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The Imperial News media was established by EmperorHester in the Constitution on Mediato tell the outside world what was going on within The Empire, Ranging from Promotions to Diplomacy Actions. All stories are writen/typed in 3rd person. With Emperor Hester being the Clan Wiki editor and the actual stories held in the Empire forums.

Freedom of the PressEdit

The news bureau has total free press, as described by amendment 1 of The Empire's constitution the news bureau WILL use this right without any interfearence, this also means that no treaty can stop a story from being published as the treaty would be unconstitutional as the emperor or empress is the one who signs such treaties and or diplomacies. EmperorHester 04:17, November 14, 2011 (UTC)


The news bureau can be called on to publish stories those who ask, and if details are given on what is wanted to be published.

Major StoriesEdit

An answer, to a vexing question: February 27th, 2012Edit

In recent weeks I've received several emails asking where I was, or why I don't seem active as I used too be. I'll skip the long story version and go for the short and to the point version; I have the stupid habit of sticking to something attentively for a short while before coming bored of it and doing something else. I'd log into Runescape for maybe an hour or two then stop to do something else and the first 30 minutes would be the best time spent of the time with the rest starting to idol and then do the rest contently. Now, I'm fully back and by wanting to be in Runescape for a while but doing duller activities I can say I'll remain active for a while. However in spite of this lull in activity i did NOT give up with certain internal affares, such as the continuation of our website crashing, to finalizing the clan bank and to supporting the in their Countdown encounter. Now with these issues being resolved major steps will begin under this new found activity, from getting the Empire the capability to mine and smelt rune down to establishing a reliable website that will not crash this time! In and all questions can be asked on my talk page or email. EmperorHester 04:35, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

2,000,000 recovered and rising: January 24th, 2012Edit

I'm proud to say that 2,000,000 gold coins was recovered of the stolen 75 million known GP stolen (unconfermed millions in items such as: 17k cheese, 18k pots of flour, 2 sets of full (leg) gold trimmed rune armor, a dragon hachtet, 59k empty buckets, 60k empty pots, 19k tomatoes, 90k gold bars, 127k anchovies, 5 rune pickaxes and 3 sets of full rune armor.) Not only am I now going into keeping records of major inventory, should another attack present itself and succeed. As I know the hacker(s) may very well read this as this wiki is the only published site I post my wealth for all to see to help show that The Empire knows how to make serious money. The funds have been transferred to a safe location and don't run the risk of getting stolen.

In other news it's rumored that the hacker was Uhnul, a major hacker that once plagued The Empire's ally, the Universal Triumvirate, in their early days. Though these rumors haven't been confirmed, if another hack comes through any information will be sent to our allies in the Triumvirate who could verify or dis-confirm this rumor.

And so sufise to say that the Imperial Smelting Mill will be running full tilt till enough money is gathered to start making money else were! EmperorHester 12:35, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Vacant Position Filling Drive: January 17th, 2012Edit

For a limited about of time, The Empire shall have top level positions of the clan open to anyone who applies, to see what those positions are go to the Vacant Jobs and Positions page. The application process will be closed once 50% of those jobs are filled! Send any and all applications to

EmperorHester 14:36, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

Hacked: January 16th, 2012Edit

Seven hours ago, I was hacked of 75 million GP and countless millions worth in items ranging from two sets of gold trimmed rune armor down to my dragon hatchet!

Now rather than get p***y and quit Runescape I'm going to rebuild, but rather than waiting to make 100 million GP I'm now enacting my fail safe which shall guarantee that I will not loose million EVER again!

Now, to all Empire clan members you know that there is an award called the Supporter of The Empire award, an award that is granted to those who donate 1,000,000 gold coins to the clan coffers, I'm now adding to the award for a limited amount of time that will grant you extra merits towards a promotion or more down the road, depending on your current rank. How many merits I won't say, though those who donate enough may reach a Command Level, but not to get people's hopes up that's just a thought if your interested.

To those of the clan community who read this who have been hacked, if you quit after getting hacked then you let those who do this win so don't give up just cause you lost a fortune! Establish better security for your account(s)! Take a screen shot of the IP address that appears on the log in screen it's different then the usual one you normally see and report it!!

And to those you hack accounts for the money... stop, sooner or later you'll be found out and permanently stopped, either by the administration banning your IP address, or by real world criminal enforcers who work to stop computer hacking! {C}{C EmperorHester 06:15, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

New Minister of Industry: December 18th, 2011Edit

After little over ten months since Vaderdude222's retirement as Minister of Industry, I'd like to welcome Minister Gman050 as The Empire's new Minister of Industry. gman050 joined two days ago, however managed to type up how the entire Ministry of Industry should operate in a simple document with the limited information avalible, and even re-wrote the Ministry's Wiki page better than it was before, so I'm confidient that he will do an outstanding job with the Ministry. Within 48 hours he managed to go from E-1 to the branch leader of the Ministry and recieve a Letter of Commendation! So far he and I are working on overhaulling the clan bank, I won't give too many details on it just yet but I'm sure it'll be an improvement over the old system!

