Together We Are Stronger Than Any One Man Could Be

About Our ClanOur clan is based on loyalty, please do not join if you intend to disband shortly after.

We are new but eager to grow and help. Everything is more fun in a group.


Recruit - 0-500k exp, 0-4 kills, Total 1000-1099
Corporal - 500k-1mil exp, 5-9 kills, Total 1100-1199
Srg - 1mil-2mil exp, 10-19 kills, Total 1200-1299
Luit - 2mil-5mil exp, 20-34 kills, Total 1300-1399
Capt - 5mil-10mil exp, 35-69 kills, Total 1400-1499
General - 10mil+ exp, 70+ kills, Total 1500+
Admin - By invite

To all members - If you have reached the requirements for being ranked please notify me so I can rank you, I do not look at stats that often. - Fallen Karma

Official world (P2P): 48
Official world (F2P): 47

Clan Owner/Founder: Fallen Karma
Deputy Owner/Co-Founder: deth_mA_very
Deputy Owner: Codename_Fog

Admin/Co-founder: I1IIII1I1II1

Disbanded Co-founder: ImB L 4 Z 3
Disbanded Co-founder: Ryoku_Uchiha

¯¥¯Est. Apr. 24th, 2011¯¥¯ Official Clan page:

Last Updated By: Fallen Karma 04:51, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

Keywords: Questing, All skills, Loyalty, Boss hunting, Everyone welcome, PvP, Combat level 50+, Mixed F2P & P2P, Friendly, Some compulsory events

Recruiting: Yes

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