None or Recruit Recruitclanrank.png (with Clan Invite)

The Guest rank is the initial rank of all Skill Union forum users. This is where clan careers begin.


  • Able to use Friends and Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter and use Clan Citadel (with Clan Invite).
  • Able to host events.

Forum Permissions

  • Basic forum viewing privileges.

Established User


Friends Chat Rank: None
Clan Chat Rank: Corporal icon.gif

Users will be automatically upgraded to Established User after posting 5 quality posts on the forums. This gives them further forum access and the ability to post an application.


  • Able to invite people to the clan chat.
  • Able to enter the clan citadel.
  • Able to Host Events.
  • Able to post an application.

Forum Permision

  • Moderate forum viewing privileges - able to see all areas concerning the clan.
  • Able to set own forum title.

Banned Member


Friends Chat Rank: None
Clan Chat Rank: None

The Banned rank is awarded to users who have committed offenses against the clan. Offenses include chat/forum spamming, luring a member, hacking a member, reaching the five warning limit, as well as many other ominous deeds. Banned members may be unbanned after a membersweep, when the ban list is cleaned out.


  • Banned from Friends and Clan Chat.

Forum Permission

  • Forum viewing disabled.

Clan Friend


Friends Chat Rank: None or Smiley Face Friend icon.gif (in special cases)
Clan Chat Rank: None or Recruit Sergeant clan rank.png (with Clan Invite)

The Clan Friend Rank is awarded to clan users who contribute or have contributed to our community in some way. This includes, but is not limited to, being a past member of the clan who is still active, being a long-time active chat user, or being a high ranked member of our TeamSpeak server. Clan Friends are cleaned out regularly for inactive users.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to request a clan avatar.
  • Able to submit an application.

Forum Permissions

  • Member-level privileges - able to see all public areas concerning the clan and its members.
  • Able to set own forum title.

Retired Member


Friends Chat Rank: Smiley Face Friend icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Corporal Sergeant clan rank.png (with Clan Invite)

The Retired Member rank is the rank at which most past clan members lie. It is applied after a member's rank has been removed.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to request a clan avatar.
  • Able to submit an application.

Forum Permissions

  • Member forum viewing privileges - All public areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.

Veteran Members

Veteran Rank Title.gif

Friends Chat Rank: Smiley Face Friend icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: None or Sergeant Sergeant icon.gif (with Clan Invite)

The Veteran Member rank is awarded to retiring members who earned prestige throughout their clan career. It is most commonly awarded to retired leaders and moderators, but can also be awarded to outstanding members.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to request a clan avatar.
  • Able to submit an application.

Forum Permissions

  • Advanced Member-level privileges - able to see all Member-level areas and Advanced Member+ discussion areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.
  • Able to hide post-edit message.


Friends Chat Rank: Recruit Recruit icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Lieutenant Lieutenant icon.gif (with Clan Invite)

The Member rank is applied to all clan users with an accepted application. It is the first rank within the actual clan, and not just the community.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to request a clan avatar.

Forum Permission

  • Member-level privileges - able to see all public areas concerning the clan and its members.
  • Able to set own forum title.

Advanced Member

Adv Member Title.gif

Friends Chat Rank: Corporal Corporal icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: None or Captain Captain icon.gif (with Clan Invite)

The Advanced Member rank is awarded to Members who have proven themselves loyal to the clan by reaching the requirements. This rank is awarded automatically when a Member reaches the requirements.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to request a clan avatar.
  • Able to host official clan events.

Forum Permission

  • Advanced Member-level privileges - able to see all Member-level areas and the *Advanced Member+ discussion areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.
  • Able to edit posts in basic forum areas for the purpose of updating information.

Elite Member

Elite Member.jpg

Friends Chat Rank: Sergeant Sergeant icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Coordinator Coordinator clan rank.png

The Elite Member rank is awarded to select eligible Advanced Members or to those who have submitted an accepted application. Elite Members have shown a keen interest in greatening the amount they contribute to the clan, and are given more opportunities to contribute. They are outstanding Advanced Members who assist in moderating the chat and updating the forums.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to host official events.
  • Able to summon a clan avatar.
  • Able to grant permission to summon clan avatars.
  • Able to report troublemakers to staff.