An Imperial Remembered... : December 17th, 2011Edit

After the now public news on Zamorak Agent's resignation as Minor Executive and Head of Finance for The Empire's closest ally, the Universal Triumvirate comes to light and Agent day is announced, I wish to take this time to remember one who has helped shape The Empire, Cptn Aubrey:

Cptn Aubrey joined The Empire in the first months of the clan's establishment as The Empire, soon after it was the United States of Runescape, back when it was just me and Darthmoon33, in his first weeks of joining, Aubrey managed to be the first person to become ranked as an Officer. He also manged to recruit ten new people into the clan, and rather than accept the 1,000,000 gold coins promised to him upon recruiting said ten people, he turned it down. Sadly those ten people are in-active or have left. He and I even fought side by side on the battlefield several times against other clans from when player vs player worlds were still around, with Darthmoon33, against literally impossible odds but had fun and even got a few kills in over the long days and weeks of battle.

Upon seeing his capabilities I went a step further than to promote him to an Officer, I made him the Leader of The Empire's entire Central Government as the Grand Vizer, which he ran better then I could have hoped and better then me. He also helped shape The Empire's ties with the Triumvirate on two occasions, though the first time he didn't agree with what Ehyta (chief ambassador of the Triumvirate) was saying, this was the first attempt. Around this time he had to leave due to real life commitments.

Months later I sent an email out in the hopes that he would return, which he did and he wasted no time getting back to work, I couldn't even pin his rank insignia back on him cause he was moving to much, working. (Role play talk) He completely helped reorganize the Central Government and even the Imperial Military. It was around this time he helped with the third overall attempt by The Empire and Triumvirate to get a treaty for an alliance working, Aubrey's second treaty sitting, however he left again due to real world commitments before his name could be put on the treaty. I don't have a date picked out for a Cptn Aubrey day or anything... just memories of someone who seems too far gone, I never knew him personally in real life but I know he and I would have gotten along with one another very well given how much we agreed on everything. I hope Aubrey will one day find this personal article I did, it would mean almost as much as what he helped did for the clan. And now that I know how to award it, I have a very special announcement that's over a year over due:

Cptn Aubrey, for extreme dedication on the battlefield, despite impossible odds fighting in the name of The Empire and despite huge losses, you are here by awarded the clan's highest award, The Medal of Honor!

(Disclaimer: Not in real life awarded, just in the clan)

Should Cptn Aubrey ever return to the clan and become active again, he shall gain his position and rank of Grand Vizer back, reinstated in as my Chief of Staff, placed back into the Inner Circle and have full honors of wearing his awards!

Imperial_Gold_Pin.jpg Imperial_Gold_Pin.jpg %28CG%29Grand_Vizer.png Imperial_Gold_Pin.jpg Imperial_Gold_Pin.jpg


Medal_of_Honor.png Supporter_of_The_Empire.png Central_Government_Service_Award.png Central_Government_Administration_Cross.jpg

Imperial_Activity_Award_6.png Letter_of_Commendation_6.png Central_Government_Cross_class_-_Gold.jpg {C}Central_Government_Cross_class_-_Gold.jpg

Good_Conduct_Award.jpg {C}Imperial_Recruitment_Medal.jpg


  • Central Government High Command Indicator (positional award)
  • Medal of Honor
  • Supporter of The Empire (1,000,000)
  • Central Government Service Award (6 Months)
  • Central Government Administration Cross
  • Imperial Activity Award x6
  • Letter of Commendation x6
  • Central Government Cross class - Gold x2
  • Good Conduct Award
  • Imperial Recruitment Medal

EmperorHester 00:05, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

Top StoriesEdit

Happy New Years, from The Empire: January 1st, 2012Edit

On behalf of The Empire, happy new years everyone! Besafe if your away from your home and if your driving, cause there are those who won't be. EmperorHester 02:59, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Major reforms: December 26th, 2011Edit

I'm announcing that with the clan wiki Empire page review and edits, The Empire will be undergoing HEAVY reforms, the Constitution will be changed dramatically, with it's change I can tell you that the Legislative branch will be removed, however before accusations start coming towards me that this is just my way of making a dictatorship let me point out that clan members can always come forth to suggest ideas for the clan!

Empire Pages on Clan Wiki clean up: December 26, 2011Edit

I'm announcing that I shall overlook ALL pages on this wiki belonging to The Empire and will ask Admins to deleted pages that aren't needed and edit those that need updates, I look forword however to adding a page that will define the clan's new banking system currently being discussed by me and my Minister of Industry, gman050.

EmperorHester 02:19, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

Happy Holidays from The Empire: December 25th, 2011Edit

I know according to the Wiki time this is late, however I still have 4 hours left, Merry Xmas from The Empire! Hope you all had and are having fun and got what you wanted if you were good!

