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One of the most organized and prosperous organizations of Runescape is The 72 Clan. The 72 Clan was founded on July 26, 2011, and since then, its leaders and members have helped it flourish within the community. The clan aims to nurture as many productive people as possible, and to establish one of the most organized clans on Runescape. The main goal of this organization is to encourage and educate people into becoming more productive within the RS community. Similarly, it discourages gambling, floor selling, and other forms of malicious acts within RS. To promote entertainment, the clan hosts events. Main events include PVM, Skilling, Dungeoneering, D&Ds and Minigames. The leaders of this clan do their best to help you flourish within the community. In order to be able to join, all people are required to meet certain requirements. The requirements are simple and split into two main sections; Imperative and Level Requirements.

The 72 Clan

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Clan Chat
Founded On
July 26, 2011
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Runescape Forums post
Citadel Tier
Clan Video
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Level Requirement:

  • No current level requirements.


Imperative Requirements: Being compatible with the Imperative Requirements is the most important requirement for joining 72.

  • Must be polite to all Runescape players, regardless of their level or wealth (Polite to all players, not only clan members).
  • If things went wrong, you may not rage/swear randomly in the clan chat. You must be able to control yourself when things go wrong.
  • Creative humor is highly encouraged. However, if any joke or banter has the ability to deteriorate or damage the community, you are prohibited from using it.



Clan Information

72 uses a straightforward system to invite people and assign ranks based on contribution to the community, and activity within the community as well as in the game. Feel free to stop by our clan chat if you meet the above requirements and ask for invite to our community!

Ranking within the clan

To gain ranks within the clan, players must obtained Prestige and Diligence, or be a staff member. Admin and higher ranks are only available to staff members. The system has been set up that players who participate at a rate of about 67% can achieve General rank in 18 months. For achieving General rank, players may ask to be a temporary avatar warden for 24 hours.

Recruit - General

Requirements are summarized in the following table:

Rank Prestige Diligence
Recruit 0 0
Corporal 25 2
Sergeant 50 5
Lieutenant 100 10
Captain 200 20
General 300 30
Admin or



Prestige is obtained in the following ways:

  • By attending events (2 per event)
  • Fully capping (2 for reaching a full cap)
    • Please let the Citadel Manager know that you have capped each week, or post a screenshot with the date that shows your resources (set on the screen with the resource you gathered the most of) in the relevant document. Not meeting this criteria may result in no Prestige being awarded. Ask a staff member for the ability to post on the document.
  • Gaining top 10 exp in a week as determined by tracking on Runeclan with an additional points available for being top 3 (1 for top 10, 2 for top 3)

Diligence is rewarded each month, at the end of the month, in the following amounts:

  • 0 for no activity the game (0 experience gained) or if they are an instigator
  • 1 for some activity in the game and minimal activity in the clan
  • 2 for regular activity in the game as well as the clan, including contributing to clan chat discussions, participation in events and helping others. Those with responsibilities will watch performance during the month and make notes.

A clan member may also obtain additional 10 prestige OR 1 diligence for recruiting a member, one per month.

Admin or higher (staff)

Ranks of admin or higher are reserved to those who choose to take on responsibilities in the clan. Those with responsibilities will continue to obtain prestige and diligence, but they will obtain a 50% multiplier in their points, during the month in which they fulfill their responsibilities. Ranks are distributed as such:

  • Admin (with avatar warden): Highly active members rewarded for going above and beyond the call of a member. This is awarded at the discretion of higher ranks and lasts at least one month. There is a maximum of 6 admins at a time. Note that admins do NOT receive an additional 50% in points.
  • Organiser: Recruiters, Event Leaders
  • Coordinator: Head Recruiter, Head Event Leader
  • Overseer: Citadel Manager, Spreadsheet Manager
  • Deputy Owner: Trial Leader, Founder, Active Previous Leaders
  • Owner: Clan Leader

If someone takes on responsibilities above and beyond their own duties, they may be more highly ranked at the discretion of the Leader.