Forum Permissions

  • Elite Member-level privileges - able to see all Member-level, Advanced Member-level areas, and the Elite Member+ discussion areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.
  • Able to edit posts in minor forum areas for the purpose of updating information.

Forum Administrator


Friends Chat Rank: Rank differs for each manager's additional rank
Clan Chat Rank: Rank differs for each manager's additional rank

The Forum Administrator rank is applied to hand-selected present and past Members to maintain and update our forums. Forum Administrators oversee major design changes made to the layout of the forums. This rank has no requirements or application - Webmasters are hand-picked for their skill with coding and commitment to managing and maintaining the clan's most utilized form of communication. Administrators take on these managerial duties in addition to their primary rank's responsibilities. Because they operate differently than most staff ranks, and the rank is additional to a member's primary rank, Forum Administrators are not officially considered staff, but they are grouped there due to their sharing a lot of responsibilities with staff members.

Forum Permission

  • Administrator-level privileges - able to see all Member-level, Advanced Member-level, Elite Member-level, and Administrator+ areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.
  • Able to edit posts in major forum areas for the purpose of updating information.
  • Access to the Forum Administrative Control Panel.



Friends Chat Rank: Lieutenant Lieutenant icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Overseer Overseer clan rank.png

The Moderator rank is awarded to outstanding Elite Members who show willingness to move further in the clan. Moderators are essentially Elite Members with advanced editing permissions and access to moderation controls on the forums. Moderators assist in managing applications and moderating the chat. Elite Members can fluctuate in and out of the Moderator position as their availability to serve the clan does. Moderators serve as the base for managing our clans primary features: the citadel, primary clan events, awards, etc., and are willing to donate their time to managing the forums.


  • Able to invite players to the Clan Chat.
  • Able to enter the clan's citadel.
  • Able to host events.
  • Able to host official events.
  • Able to summon a clan avatar.
  • Able to grant permission to summon clan avatars.
  • Able to kick users from the chats.
  • Able to suggest bans from the forums/chats.

Forum Permissions

  • Moderator-level privileges - able to see all Member-level, Advanced Member-level, Elite Member-level, and Moderator+ discussion areas.
  • Able to set own forum title.
  • Able to edit posts in major forum areas for the purpose of updating and creating information.
  • Access to the Forum Moderation Control Panel.
  • Able to hide post-edit message.

Clan Manager


Friends Chat Rank: Captain Captain icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Deputy Owner Deputy owner clan rank.png

The Manager rank is applied to willing and outstanding Moderators. There are few Manager slots available, and they are not appointed, by any stretch of the imagintion, regularly. Managers are appointed by the Clan Leader. Managers manage, maintain, and operate all aspects of the clan. They must constantly communicate with all staff and maintain effective work relationships. Managers manage ranks, bans, clan advertising, recruitment, and website features. In times of the leader's absence, Managers are expected to manage the clan. There are no set requirements for Manager. Managers have earned their position through sheer hard work and long-standing dedication to the clan.


  • Complete administrative capabilities of the Clan Chat.
  • Administer Clan Chat ranks.
  • Administer forum ranks.

Forum Permissions

  • Complete forum viewing privileges - able to see all Member-level, Advanced Member-level, Elite Member-level, Moderator-level, and Manager+ discussion areas.
  • Access to the Forum Moderation Control Panel.
  • Access to the Forum Administrative Control Panel.

Clan Leader


Friends Chat Rank: General General icon.gif
Clan Chat Rank: Owner Owner clan rank.png

The Clan Leader rank is applied to the leader of the clan. The leader manages and facilitates all aspects of the clan. They make significant time and monetary sacrifices on behalf of the clan. The leader must be in constant communication with all members of the clan, and must work to build relationships with all members. They must organize and distribute jobs to staff members, and respond to feedback about the clan. The position of Clan Leader may only be passed from leader to upcoming leader.


  • Complete administrative capabilities of the Clan and Friends Chat.
  • Administer ranks.

Forum Permissions

  • Complete forum viewing privileges - able to see all Member-level, Advanced Member-level, Elite Member-level, Moderator-level, and Manager+ discussion areas.
  • Access to the Forum Moderation Control Panel.
  • Access to the Forum Administrative Control Panel.

