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Happening by The EmperorEdit

Working on transformation from a clan into a unionEdit

  • Updating wiki pages
  • Working on a new website
  • Getting information to put the union together.

Expanding The Imperial LibraryEdit

The Emperor plans to have 100 pages in the Imperial Library by June 1, 2011

Happening in The Imperial Ruling CouncilEdit

Swearing ins:Edit

  • KingSpence
  • Serena Moon

Events Happening NowEdit

Transformation into a UnionEdit

Status unknown, but progressing.

Race to 1,000,000,000 gold coinsEdit

This event isn't a whole clan event, just a race between Emperor Hester and A Beast Life to get to 1B gp. It's too early to call it, but the whole clan is watching closely. Now that both players are F2P (A Beast Life was P2P for awhile) it's an deadlock race now.


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