  • Recruiter (max 3):
    • Posting on forums a set number of times to recruit others
    • Interacting with those looking to join the clan
    • Inviting others to the clan and explaining the basics
  • Event Leader (max 3):
    • Hosting one event per week
    • Obtaining a list of of those who attended (defined at their discretion) and passing this information to the SpreadSheet manager
  • Head Recruiter (max 1):
    • Includes the responsibilities of a Recruiter
    • Keeping the recruiting message up to date
    • Ensuring that all Recruiters are fulfilling their weekly duties, and finding replacements if necessary
  • Head Event Leader (max 1):
    • Includes the responsibilities of an Event Leader
    • Ensuring that a minimum of 2 weekly events are held
    • Ensuring that all Event Leaders are fulfilling their weekly duties, and finding replacements if necessary.
  • Citadel Manager (max 1):
    • Ensuring the weekly upkeep is met
    • Recognizing who capped and passing that information to the Spreadsheet Manager
  • Spreadsheet Manager
    • Manager the Spreadsheet that contains the list of everyone's Prestige and Diligence, and ensuring that ranks are correct
    • Updating Prestige (weekly) and Diligence (monthly)
    • Determining who was a top 10 exp earner in the clan and rewarding them with Prestige (weekly)
  • Trial Leader
    • Should a leader step down, an organiser or higher ranked individual may step up to be Trial Leader. After a one month period, a yes/no vote will be conducted to determine if that person if a competent leader. Recruiters and Event Leaders have one vote while the Head Recruiter, Head Event leader, Citadel Manager, and Spreadsheet Manager have 2 votes. A trial leader may vote for themselves if they acted in one of these capacities.
  • Leader
    • Ensuring the clan functions smoothly, and aid everyone in their responsibilities
    • Keeping the clan wiki and RuneScape information up to date
    • The Leader is also to take a rank of Head Recruiter, Head Event Capper, Citadel Manager, or Spreadsheet Manager, or aid closely in these duties

Obtaining a staff rank

Message a Head Recruiter, Head Event Leader, or Leader in order to take on responsiblity. After one month, that person may decide if you fulfilled your duties sufficiently to keep the clan job. During the one month trial period, you will not obtain 50% bonus Prestige and Diligence, and you will keep your previous clan ranking.

Admin is rewarded for members who go above and beyond. These are members who the staff can rely on to do things for the clan when called on and who have been rewarded with the ability to summon the avatar.

Current Staff

  • Admin: Ferrousfox, hooded2, Ancientdragn, Dragl, Zhifter, Babar S
  • Recruiter: R iley, Spark Life
  • Event Leader: Uaexkiller, Hooded Roar
  • Head Recruiter:
  • Head Event Leader:
  • Citadel Manager: Left Halves
  • Spreadsheet Manager: Rileybarker
  • Trial Leader: Rileybarker
  • Leader:


It is expected that the clan will hold at least 2 events per week. A player can only obtain prestige for up to 3 events in a week. The clan will try to hold the two events per week at the following time:

  • Saturday 11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern, 7PM GMT- PvM event
  • Saturday 11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern, 7PM GMT- Open event with preference given to mini-games

It is expected that events will run for at least 30 minutes from when action starts.

A citadel capping event is up to the discretion of the Citadel Manager. At least 5 people must attend for the event to be considered.

Please keep an eye on the clan noticeboard (highlighted in red) for events.

Clan Rules

  1. Follow Jagex rules. We reserve the right to be lenient with some of these rules when we feel it's predominantly better for the community. Failing to comply with the rule regarding the use of macros/bots may result in kick without warning.