Friends/Clan Chat Rankings

Friends Chat Rankings

Friend Clan Friends
Recruit Members
Corporal Advanced Members
Sergeant Elite Members
Lieutenant Moderators
Captain Managers
General Leader
Channel owner Clan Owner (Skill Union)

Clan Chat Rankings

Recruit Users
Corporal Established Users
Sergeant Clan Friends/Retired Members
Lieutenant Members
Captain Advanced Member
Coordinator clan rank.png Elite Member
Overseerclanrank.png Moderators
Deputyownerclanrank.png Managers
Channel owner Clan Owner

Note: List is not definite and does not include event organisers and other various ranks.

Clan Functions

Skill of the Week

Upon arriving in the "Skill Union" friends chat, you will see that there is a skill as the friends ch

Skill of the Week - Mining

at name that rotates out each week. This is part of a weekly, voluntary competition called the Skill of the Week. Each week, a skill is chosen to be placed as the 'Skill of the Week' and members of Skill Union may sign up on the Forums to compete in it. Once it has started, a tracker keeps track of the total amount of experience one has gained for the skill chosen. Everything is allowed to help you with experience, unless it breaks a Jagex rule (botting). Genie Lamps, Effigies, Penance Horn, and things of those nature are allowed.

80th Skill of the Week

Once the event is finished, a winner will be chosen and awarded in two ways. First, they will be allowed to choose the next Skill of the Week, and secondly, they will be given a Forums Signature that establishes that they are the winner of that week.

