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December, 2009

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Crossed swords
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Red Serpen11 General Ehtya
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High Council
Red Serpen11 General Ehtya
Low Council
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Clan Type
F2P and P2P
Base of Operation
Falador Castle

The Corsam Clan is a clan of RuneScape players who train and do many group activities together. It is run by Red Serpen11 and General Ehtya. The name Corsam stands for Clan Of RuneScape's Skillers And Merchants.

Government Edit

The new government of CORSAM is based off of that of Zerouhs Triumvirate. We are an intellectually based Clan and operate on an democratic oligarchy.

History Edit

For previous Corsam clan History, please refer to Clan:The Corsam Clan/Old Era.

Due to Aurora's break-up, CORSAM is now under the rule of Red Serpen11 and the clan is getting revamped. The clan is now starting to re-recruit. All members are welcome!Red Dog31 22:38, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

Clan StructureEdit

The Corsam clan is lead by a High Council, consisting of 3 members: The Clan Leader, Head Diplomat, and War General. The three members, together, are responsible for keeping the clan intact, going to war, electing members into the lower council, and approving the Lower Council's Ideas. For each individual's job, please refer to the Positions section of this article.

Below the High Council, sits the Lower Council. The Lower Council is much bigger than the High Council, consisting of 7 members rather than 3. The Lower Council's job is much more broad than that of the High Council. The Lower Council is responsible for approving new recruits, planning events for the whole clan, and proposing changes in the clan itself. The Lower Council is lead by the Head of Council, which is further explained below.

Positions Edit

High Council:Edit

Clan Leader- Leader of the Clan. Overlooks everthing.Edit
Diplomacy Elder- Co-Leader of the Clan. Manages diplomacy with other clans/unions.Edit
War General- Third in Command. Manages and overlooks the military. Is in charge of battle plans and tactics.Edit


  • Red Serpen11
  • General Ehtya
  • Glaciereinst
  • Ryankeep
  • backnblack83
  • Eye Face2
  • Crew boy3
  • runelord_412
  • Eaves9
  • Alexpalamos
  • INN3R T4CO
  • Iamyourboo2
  • DonutsOwnYou
  • Fansponge
  • Fc la Rp EE
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