    72 Clan Vex

  2. Laudatory speech of anything against the law of Jagex headquarters' location (currently England), such as use of drugs, is significantly forbidden.
  3. Disputes are bound to happen, if they happen, please move them to a Friends Chat as soon as you can.
  4. No activity advertisements are to be held within the 30mins range of Clan's Official Events of the same type within clan chat. Types include PVM, Skilling and other activities. For instance you may not host any PVM activity if there is a Nex event happening in 30 minutes, but doing it during the event isn't against this rule. Activities include all sorts of bossing activities, dungeoneering activities, unofficial events, and other activities.
  5. If possible, add the admin+ members of the clan (or put Online Status on). This enables you to easily contact them if an issue appears, and similarly, they can contact you if they were to notify you about promotion, or other things.
  6. If you have an issue with any clan member, please let any Sergeant+ member know as soon as practical.
  7. Any announcement regarding events, effigy assist and other similar aspects should be posted once every six lines in the clan chat.
  8. Item/money-exchange between members is discouraged. Asking for buying/selling items that can be purchased through GE is generally prohibited within the Clan Chat or Teamspeak. The only time you are not prohibited is when you hit the GE limit, and are completely unable to make a transaction of a certain item. You should not 'expect' financial aid if you got hacked or cleaned staking. No selling floors/gambling/charging for lent items. Also, trust trading and trust lending should not be done in the clan chat.
  9. No bragging in the clan chat. If a person gains a new level, mentioning yours is considered as a brag. If you earn a large amount of money, it is considered as bragging if you emphasize it in clan chat. Bragging about getting a large amount of money from games of chance is completely forbidden in the Clan Chat.
  10. No extraordinary requests. (e.g. "someone fancy suiciding dg for me?")
  11. While in an event, members must still follow the imperative requirements, as if the host’s friends chat was the clan chat.

  12. Discussing things that are against Clan rules is not allowed in clan chat. This includes anything that violates Runescape's rules (e.g player-run games of chance and scamming), situations that involve trust trading or trust lending (e.g. floor selling) and so forth. Discussing about staking on the Clan Chat is allowed but discouraged.
  13. Discomfort or disappointment should not be expressed in clan chat. It is unpleasant to listen to other people's problems when we all have our own to worry about. Sharing good experiences is highly encouraged. Acknowledge that showing your discomfort about an update or undesirable situation on RS is included within this rule. Randomly saying phrases as "that sucks", "gay!", "bollocks", "lame" and such words after some unfortunate series of events is strictly prohibited in the clan chat.
  14. Profanity is sometimes allowed to a certain extent. Any profane word used in distress is entirely against the rules (e.g. Ebram just fking 3 hit me...). Profanity used to irritate other people, such as overusing profane words, or insulting others does not even get one warning (e.g: I fking told you that I will not fking tolerate fking fkers). The only time vulgar words are allowed is only if expressing comfort or accomplishment (e.g. I just fking killed Ebram in wildy!!). This includes abbreviations, just because you skipped the vowels doesn't make it ok to say. Always remember that people who curse frequently are often taken less seriously in 72.
  15. During PVP events or outside PVP events, killing clan members who have not agreed to fight is against clan rules. Rushing or luring clan members in wilderness can result in warning and kick.
  16. Most importantly, never sacrifice IRL friends/family/activities for attending clan activities or other virtual activities. No clan events are mandatory. The system is even setup to allow you to rank within the clan while conducting your own life outside of the game.

These rules are not exhaustive. If an organiser or higher rank feels you have done something wrong that isn't specifically mentioned in the rules, you may still be warned or punished for doing it.


Legacy Information


The entire recruitment process may take about 15 minutes. If you do not consider yourself as someone who is determined and patient, you're not recommended to continue. Knowing how to use Ctrl+F can greatly expedite your admission process.


Admission Details

Before requesting to join the clan, please ensure that you read and understand the main concepts below:

1- We highly value friendship and hospitality between the clan members; if you have those traits, you'll be very welcome in our Clan.

2- Before applying, you should be compatible with the listed Imperative and Level Requirements. If you are not certain what they are, click on the hyperlink, or simply scroll up.

3- You must have read all the Clan Rules listed above. If you feel not compatible with any, be sure to contact any higher ranked members about this.

4- Jokes are highly encouraged, as long as they're creative, entertaining, and not irritating.

