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Welcome to The Resistance. We are a clan which focuses on Melee combat, this means that if you wield a sword, a battleaxe or a mace. The clan is F2P only and we are always recruiting so come down to our website if this sounds like the clan for you,

Clan RulesEdit

  1. Respect other clan members
  2. No asking for higher ranks
  3. No spamming
  4. No cheating
  5. Don't join multiple clans
  6. Once you leave the clan, you can't come back
  7. Always strive to achieve more


WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING LEVEL 20+ IN ORDER TO BE TRAINED UP AS A MEMBER The Resistance only has two requirements for members wanting to join:

  • Can wear Rune armor
  • Combat Level is 50+

If order to join visit our clan website and click on the "Apply" page, fill out the form and we will apply as soon as possible.

Once you have joined you will become a limited member (Recruit) and can only be granted full membership once you have 30 Clan points. Below is a table of clan member ranks.

RS Name Our Name Grouping Clan points needed
Recruit Apprentice Limited 0
Corporal Scout Member 30
Sergeant Warrior Member 70
Lieutenant Assailant Member 150
Captain Master Member 300
General Leader Supreme Chosen
Channel Owner Founder Supreme Chosen

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

  1. What do you mean Melee?
    • Melee means any combat which is hand-to-hand like sword fighting, spears and fists.
  2. What events do you compete in?
    • Mainly Clan Wars, Combat Training and Dungeoneering, but many more, check our website for details
  3. What is "Clan points"?
    • Clan points is a prestige type ranking system where helping the clan gives you clan points, for a full list of how to earn clan points check our website.
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