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Imperial Ally of The Year-2011Edit

2011, Zerouh-Universal TriumvirateEdit

This subscription of the Imperial Ally of the Month for May shall cover Zerouh, he’s the current Major Executive, one of the three original Founding Executives and the Idealist for the Universal Triumvirate. This article includes views from several in The Empire, the Executive Branch of the Triumvirate and from Zerouh himself to help build a picture for the selected Imperial Ally of the Month. The Director of the Imperial News Beureu, Serena Moon has selected Zerouh for his commitment to working to get The Empire and Triumvirate to sign a treaty, that took so long to sign due to several factors, before he stepped down, as he said he would not return if the Triumvirate not even if it was about to fall apart.

To the outside world he’s mistakenly seen as the Triumvirate’s leader when to the others in the Executive Branch, he’s a simple guy that seeks no gains but to improve the Triumvirate. The role of the Major Executive in the Universal Triumvirate, according to it’s page in the runescape clan wiki “They act as a “manager” for the Triumvirate sites.... and act as someone to keep the Executive Branch maintained if need be.” Zerouh is described as a “very critical” and “almost a necessity” to the Triumvirate, working to protect what he helped founded, The Universal Triumvirate. It’s been said that Zerouh is “withdrawing and putting more on the rest of the executives so that they can lead the Triumvirate without him.”

Zerouh, has been descibed as a likeble guy: “mature” and “knows his stuff” are just a few words people have said about Zerouh. Using his know how in politics has helped to be “one of the most impartial executives in the Triumvirate.” As the founder, it’s Zerouh’s responsibility to “keep the ideas going.” Though according to some, even from Zerouh, not all the ideas are perfect. One included Zerouh’s supporting Red’s election as Head of Clan Relations, who would be later impeached. Zerouh was described as being too sympathetic for others who face trials for various reasons, even to the point of giving some people too much slack. But more often then not is the case that people love how he has great ideas, helps them out and listening to his ideas. One such failure described by some has been the idea on a social branch, it was supposed to help clans in providing support and manage community events, it failed due to lack of initiative the branch positions offered and possible corruption over time. And some have a few choice words to describ Zerouh's weaknesses, but we'll only mention that some don't like his elitist personality and being a bit over confident. Though Zerouh has faults like all people, people still like working with him cause "it's fun, intense, and sometimes lengthy. Zerouh keeps the Executive Branch to high standards and so they don't slip up on things.

The most difficult descissions Zerouh has ever had to make have been put forth by the other Executives and Zerouh:

  1. Staying pacifist through everything.
  2. Leaving office
  3. Setting up the Court issues.
  4. The impeachment of Red.
  5. Keeping Ascencia in office.

Zerouh, has plans to step down on June 25th, 2011 from Major Executive of the Triumvirate and membership in the Triumvirate. As he leaves, he expects that the other executives respect their heritage, founding principles, and everything they've have built up.

Because what all Triumvirate members agree to Zerouh's greatest acheivement is the founding of The Universal Triumvirate.

-Serena Moon,
Media Director for the Imperial News Bureau.

Old NewsEdit

Serena's Command: 2/1/2011Edit

Today Lady Field Marshal Serena Moon was named the Commanding Officer of the First Imperial Special Forces Legion. Even though she's in overall command of the Imperial Military, the First Imperial Legion shall be her personal command, and just so everyone knows, an Imperial Legion is 432 Troops.

Opening the Imperial Bank: 2/1/2011Edit

With free trade back, the Minister of Finance and Trade established the Imperial Bank. Follow the provided link to find out more, and the whole story. The Bank does however, keep its records public to show that it "doesn't scam it's investers slash depositers", from the Minister of Finance and Trade Vaderdude222, the records are kept here.

Imperial Bank hits 1.5mil money pool mark! 2/1/2011Edit

After the Emperor sold items to the GE, the value of the Imperial Bank is worth 1,544,366. The next reporting on the value of the Bank would be the 5,10,25,50,100 marks. And to keep track of where the Bank is heading, you can always watch here.