Past Skill of the Week Winners
Week # Skill Winner Banner
1 Fletching Drei Hundert No banner
2 Firemaking Addicting No banner
3 Woodcutting Kill Gob RJ No banner
4 Farming Rykilth1 No banner
5 Fishing Cyba Soljah No banner
6 Fletching Pikadill3 No banner
7 Strength Grow Da Weed No banner
8 Agility Kings39 No banner
9 Thieving Essemmclickd No banner
10 Crafting Essemmclickd No banner
11 Slayer Too Pro No banner
12 Runecrafting Too Pro No banner
13 Smithing Halp I R Nu No banner
14 Fishing Dcs123454321 No banner
15 Summoning Twinneh No banner
16 Mining JohnAfro1 No banner
17 Hunter Burnt Rubber No banner
18 Herblore Halp I R Nu No banner
19 Woodcutting Pk3r 0wnz Yo No banner
20 Thieving Halp I R Nu No banner
21 Fishing Ultimamage57 No banner
22 Magic Not Recorded. No banner
23 Runecrafting Too Pro No banner
24 Firemaking 7wood No banner
25 Cooking 1 Lvl3 I No banner
26 Woodcutting Masterwc1155 No banner
27 Fletching Herssa No banner
28 Agility Johnafro1 No banner
29 Mining Johnafro1 No banner
30 Farming Too Pro No banner
31 Construction Too Pro No banner
32 Smithing Slain Turtle No banner
33 Ranged Enigma UK No banner
34 Herblore Morphine37 & X Craft (Tie) No banner
35 Crafting Seaney42 No banner
36 Fishing Dynamism No banner
37 Runecrafting Zacky Poo No banner
38 Farming Zacky Poo No banner
39 Thieving Imp0ssgurl No banner
40 Mining C_pred No banner
41 Woodcutting Nat_Shot_Dan No banner
42 Construction Mr Tudjay No banner
43 Prayer i b1 t0 u i & xvx void xvx (Tie) No banner
44 Firemaking Seaney42 No banner
45 Woodcutting King Zulwarn No banner
46 Hunter Su Mario W46.png
47 Fishing Danthemon No banner
48 Mining SUCrazyGirl No banner
49 Cooking Reaping No banner
50 Agility FiraBenda No banner
51 Runecrafting SU John SU No banner
52 Farming SU John SU No banner
53 Thieving X Craft No banner
54 Fishing SUOJ No banner
55 Runecrafting Knlghts Life No banner
56 Farming Mr Tudjay No banner
57 Agility Prayings0ul No banner
58 Firemaking Su_Energiser No banner
59 Cooking Lukeation No banner
60 Woodcutting Fl0w3r StoRm No banner
61 Smithing Razio No banner
62 Herblore Define Night No banner
63 Slayer Fallen No banner
64 Crafting Seaney42 No banner
65 Runecrafting Define Night No banner
66 Magic Tobbestiina No banner
67 Farming Define Night No banner
68 Runecrafting Define Night No banner
69 Dungeoneering Naugthy IRL No banner
70 Thieving Not Recorded. No banner
71 Fishing iiStatuz No banner
72 Mining Radimus No banner
73 Woodcutting Kornholio No banner
74 Smithing Collusions No banner
75 Firemaking X Craft No banner
76 Mining XV Minor XV No banner
77 Cooking Statz To Max No banner
78 Farming Mr Tudjay No banner
79 Hunter We is Lvl 3 No banner
80 Fishing Average PK No banner
81 Smithing Mr Tudjay No banner
82 Agility Quab No banner
83 Slayer Fallen No banner
84 Fletching PKers fail No banner
85 Agility Fallen No banner
86 Thieving Torturedflam No banner
87 Mining Fastness No banner
88 Slayer War Strike No banner
89 Magic Fishing 247 No banner
90 Hunter SU Psycho No banner
91 Smithing Subwoofer No banner
92 Agility Mits No banner
93 Thieving Earn Success No banner
94 Cooking Fastness No banner
95 Woodcutting Amyie No banner
96 Slayer imq
97 Dungeoneering I Was F2P No banner
98 Runecrafting GM Sarah No banner
99 Herblore Not Recorded. No banner
100 Week 100 Special Team 4 No banner
101 Fletching Fastness No banner
102 Fishing Icy Nex No banner
103 Smithing Flakes
104 Agility Subwoofer No banner
105 Mining Icy Nex No banner
106 Hunter Subwoofer No banner
107 Slayer imq W107.jpg
108 Fishing GM Jack No banner
109 Firemaking imq W109.png
110 Runecrafting Icy Nex No banner
111 Slayer UnicornLover No banner
112 Woodcutting Dead Pixels No banner
113 Team Resources Team 2 No banner
114 Hunter Emmuor No banner
115 Thieving War Strike No banner
116 Slayer UnicornLover No banner
117 Smithing Dead Pixels No banner
118 Mining Mr Tudjay No banner
119 Fishing Icy Nex No banner
120 Team Resources Team 2 W120.gif
121 Fletching Wadester55 No banner
122 Slayer UnicornLover W122.jpg
123 Agility UnicornLover W123.jpg
124 Mining Crystal Chef No banner
125 Crafting T0XiiiC W125.jpg
126 Slayer Love Exists W05q2e.jpeg
127 Woodcutting Love Exists 127WoodCutting.gif
128 Firemaking Love Exists 14n0bgp.jpeg
129 Smithing Love Exists 11r53xe.jpeg
130 Non-Buyables Green Team 130NonBuyables-1.gif
131 Mining Earn Success W131.png
132 Agility Ch1kky W132².png
133 RuneCrafting Ch1kky W133.png
134 Mining Ch1kky W135.jpg
135 Fletching Derpy Doc W135.png
136 Fishing Derpy Doc W136.png
137 Thieving W22 Fishing W137.png
138 Woodcutting GM Sarah W138.png
139 Agility Putchar W139.png
140 Team Doubles C_Teams W140.png
141 Hunter Love Exists W141.png
142 Slayer Pop Bottles Sotw142.png
143 Farming Mr Tudjay W143.png
144 Mining Putchar & YourGabberM8 W144.png
145 Smithing Love Exists TBA
146 Fishing Putchar TBA
147 Thieving Putchar TBA
148 Agility Rpcgen TBA
149 Hunter Derpy Lewis TBA
150 Non-Buyables TBA TBA

Bonus Exp Weekend Competitions

On every Bonus Exp Weekend that Jagex hosts, we also host a Bonus Exp Weekend Competition. This is a friendly team competition that happens every bonus xp weekend. Members can sign up on the Skill Union Forums and are usually free to chose roughly 3 skills to train during that weekend. Teams are then selected based on people's skill level and how much they are expected to play so that all teams have an even chance of winning. A tracker is made to keep track of the experience each person has gained in their chosen skills. Like with the Skill of the Week competition, everything is allowed to gain experience so long as it falls within Jagex's rules.

