The Military of the Empire

Empire Military Symbol

July 4, 2011
Almost done
General of The Imperial Military:
No one
Military Motto:
"We Take no Prisoners, we leave noone behind and we will never surrender!"
First Imperial Legion


The Military of the Empire is a fairly simple system. The primary role of the Military is too protect and defend Imperial members and territories. The Emperor, Emperor Hester, by Constitutional Law, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Military, with the advice of the Joint Military Staff and leaving most of the war planing and strategy to the General of The Imperial Military and those in the Command.

Command StructureEdit

The chain of command of the Empire is: The General of The Imperial Military, The Command, Officers and Enlisted

General of The Imperial MilitaryEdit

The High Command are the Highest ranks obtainable by members within the Imperial Military. These are the main war strategists and war planners and leaders of the Imperial Military. With the Ranks being;

Rank: Insignea Rank Name Rank Description
Field Marshal
General of The Imperial Military
  • Is the Highest rank within the Imperial Military
  • Is in charge of the Imperial Military
  • Is second only to The Emperor/Empress in Military command.

Command RanksEdit

Rank: Insignea Abbrivation Rank Name Rank Description
General [C-5] General
[C-4] Lieutenant General
[C-3] Major General
[C-2] Brigadier General
[C-1] Colonel
  • Required Rank to be Legion CO

Officer RanksEdit

Rank: Insignea Abbrivation Rank Name Rank Description
[O-5] Lieutenant Colonel
[O-4] Major
[O-3] Captain
[O-2] First Lieutenant
[O-1] Second Lieutenant
  • Required rank to be the CO of a Squad

Enlisted RanksEdit

Rank: Insignea Abbrivation Rank Name Rank Description
[E-10] Warant Officer
  • Required rank to be the XO of a Squad
[E-9] Sergeant Major
[E-8] Master Sergeant
[E-7] Sergeant First Class
[E-6] Staff Sergeant
[E-5] Sergeant
[E-4] Corporal
[E-3] Private First Class
[E-2] Private
None [E-1] Recruit

Current LegionsEdit

First Imperial LegionEdit

  • Commanding Officer: Emperor Hester
  • Executive Officer: Vacant
  • Signals Officer: Vacant
  • Logistics Officer: Vacant
  • ISB Liason: Vacant
  • Motto: "Succeeding, where others fail"
  • Squads: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

The First Imperial Legion is the first Legion established by Empire in the new reforms that have been ongoing since Emperor Hester's return on October 24th, 2011. Commanded by the Emperor himself the Legion is presently the only Legion in The Empire.


Commanding Officer The Commanding Officer (CO) is responsible for the administration, management and organisation of their command.

Executive OfficerEdit

The Executive Officer (XO) is the second-in-command to the CO and shares all the duties of the CO. They are to take the role of temporary CO should the CO be unavailable.

Signals OfficerEdit

The Signals Officer (SO) is responsible for the communications with the SO's as well as to the COs to coordinate troop movement on the battlefield. And to inform all those in the group (Legion to Squad level) to when clan events are happening.

Logistics OfficerEdit

The Logistics Officer (LO) is responsible for maintaining the weapons, armor, ammo and food in their assigned unit.

Military BreakdownEdit

For organizational perposes, The Military has several layers of organization.


  • Maximum Troop Count: 36
  • Minimum Required Rank for Commanding Officer: C-1
  • Note: we know it's impossible to get everyone from the same Legion into one battle, Legions are purely for organization, Example: I need the First Imperial Legion's Alpha Company on world 43 Sunday.


  • Maximum Troop Count: 9
  • Minimum Required Rank for Command: O-1

Old BreakdownEdit

  • Legion: 432 troops
  • Division: 216 Troops
  • Regiment: 108 Troops
  • Company: 54 Troops
  • Platoon: 27 Troops
  • Squad: 9 Troops
  • Fireteam: 3 Troops
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