Imperial Bank hits 5.1Mil mark! 2/4/2011Edit

After just three days of operation and about 3.3 Million GP in deposits and over 1.5 Million in safety pool for intrest, the Imperial Bank is now worth over 5.1 million GP.

Superbowl Slow Down: 2/6/2011Edit

Due to a few pre-superbowl parties and get togethers, the Imperial Leadership of the Emperor of the whole Empire, Vaderdude222 of the Ministry of Finance and Trade, and Serena Moon of the Imperial Military have moved every update to today pre-superbowl and if able to post-superbowl, if not today on Sunday, then by Monday everything Empire will be up to date!

Imperial Bank hits 12.4mil mark! 2/6/2011Edit

Yesterday on 2/5/2011 after just four days of operation the Imperial Bank hit 12.4 million GP with the 6 million deposit from Torch Em, a neutral party to the Empire. The Imperial Bank is expected to go now where but up!

Let the Overhaulling and Updating of the Empire Begin! 2/7/2011Edit

Today at 12:45 central time zone, the Emperor's time zone, the Emperor has begun updating everything in both the Empire's forums and this clan wiki that bears the name The Empire on it (that is for his clan, Nation as everyone in the Empire calls themselves)

Bank Set to Lower it's rates: 2/8/2011Edit

The Ministry of Finance and Trade alerted the Emperor last night that the Imperial Bank was on the verge of going bankrupt if the rates weren't lowered within 33 weeks of interests being paid out. To protect the long term servival of the bank and to continue to allow no account size limits the interest rate was lowered to 2.5% by the Emperor.

Bank Tracking: 2/8/2011Edit

To show the history behind the Imperial Bank, the Minister of Finance and Trade allowed viewing of the Bank Tracker spreadsheet that shows the history of the Bank. (Spreadsheet deleted due to no more bank after 3/5/2011)

Security Breach and Solution: 2/8/2011Edit

After creating his Private files within the Imperial Forums the Emperor noticed a guest that was looking in his private files, fortunatly there were no files in it at the time due to it's just being created, but the private files were set to allow only the Emperor's access. And with that the Emperor created passwords for sections in the forums of which are passwords with a special code to enable "HEAVY" security measures of which are classified.

Resignation of the Minister of Finance and Trade: 2/13/2011Edit

Yesterday, was the last day of Finance and Trade Minister Vaderdude222, whom Announced it some time ago, but yesterday it became offical and all data and resources were transfered to The Emperor for later use.

Lowered Rates: 2/13/2011Edit

Before Vaderdude222 departed, it was discovered that the Imperial Bank couldn't sustain it's self at the interest rates of 7.5% and now to better sustain the rates, the current rates are at 2.5%, this still effects for a week though.

Reform: 2/13/2011Edit

After much thought and considerations, The Emperor on the 11th of Feburary, 2011, that everyone's ranks would be reset to E-1 and that what ever awards and past actions on record would go towards promotions and that everyone's service branches would be reset untill they messaged The Emperor as to where they want to go, this even effected the High Command and even then Lady Field Marshal Serena Moon's Rank.

Bank Shut down: 3/2/2011Edit

After Imperial Ruling Council Woman, Serena Moon, stated that The Imperial Bank would be too costly in the long run to upkeep and that it would hand out too much free money, it was descided by Emperor Hester that the Bank is going to shut down on the 5th of March, 2011 after the last interest is issued out. All accounts in the Bank at that point shall be held till their owners claim their money but even after another week in the bank, NO interest will be paid out. And after two weeks, all the money still left in the Bank will be absorbed into the Empire's treasury, but those that get absorbed shall be put onto a spreadsheet that shows "Who Gave What Resource" so that people would start to quallify for the "Supporter of The Empire" award (given to those who give 1M to the Empire).