EmperorHester 02:07, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

You asked, I answered: December 20th, 2011Edit

Many of you have asked, in email, about the Imperial Bank from the Article on Gman050, and rather than answer all of them separately I bring you this news update.

Q: How is this bank different from the old one that failed some months agoe: It's different in that the new system currently underway allows for more investment options for people, and it's much more stable than the old system.

Q: How save would it be to invest in this new bank?: As with the old bank, this new bank will be 100% safe! The Empire shall forever hold it's word that any and all debts will be paid, in other words, if the bank needs to liquidate your money will be returned.

Q: Will I make money with it?: You will, however details at this time are still classified Inner Circle Clearance. Rest assured you will make money.

If anyone has any other questions or want greater depth answers, you may contact me on my talk page or via email at {C}{C EmperorHester 08:08, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

Imperial Archives Update: December 16th, 2011Edit

The Imperial Archives is now a head of schedual! At 50.24% complete. With this milestone reached the Archives WILL be released on time if not a head of schedual!

EmperorHester 16:11, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

Imperial Archives Update: December 14th, 2011Edit

The Imperial Archives is slightly behind schedual, however it's now at 25.25% complete! Another milestone broken, however it's now going to take about four and a half pages a day to finish on time by the December 31st, 2011 deadline. However I'm confidident that it will be reached!

EmperorHester 11:16, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

Imperial Archives Goal: December 9th, 2011Edit

I'm announcing that the Imperial Archives' 100 pages project is now on the fast track to be completed by December 31st, 2011 or 22 days from now (my time) the Archives project currently stands at 12.19% as of right now looking at the Archives Project page tracker on The Empire's forums. Which means that four pages have to be done every day till the end of the year to be on time. Possibly the hardest part would be The Empire's history page because the clan has been around since July 4th, 2010 and alot has happend both internally and diplomaticly. I will take questions if anyone has any to ask.

EmperorHester 02:48, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

Imperial Archives Update: December 7th, 2011Edit

I'm happy to announce that the Imperial Archives are now 10.16% complete! In other words, there are 10.16 pages complete in the Archives on The Empire, not a lot but all things considered it's great! Those said pages are mostly simple pages, like the ranks within the clan or informative like the Civilian ranks, the major projects include the history on the clan, and award pages that still require art work to finish them. If you have any art skills please contact me at and we'll see what we can

EmperorHester 20:00, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

Imperial Awards: November 28th, 2011Edit

With the designing and planing of the Imperial Archives, The Empire will be releasing alot of new awards for clan members and to members of the outside community who quallify for the awards by the end of the year.

Imperial Academy: November 25th, 2011Edit

In the interest of educating people to the game of Runescape, and on The Empire, I'm announcing that there will be an Imperial Academy set up to teach those who ask to be taught. This new Department shall be placed under the Central Government's supervision, more will be announced in the upcoming days and weeks.

To help educate people to the game of runescape and on The Empire, an Imperial Academy will be established under the Central Government

Imperial Archives Announcement- November 25th, 2011Edit

In the Interest towards preserving it's history and having open information about it, The Empire is extending vast time resources towards the creation of the Imperial Archives, so far one page is slated for approval towards being complete, with another one being worked on. At this time the Archives will not be open to the public till the 100 page goal is acomplished.

Those wishing to help work on the Archives can send me an email at or message me on my talk talk page titled "Archives" or you can even ask me in Runescape Emperorhster however email works best.

Clan Budget- November 16, 2011Edit

{C {C {C}I'm proud to announce that work on the webpage for the Empire's budget is complete! This page contains where money is being spent by the Emperor and Inner Circle, any and all questions can be asked at

The link can be found here:


In the Empire, your advancement in rank is threw merits, for each good action you do, such as doing an assignment, or if your in The Imperial Military you participate in combat training or clan wars, you are awarded merits towards advancement. However if you do something wrong, like disobey officers in your chain-of-command, or worse the Emperor and those in the Imperial Inner Circle, you get demerits (or merits are taken away from you). Well now I'm happy to say that a merit chart has been completed!

The merit chart is a chart that has all the abbreviated ranks (E-1, O-1 etc) lined up from highest rank down and how many merits it takes to obtain the next rank and, the number of merits is influence by the number of members in The Empire, this step is too keep members that are sadly not up to speed as much those who are capable in the lower ranks and letting those who are capable advance above those not up to speed. If you have any questions feel free to ask me EmperorHester 21:12, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

Medal of Honor, Empire's Highest award awarded-11/13/2011Edit

On November 11th, 2011, Emperor Hester was asked by a group of five friends and allies to request him to grant himself the Empire's highest Military award, though the back story leading up to the request is scetchy at the moment, what is known is that Emperor Hester accepted:

Citation: "For extreme detication on the battlefield, despite impossible odds, fighting in the name of The Empire, and via request from The Empire's allies in the Triumvirate, Emperor Hester is hereby granted the Medal of Honor"

Those requesting

  • Ehtya
  • Serena
  • Arnold Ogamon
  • Zamorak Agent
  • Red Triumvirate
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