Imperial Intelligence
Imperial Intelligence
Type: Main Branch
Director: No one
Deputy Director No one
Date Established No one
Head of Espionage No one
Deputy Head of Espionage No one
Head of Counter-Espionage No one
Deputy Head of Counter-Espionage No one
Head of Information No one
Deputy Head of Information No one
Head of Research No one
Deputy Head of Research No one
Budget Classified

Imperial Intelligence is the Empire's Intelligence gathering Branch. Entrusted with the responsibilities of Intelligence handling, espionage and Counter-espionage. II is headed by a Director who can only be ordered around by the Emperor. All information gathered by II is placed into II's database and is remained classified until the Emperor declares it's not a security threat.

Director of Imperial IntelligenceEdit

The Director of II's duties are to:

  • Make sure there are no security leaks
  • Inform the Emperor on new information that's been gathered
  • Keep II workers and members in line
  • Make sure all II workers don't reviel any secrets.


The CIA is broken into four Departments, all of them having their own Department Heads.

Department of EspionageEdit

The Department of Espionage is the department fully commited in spying on Empire enemies.

Department of Counter EspionageEdit

The Department of Counter Espionage is the department that works to prevent spies from gaining information from The Empire.

Department of InformationEdit

The Department of Information keeps track of all the information within II, not public information.

Department of AnalysisEdit

Department of Analysis is responsible for analizing intel brought in from the Department of Espionage.

Information ClassificationEdit

All information within the II is placed into a Tier of Classification security scale, with zero being the highest security and five being the lowest, the Director of II does not all ways have to know of all the information in some cases.

Tier Zero ClassificationEdit

Tier Zero is the highest security on information in the Empire, only the Emperor can see and have knowlage of this kind of information, if other's know of this information they have to keep quiet, if they talk then they would be removed from what ever power they hold and kicked out of The Empire. Other Clans and Unions would be informed of what that individual has done and is not to be trusted with information.

Tier One ClassificationEdit

Being reworked

Tier Two ClassificationEdit

Being reworked

Tier Three ClassificationEdit

Being reworked

Tier Four ClassificationEdit

Being reworked

Tier Five ClassificationEdit

Tier Five doesn't belong to anyone at this level, this kindof information is public information from the moment the Emperor allows it. This information can mostly be found in the Imperial Archives.

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