The State of The Empire Address for March 5th, 2011: 3/2/2011Edit

The Emperor, Emperor Hester will be giving the State of The Empire Address, the highest antisipated speech in The Empire. Alot is going to be covered. Two day countdown.

Media Director: 3/4/2011Edit

Today Serena Moon was made the Director of Media, no further information currently.

Affiliation: 3/7/2011Edit

The Empire became Affiliated with the clan: W22Farming. The Emperor hopes this Affiliation can prosper and lead to a Trade Partnership.

Released Documents: 3/7/2011Edit

Today Emperor Hester released Several Documents from The Imperial Ruling Council:

  • World Government Spliting-Accomplished: Dividing the Runescape worlds into districts for The World Government to know where their domain(s) would be.
  • Council Rename and Advisory Board-Accomplished: Renamed the Imperial Council, into The Imperial Ruling Council. And a possible Emperor Advisory Board maybe created at 75+ members.
  • Bank Crisis-Accomplished: Setting the Interest Rates for the Imperial Bank for 2.5%, before the shut down.
  • The Imperial Bank-Accomplished: Shutting down the Imperial Bank, due to being too costly to sustain.

The Race for a Billion gold coins: 3/14/2011Edit

Emperor Hester and Empire member A Beast Life, have entered a race to see who can get to a billion gold coins. A Beast Life has a 3M head start but Emperor Hester is about to sell his end products he makes for 4M soon, putting him in the lead by 1M

Art Design for the Imperial Ruling Council: 3/21/2011Edit

The Imperial Ruling Council got the art done for it's building, which can be viewed here.

Diplomacy to Resume: 3/22/2011Edit

With the third council vote, diplomacy with the Universal Triumvirate can resume.

Released Council Document: 3/22/2011Edit

Titles of Nobility Created: 3/25/2011Edit

It was established that a way to keep track of gold coin distribution in The Empire would be kept track of threw the use if titles of nobility. They are in no shape or form designed to give orders to lesser titles, just achievements.

One Imperial Military: 3/25/2011Edit

All the branches of The Imperial Military will be merged, minus the Honor Guard, into One Imperial Military.

Released Council Documents: 3/25/2011Edit

  • Military Merge: Emperor Hester wanted to see what the Council's idea on merging the military branches into one would be.
  • Everday News: Didn't establish that news would be said everyday, but did make Serena Moon Director of Media.

Forum Clean-out: 3/25/2011Edit

The Emperor has began cleaning out the Empire Forums.

Empire-Universial Triumvirate Diplomacy: 3/25/2011Edit

Diplomacy between The Universal Triumvirate's diplomat Ehyta and Emperor Hester resumed after the Red Dog31 scandle that disrupted the last attempt on the 24th. So far it seems it will rap up later today with a treaty.

State of The Empire Speech: 3/28/2011Edit

The Emperor, Emperor Hester will be giving the State of The Empire Address, the highest antisipated speech in The Empire due to be given in just five days. Much to share in one speech.

Independant Media: 3/29/2011Edit

Threw a lengthy process of talking and chat room meetings, the Media Sub Branch is going to be an independant member ran entity, Serena Moon will still be Director, I, Emperor Hester, shall still be the wiki editer. New stuff; I cannot direct/set rules for the Media, in simple talk, I can't say what topics can and cannot be shared so long as they're not a breach of security.

Public Record keeping!: 4/1/2011Edit

Today its going to be the start of Emperor Hester Finance Tracker google document, it will keep track of the clans money and where it's used, NOTE not all items will be told, due to merchant clans and some clans would use merchant clans as a cheep tactic to attack others financially.

First Financial Record: 4/4/2011Edit

The first records were added to The Emperor's Finance Sheet, the long wait allowed for the first records to be worth over 1.1 million gold coins being made by The Emperor. With another seven million upcoming within a day or two.