5- Our clan discourages all sorts of gambling/staking/floor selling/money exchange between members. We will never tell you what you should do, but you're not allowed to advertise those subjects in Clan Chat.


Note: Our clan could appear very pleasing and flawless but note that absolute perfection is impossible. It is important for us to inform all the applicants about the possible flaws of our clan. Please take a moment to read our clan's flaws below, and please ensure that you do not mind them before applying.

1- Be aware that although our memberlist may represent a high number, we do not actually have that quantity of members. That is because:

- We are a clan that encourages people to value their Real Life, so surely certain members will not always be seen online.
- We are an international clan. Your night is someone else's afternoon. Some players play while you are asleep and some are asleep while you play.
- There are times that people do intense activities as high level bossing or dungeoneering, and that will prevent them from talking in Clan Chat or Private Messages.

2- As the Clan's Staff, we try our best to keep the Clan Chat as friendly as possible, and to ensure that everything is all right. However, be aware that out of all the members, we can rarely see a person who could possibly break a rule. If seen, we'll definitely take action. Please be aware of this possibility.

3- We have many types of events with none being mandatory. This system strongly encourages freedom at the cost of activity. Please acknowledge this concept.

4- 72 Clan will not kick those who have gone through the trouble to get into 72, unless either they break any of the rules, or if 72 clan hits 500 members. By then, the least active members will be replaced to allow more members in. Please acknowledge that our member-count may be high, but our clan's actual size is much lower!


Applying on 72 Clan Forum (Currently Not Required to Join)

When you are certain that you want to join 72 Clan. Please take a look at our forum page, and take the following steps:

1- Find clan application post, on QFC 92-93-106-65448336 or simply click here .

2- Copy the clan application from where you are instructed too. [It's written "Copy Below" on the place]

3- Be sure to be logged in RS forum.

4- Scroll all the way down, until you're able to the area that you will be replying to us.

5- Paste the things you copied from #2, in the replying area.

6- Answer all questions, and post your application.

7- After posting, either be patient and check the forum once every few hours, or contact a high rank in clan and ask them to review your application on forum.

8- If you get accepted, there is a final procedure that you will need to go through which starts right below this section.


Recruits Preparation (A)

If your application has been accepted on the clan forum, you're most likely going to receive an invitation by a Forum Assistant. You should have read the 'Admission Details' above.

Our clan may be large, but every member has the chance to shine!

We evaluate members according to certain level of Priorities. From highest to lowest significance:


72 Clan Parade - Clan's First Birthday - Highlights

1st Birthday Parade

1- Being polite and welcoming in Clan Chat
2- Being a helpful and a trustworthy member
3- Joining Clan Staff and being an active staff member
4- Being outstanding at events
5- Taking part in Competitions or Special Events


Recruits Preparation (B)

1- Being friendly and active within the community is highly rewarded in 72 clan. For instance, you may receive Admin rank temporarily if you are voted by Captain+ ranks if they felt you have contributed a lot to the clan community. The poll is done once every 2 weeks, and 2 people are picked weekly. Given that, you may sometimes see an Admin in clan who is not actually an admin, but a very friendly and helpful person, so acknowledge that. You can find more info about this by clicking here.

2- If you have already setup the enhancements, skip #2. The enhancements are extremely helpful and beneficial to your performance in the clan. Here is some info about each.

Teamspeak: Our clan uses Teamspeak for communication. It is used frequently as it's a great way for members to talk, discuss different things, and enjoy the game further. Teamspeak is the main requirement for certain events as Clan Wars and Vorago. Having a microphone is not mandatory, but having speakers is.
If you are interested to learn about setting Teamspeak up, please click here.
72 FB.png
Facebook: Your ranking report, events attended, citadel capping, and almost anything else that you can imagine is organized via Facebook. To receive full instructions about joining the Facebook Group, click here.
The Facebook group is entirely secret. Nothing will appear on your wall, regardless your activity on the group. The group is not related to Runescape at all. It's 100% isolated. The picture to the right illustrates how it may appear.
Calendar: Clan's Daily events are listed on Google Calendar. We highly recommend you to use it as it converts event times into your time zone. To receive full detailed instructions on setting it up, please click here .