The winner is the team that has gained the most experience at the end of the weekend. The team usually gets a small cash reward for winning and a signature for the Forums to show they were on the winning team.

Past Bonus Exp Competition Winners
Competition Date Winning Team/Members Banner
March 17-18, 2012 The Geyser Titans - Dead Pixels, SoulDoubt, PkersFail, Define Night, Zymphar, Nition, HooverBlake 717hxj.jpeg
October 27-28, 2012 The Unicorn Stallions - SoulDoubt, Tiger Lilies, XpFromJerry, Mr Lewis 98, Wes Hammers, I Am Rhonin, Lord Saren, Stumbled I40odg.jpeg

Member of the Month

Each month, Skill Union allows forum users to vote for outstanding members in our community.

The "Member of the Month" title is awarded to outstanding members who have proven themselves as a leader in our community. They are active on both the chat and forums, they are friendly, and they build relationships with clan members.

Past Member of the Months
Date Name Signature
January, 2010 King Zulwarn Jan10.png
February, 2010 X1StrpureX No banner available
March, 2010 AgileCreed Mar10.png
April, 2010 Sabezios Overall.gif
May, 2010 CoolColby36 Omember-1-.png
June, 2010 Cold Shame No image available.
July, 2010 Tubby736 Overallmember-6-.png
August, 2010 Maximus Vir Overallmember-1-.png
September, 2010 Herssa Sdfsdfdf.png
October, 2010 1 1990 1 Overall-1-1-.png
November, 2010 Elicited Sdf-.png
December, 2010 Reaping Overallmemberdecember-1-.png
January, 2011 Maximus Vir Overallmemberjanuary-1-.png
February, 2011 Fallen Fg.png
March, 2011 Elder Drei MfIn9-1-.png
April, 2011 xB3TA Omotmapril-3-.jpg
May, 2011 Fat Females Motmx-3-.jpg
June, 2011 Skar Motmjune2011-3-.png
July, 2011 Bacterium CwBxS-1-.png
August, 2011 Imq Fgg.png
September, 2011 GM Sarah Dgg.png
October, 2011 Icy Nex Dfff.png
November, 2011 Swords Dance Motm1111-3-.png
December, 2011 Fenni Fggfg.png
Member of 2011 Dead Pixels Dfdf.gif
January, 2012 Flakes Dffd.png
February, 2012 Icy Nex No image available.
March, 2012 Prof Gruggle 2cr34f7-3-.gif
April, 2012 Ex Hacker 2pq4cyb-3-.gif
May, 2012 Pyro Flamiac Dff.gif
June, 2012 SlayerSpan FfflayerSpan-1-.gif
July, 2012 Maryville MOTM-Maryville-3-.gif
August, 2012 Am Turtle/ Tuwtle MOTM-AmTurtle-1-.jpg
September, 2012 Love Exists MotM-Stan.jpg
October, 2012 Define Night 20asxfl.jpg
November, 2012 Bibby Fritz F1y73d.jpg
December, 2012 Mits December 2012.png
January, 2013 Putchar January 2013.gif
February, 2013 Sacred Slay February 2013.png
March, 2013 Derpy Doc March 2013.png

Member of the Year

This award is similar to the Member of the Month award. There's only one obvious difference. It's awarded to a member who has showed dedication to the clan for a whole year, rather than just one month.

Past Member of the Year's
Date Name Signature
2011 Dead Pixels MotY 2011.png
2012 Derpy Lewis MotY 2012.png

RuneHead Memberlist

For a number of years now Skill Union has been using RuneHead. This site allows us to look at all of our members stats in one area. All accepted clan members are listed on this list with their according rank.

To view our RuneHead Memberlist, please click here.

Clan History

Leadership History

Icey Dan1 (now known as Silentc0re) created the Skill Union forums back in January, 2008. Ever since then, these forums have been a great success. Ice2075 and Icey Dan1 (Dan) were the first leaders of our clan, along with others like Rykilth1 and Tubby736 (A Tubby Pure). Sadly, their real lives took a busy course, and Dan lost his membership and was struggling with the leader position. Ice2075 later quit leaving the Leadership to a dedicated member, Raptor1975. Raptor and Zaoir lead the clan for a short time, but when Dan came back to straighten out our clan, Dan removed Raptor and Zaoir’s leadership rights. This lead to many arguments.

