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Supreme Court of The Empire

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Belongs to:
The Empire
Current Max Number of Justices:
Current Justices:
No one

The Supreme Court of the The Empire is the court made by the The Empire Constitution to be the second limit on the powers of the Emperor/Empress of the Empire, the first is the Constitution it's self.

The Supreme Court in the Empire's Constitution:Edit

Article IV - Ministry of Justice[1] EditEdit

Section 1- Powers of the Ministry of Justice.

The judicial power of the Empire, shall be vested in one Imperial Supreme Court. The Judges, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior. The Ministry of Justice shall have the power to determine if a law passed by the Emperor/Empress goes against this Constitution.

Section 2- Trial against a foreign ambassador

Should a foreign ambassador commit a crime within sovereign Empire area, mainly in the Empire Forums, a trial by jury shall not be denied nor shall the right to a speedy trial and no cruel and unusual punishment shall be sentenced.

Under Clan Law-3 (CL-3) made by EmperorHester, the current maximum number of justices is 3.

Supreme Court BuildingEdit


Supreme Court Building by day.


  • Houses the main Justice chambers for all trials and court cases take place.

Right WingEdit

  • Unused Justice offices- For when justices are selected

Left WingEdit

  • Constitutional Library- So the Justices are up to date with the Imperial Constitution.

Current Justices:Edit


  • Justices are selected who've passed with a 100% on the Constitutional Test, a test that determains what laws passed by the Emperor/Empress is Constitutional or Unconstitutional, along with several random law questions.
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