3- As a new member, you can feel free to set the Clan Vexillum wherever you go. You can also invite your friends to clan and receive up to 40 Prestige for that. Don't forget to watch and show them the Clan's Official Video .

4- It might be useful to know that the Citadel will enable up to weekly 500k xp in skills as Firemaking, Crafting, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Summoning and Woodcutting.

5- Anyone has the ability to achieve as high as Deputy Owner rank in 72. The way it works is crystal clear to all members, and is explained thoroughly in the Ranking System section of Wikia. To rank up, you need Prestige, Diligence and Valor. Click on Ranking System above for more info on how they work..

6- Please keep all the supervisors listed on Recruits Preparations C on your friend's list. If had any questions or concerns, let them know. Try not to turn private "off" unless it's necessary.

7- If you are aiming to achieve a high rank, as fast as possible, feel free to request to join The 72 Clan Staff

8- If you have good ping in Clan's Homeworld (W72), feel free to add it to your homeworld. Avatar remains in W72 all the time.

9- If you ever changed your name on game, you must inform us by commenting on Prestige Document on Facebook. If you do not, your points can be lost. Also don't forget to edit your comment on Census if you ever changed your name. If you forget that, you can be kicked from the Facebook Group.

10- Name change that is not reported will result in point loss and more severe consequences. If you changed your name, you should remember to first edit your old comment on Facebook Census, and change your RSN there. Then you need to proceed to comment on "Prestige and Diligence" document on Facebook, letting the person in charge of points know that you now have a new name. After that, you will need to comment on Staff Admission, Skilling Competitions document, or other areas, depending on your affiliation. Remember that name change is looked down on because it has the tendency to increase the probability of having paperwork errors.

11- Don't forget to check the FAQ section. If you are interested to know more about the ranking system and other important information, please read the rest of the Wikipedia Page.


Recruits Preparation (C)

When you join the clan, inevitably you may be confronted with certain things that would be of concern. Be it within Clan Chat or Teamspeak; be it your points missing or your name not appearing on the prestige document. Maybe a staff member is not doing their job as they were expected, or maybe an event leader didn't treat the attendees nicely. Fortunately, all tasks in 72 Clan are given to different supervisors to maximize efficiency and enable members to effectively have their concerns heard. You are not required to memorize this list, but it is better to know that it exists to enable you to refer to it in the future, in case you had any concerns.

Here is a more elaborate description of what you can contact each supervisor about.