Constitutional Changes: 4/10/2011Edit

Today, Emperor Hester modified the Empire's Constitution removing the duty of managing the Library of The Emperor, due to being too much to do alone, making it a Sub-Branch, and constitutionally removing Media from being a sub-branch.

Clan Wars Results: 4/10/2011Edit

Estimates have been reported, that The Empire killed ~30 people, but The Empire lost 15 people. (People respawn) though The Empire acheived a Kills to Death ratio (K/D) of ~2 there is always room for improvements, and more training.

Clan Wars: 4/10/2011Edit

The Empire's members will be in the clan wars at 2PM central time, it's assumed that five to six of the members will be there, out of the five full time members and two of the part time.

Clan Wiki Empire Pages Clean up: 4/10/2011Edit

Today marks the start of my (Emperor Hester) start of cleaning up The Empire's pages on the clan wiki.

Imperial Library 4/11/2011Edit

With The Library of The Emperor/Empress being remade into a Sub-Branch rather than a duty the Emperor/Empress, it's now located here and is now called The Imperial Library. And featuring a new set of Policies for the library.

News name change: 4/12/2011Edit

Media Director, Serena Moon, unviled a little of the new news workings, name change to Imperial News Bureau.

Major Clan Wiki Empire Pages Updates Completed: 4/13/2011Edit

Every page that The Empire has on this wiki has been updated, ranging from adding a simple picture to major updates. A few pages are under consideration to have removed, as they're not seen by The Empire that their needed, and a few require a few more minor edits and a few need more major edits, but for now any edits to The Empire pages will happen at normal pace rather than a full sprint. From Emperor Hester "Sorry for spamming the activity feed, Council pressure to update everything"

Announcing the Imperial Library Page Desk: 4/14/2011Edit

The Imperial Library has started a page that shows every page in the Library and catagorizes them, and shows upcoming page projects. So far 25 pages and rising. :D

Awarded Medals: 4/20/2011

Today, Two Triumvirate Executives recieved the Central Government Cross: Class Gold, Zerouh and Ehyta.


"For demonstrating extreme dedication of furthering the political objectives and goals of The Emperor and The Empire that enabled the signing of the Triumvirate-Empire Treaty to be signed and put into effect, I award the Central Government Cross: Class Gold' to Zerouh and Ehyta."''

The ribbons where awarded for their parts in getting the Triumvirate-Treaty Signed.

Cptn Aubrey's Return: 4/20/2011Edit

Found here in the forums.

"By Serena Moon, Media Director

Cptn Aubrey returned to The Empire yesterday on April 19, 2011 after the Emperor E-mailed him to return, when asked Emperor Hester said he "went to the first Empire forums that still had Aubrey's E-mail address and E-mailed Aubrey to see if it would work to get him back." Cptn Aubrey's return couldn't have been perfect, in-activity plaguing The Empire and given Aubrey's great organizational skills and motivational spirit will un-doubtedly push The Empire forward. When asked what his plans are Aubrey commented, “I have taken command of the military, and am setting up goals, long and short term to bolster the strength of the Empire." Emperor Hester confirmed this statement with an added, "he's in temporary command of the military, as a Central Government officer, he still has to go threw me with his plans and so far their coming along great." And Cptn Aubrey is happy that The Empire "Finally!" signed a treaty with the Triumvirate.

Cptn Aubrey, at the time of his leaving The Empire earlier this year, for real world reasons, held the positions of; The Emperor's Chief of Staff and a member of The Imperial Ruling Council of which all positions he held were returned to him as promised and wanted by the Council those months ago. When looking at the old forums Emperor Hester commented on, Cptn Aubrey currently is a holder of the: Supporter of The Empire Ribbon, Constitution Drafter, Central Government Cross: Class Gold, Imperial Management and Administration Cross: Class Gold, Imperial Center for Recruitment Member and The Good Conduct Award.