Dan promoted Rykilth1 (Ryk) and Mitchie Rox4 (Mitch) to Clan Co-leader. Dan got busy with classes and promoted Twinblade137 to Clan Leader and Mitchie Rox4 to Administrator to keep the forums in good hands. Mitch lost his leadership rights due to an accident. The clan carried on. On June 12th, 2009, Twinblade137 became terribly busy in real life and had to step down. He promoted Mr Tudjay (TJ) to Ranks Moderator, StolenNature (Ian) to Forum Administrator, and Tubby736 to Clan Leader.

Conflicts arose. In late November 2009, a select few members didn’t like that Herssa (Sam) was Silver Star. They thought that he was too immature to have kicking rights. After TJ decided not to de-rank Sam, they “Rage Quit” and formed a clan called “Skill Firm”. Their leader, Dan_robson1 was banned from Skill Union for Member stealing. Within one night of the conflict, 12 members including numerous Members, Elites and a Chat Mod left our clan. Due to many events, many thought that SF wouldn’t survive long due to the immaturity of their leaders, which proved true as the clan collapsed in 2011. Now, they are no harm to us at all.

In February, 2010, the Leadership system was revised and three leaders were made. Sam, TJ, and X1strpureX (James) lead the clan in three categories. In May, 2010, Sam left due to classes and TJ moved James to a Forum Super Moderator, and led the clan solo for four months. Soon enough, TJ became busy in life and promoted three leaders with numerous helpers. Nickehh (Nick) and King Zulwarn (Marcus) were promoted to "Super Mod", and Loony (Will) and Tubby to Clan Co-Leader. Soon after, the rank of Super Mod was abolished and James and Nick were promoted to Forum Administrators. The rank of Clan Chat Leader was revived and three members were appointed to that rank. Define Night (Dom), Skar (Connor), and Tubby. Connor left due to business in real life. James resigned as a Forum Administrator due to classes and was replaced by Reaping (Stephen).

Later that month, Reaping was replaced by Maximus Vir as Forum Administrator. Soon after, Nick resigned after being Administrator for almost a year. Lukeation replaced Nick as the second Administrator.

During March 2011, Maximus Vir stepped down as a Forum Administrator due to real life problems. Soon, Lukeation also retired and Subwoofer (Xander) replaced them as Forum Administrator and administrated until his retirement in March 2012. During his leading time, he implemented many new Forum Themes as well as contributed significantly to the overall attitude of the friends chat.

In early 2012, Tubby and Dom stepped down to dedicate more time to their life and focus on RuneScape skills. Tubby continues as a member and is a highly respected user. They were replaced by Flakes (Brandon), one of TJ's trusted friends. Soon enough, Brandon realized that he was not up to the challenge of managing a clan and stepped down.

The positions of Clan Chat Leader and Forum Administrator were removed, and a position similar to the role of Clan Co-Leaders was created called 'Clan Moderator.' Mitch (Mits) had returned and was promoted to this position, as well as imq (Isaiah), and Icy Nex (Cooper) - all longstanding members.

Now, TJ remains as the sole leader and is assisted by a team of staff members.

Requirement History

As skills have become less challenging, it has generally become more challenging to join The Skiller's Union as a rank. Our clan started out with a requirement of 500 total level for Junior Member, and 1000 total level for Full Member. After leadership changed hands, members wanted a more "elite" clan and the requirement was raised to 750 total level, or one 99 stat for Junior Member and 1500, or two 99 stats for Full Member. Soon, the leaders realized that it was much easier to get one 99 stat than it was to get 750 total, and specialized requirements for each general group in RuneScape; Regular P2P, Regular F2P, P2P Level 3, F2P Level 3. To see a list of our specialized requirements, look up top.

Member History

Believe it or not, Skill Union once started out as a small clan of 18-20 people. Many old members recall times of being the only one in the clan chat all day [1]. Throughout past years, the clan has grown to be one of the most popular clan chats for players in RuneScape. This has been made possible by our members. Our members are very helpful with getting new people to join the clan chat. Recruitment events are very rarely held, and have only been held approximately 15 times throughout our entire history. We are a self-sustained clan.