Clearly, The Empire has gained a valuable member.

-Serena Moon
Media Director for the Imperial News Bureau."

TDL Certification Available: 5/3/2011 [Triumvirate News]Edit

By the Triumvirate, reported by The Empire "The Executive Branch passed a lengthy bill several days ago to create an internationally recognized and practical method for distinguishing advanced legal knowledge. The bill, which detailed the process and effects of this new TDL Certification, allows for any individual to get the certification even if they are not in any way affiliated with the Triumvirate. This certification is achievable after taking a series of tests on basic law and legal concepts, advanced United States Constitutional law, Triumvirate law, and legal interpretation. The Triumvirate fully recognizes this certification and offers many things for those who currently possess certification such as full access to legal records, legal counsel, and legal resources. The Triumvirate Executive Branch is looking into expanding and getting this certification recognized and honored by other domains besides the Triumvirate such as other large clans and allies. Those who have questions or are interested in acquiring certification may do so by contacting myself.   ゼロウ Talk   18:56, May 1, 2011 (UTC)"

State of the Empire Speech to be given a day late: 5/7/2011

The State of The Empire Speech will be a day late due to matters that need to be address first.

Emperor Hester scammed of 27.5 Million GP!Edit

Found here in The Empire's forums.

"By Serena Moon, Media Director

May 15th threw 16th, 2011. Emperor Hester was scammed of what was quoted “27.5 million gold coins” by Cmcspeedy3. According to Emperor Hester knew Cmcspeedy3 for a couple months and felt more at ease lending him the money. When asked how it was scammed from him, Emperor Hester replied: “At first Cmcspeedy3 said he needed 5 million to level up cooking to 99, then needed 12.5 million to buy an easter egg from a friend for 20 million while he would pay 7.5 million, in return I would have gotten 70 million as easter eggs are worth 91.5 million, after he said his friend wanted 10 million more i handed him another 10 million and then he logged off and left the clan list.” I asked the Emperor what was the damage to The Empire and he replied that “The finance budget has been severely damaged” The finance and budget can be found on this google document

The scam, has caused the Emperor’s stock value to drop by 27.5k gold coins, and Emperor Hester sold A Beast Life 867 shares, “ 800 sold at 28K value, 67 at 25.6K value” so it’s suspected that Beast is going to be very mad.

Emperor Hester was also asked if there would be a policy placed on him loaning out money to others and he responded that “There will be a sever limit and restrictions on loans from me!!!”

Being a member of The Empire since day one, I can personally say that Emperor Hester can no longer say that he’s never had a major crisis to deal with.

-Serena Moon,
Media Director for the Imperial News Bureau."

Emperor hester on who he wants as major executive in the Triumvirate. June 9, 2011Edit

By and released by Serena Moon, Media Director.

At the moment, Zerouh the current major executive of the Triumvirate is getting ready to step down as a member of the Triumvirate and as major executive, from several executive sources and The Empire's emperor there is an "election" of sorts for the next major executive. So, the news bereau wanted to know the emperor's stance on the major executive on The Empire's ally.

Emperor Hester without hesitation answered, "Arnold." That would be Arnold Ogamon, "Because he'd be best suited" the emperor was asked to expand on that, " he doesn't have to run his own clan and from what i've heard he doesn't play runescape, since the role of the Major Executive is to manage Triumvirate sites the job would take away from those who play the game mainly, and those who have their own clan."

From hearing the emperor in the Imperial Ruling Council he talks alot to Zerouh to get opinions, so it's suspected that the emperor also would want Arnold's opinion as he's the chief attorney in the Triumvirate as well.

-Media Director, Serena Moon

State of Emergency Declaration Passes through Council: July 10, 2011Edit

Just minutes ago a State of Emergency Declaration was passed at the request of Emperor Hester and approved by the only council member, Serena Moon. Emperor Hester has yet to comment on what his plans are during this emergency.

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