Member List

This is a list of all the known active clan members that have rank in the "Skill Union" Friends/Clan Chat. If you are ranked and are not listed, please send a Private Message to a Manager on the Skill Union Forums with your name and rank and you will be added to the list.
Only Friends Chat ranks are listed below. For each rank's respective Clan Chat rank, look at the Ranks Information section.

Clan Leader


General Mr Tudjay



Captain Doctor Dewk
Captain Ex Hacker



Lieutenant Derpy Ash
Lieutenant Love Exists
Lieutenant Unicornlover

Forum Admins



Elite Members

Elite Member.jpg

Sergeant Exhilirate
Sergeant Repercussive
Sergeant Skill Smurf

Advanced Members

Adv Member Title.gif

Corporal A Bad Pker
Corporal A Tubby Pure
Corporal Bibby Fritz
Corporal DTF on W69
Corporal Earn Success
Corporal Emiricol
Corporal Icy Nex
Corporal Ladyarius
Corporal Maryville
Corporal MeteorReaper
Corporal Morphine37
Corporal Nova Prince
Corporal Peggin4Days
Corporal Pyro Flamiac
Corporal Rpcgen
Corporal Smoke Lotus
Corporal spinthat
Corporal StormOfSongs
Corporal Tak-kun
Corporal Zav



Recruit 77deathmage
Recruit 7z
Recruit A Warm Oven
Recruit Alii
Recruit Amburi
Recruit AntTheNub
Recruit Burnt Rubber
Recruit CaperScaper
Recruit Carla
Recruit Ch1kky
Recruit Cha0tik King
Recruit Chibois
Recruit Clop
Recruit Cobweb
Recruit Curple
Recruit Darth Nex
Recruit Derpy Ashton
Recruit Derpy Fail
Recruit Derpy Sly
Recruit Desicate
Recruit DrEggman789
Recruit Drilago 20
Recruit Drunk im
Recruit Ewts
Recruit Fikes
Recruit First Ash
Recruit Follo Follo
Recruit ForcE BAMF
Recruit Gatsbys Baby
Recruit Glanzt
Recruit Goalie Probs
Recruit Hearted
Recruit Heated1Heart
Recruit HooverBlake
Recruit HopesBBB
Recruit I Am Rhonin
Recruit IGingervitas
Recruit Im too OG
Recruit Jdballew
Recruit Jitsuryoku
Recruit KenTheTank
Recruit King Vanzo
Recruit Kurttheman24
Recruit Lady Jayne x
Recruit Mewtwo Owns
Recruit Mighty Lemon
Recruit Mischa Music
Recruit Naughty You
Recruit Phioxse
Recruit Pk Er Owner3
Recruit Prometheus88
Recruit Quite Rare
Recruit Roob23
Recruit Sens Army
Recruit suiciduck
Recruit thisOblivion
Recruit Torturedflam
Recruit WildxYak
Recruit xregigigasX
Recruit Zar0sakian
Recruit Zephoria

Clan Friend

Friend icon.gif Bill Bob 114
Friend icon.gif Deaths Dust
Friend icon.gif Define Night
Friend icon.gif Derpy Mike
Friend icon.gif Flerovium
Friend icon.gif Grant 919
Friend icon.gif Hugs
Friend icon.gif I Drops
Friend icon.gif Isjaki
Friend icon.gif Jaded Truth
Friend icon.gif James0220
Friend icon.gif JonFromHell
Friend icon.gif Juju Potion
Friend icon.gif Ketchup Ch1p
Friend icon.gif Knuckleball
Friend icon.gif Lazzygamer
Friend icon.gif Leyointhe
Friend icon.gif Numbers NZ
Friend icon.gif OSR Creecher
Friend icon.gif Phd Sin
Friend icon.gif Pikadill3
Friend icon.gif Reaping
Friend icon.gif SGT Batman
Friend icon.gif Silentc0re
Friend icon.gif Su Kota
Friend icon.gif Twinblade137
Friend icon.gif Xaioh
Friend icon.gif Zammy Boss

Clan Photo Gallery

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