Ranking System (72): When an event leader takes attendance for an event, they will submit your name on Events Led document on Facebook. After that, the Ranking System supervisor oversees that and adds points. To know if your points have been added, check to see if the supervisor has liked the comment of the event you attended. If they have liked it, that means you should have been given points. If you were not given points, you should contact Ranking System supervisor ASAP.
Clan Chat (Elf Mathews): It is inevitable that sometime in the future, certain clan rules may be violated within the clan chat. It is also possible that you may have other concerns, like providing suggestions to help improve the clan chat and the community. All concerns that relate to clan chat can be brought to the Clan Chat supervisor.
Non-PVM Events (72): Given that our clan has many events weekly, it is imperative to have someone oversee the events that go on. During a non-pvm event, if the event leader was unfair to you in any way, or did anything that made you feel uncomfortable, you should contact the Events Supervisor immediately. If you have any questions about how to host events or join the clan's event leadership team, again, the Events Supervisor is the person to talk with.
PVM Events (72): PVM events happen very often every week. Given that there are many different complicated sequences may cause trouble for members, we have assigned a separate person to oversee all PVM events. If you noticed anything that could use improvement or if you had any concerns about any PVM events or PVM leaders, you should promptly contact the PVM Events supervisor.
Staff (72): The performance of all the supervisors and clan staff is overseen by the Staff Supervisor. If any staff member has been unable to help you or was not willing to listen to the concerns that you had brought up, the Staff Supervisor would be the person to contact. If you are interested in joining 72 clan's staff team, you are highly encouraged to contact the Staff Supervisor. It is important to remember that anyone, regardless of rank and time of stay in the clan, is able to become a staff member. If you think you are willing to help make the community better, Staff Supervisor would be the person to contact!
Citadel ( Elf Mathews): If you are a new member who has a lot of questions about Citadel and how they operate, the Citadel Supervisor will be there to give you a hand. Any questions about how the points system works regarding capping at citadel should also be addressed to the Citadel Supervisor.
Teamspeak (Car los): 72 Clan's Teamspeak is one of the most interactive places of the clan. Given that many conversations can happen, it is not uncommon if something against the rules takes place on Teamspeak. If anything irritating or against Teamspeak rules happens on Teamspeak, the Teamspeak Supervisor will be the person to contact. Teamspeak Supervisor is also there to help you if you need to set anything up, or if you need icons on Teamspeak. Anything Teamspeak related should be taken to the Teamspeak Supervisor!
Competitions (Elf Mathews): Our clan has a series of competitions, that range from weekly, monthly, or annual competitions to special competitions that take place rarely. Any concerns relating to these competitions should be taken to the Competitions Supervisor. If you need your name added to a competition, or if you think there is a glitch with anything, let the Competition Supervisor know as soon as possible. Briefly, then, all concerns that relate to Clan Competitions should be brought to the Competitions Supervisor's attention.


Setting up the Enhancements

To be invited to clan, you need to meet certain criteria for each enhancement. For Facebook, you should comment on Facebook Census. For Teamspeak, you should receive 72 badge on Teamspeak. For Calendar, you should be able to see all clan events. Remember our enhancements have been tested by hundreds of members, for 2 years+, so there should be nothing to worry about! You do not need to verify Screenshot tools.


Facebook Group

Clan's Ranking System, event attendance, staff admission, citadel capping, assist section, and almost the entire clan is led through the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is entirely secret. Nothing will appear on your wall, regardless your activity on the group. The group is not related to Runescape at all, when looked at by outsiders. It's 100% isolated. With that in mind, please ensure that your Facebook Name or Profile Picture in no way resemble Runescape.

To setup the Facebook group, please follow the proceeding steps:

1- Click here . It will redirect you to the Facebook group. As the group is isolated, people cannot search/find it, they would need a link to see it.

2- Look on the top right, you see "Join Group". Click that. Now you have requested to join the group.

3- PM any Captain+ (Silver Star) online on Runescape, telling them the irl name that you will be using to join FB. Avoiding this step will make all your efforts pointless.

4- Once you are accepted in Facebook Group, be sure to visit this link , to be able to find out full details on every single file present on the Facebook Group.

5- Then comment on the census, which can be found here. Make sure to use the format: " RSN - You may call me -Nickname- ". Not following this step will result in having you kicked from the group.

6- Do not forget to bookmark/favorite the documents that you feel will be vital. Prestige and Events Led documents are the most bookmarked ones.


Teamspeak Server

Our clan uses Teamspeak for communication. It is used frequently as it's a great way for members to talk, discuss different things, and enjoy the game further. Teamspeak is an essential requirement for Rots, Interclan Minigames, Daily Teamspeak Gathering events and Monthly Staff Meetings.

Having a microphone is not mandatory, but having speakers is.

Teamspeak is 100% free, and easy to use, so do not worry.

To Setup Teamspeak, please take the following steps:

1- Download Teamspeak Client (not server) that is compatible with your Operating System (e.g. Windows 7 32-bit). The mirror does not matter.

2- Once downloaded, install and open Teamspeak up.

3- If this is your first time using Teamspeak, you will see a big list of channels. Close this list.

4- Now on your keyboard, press Cntrl+B (cmd+B for mac). This allows you to input the label, the address, your name, and password as bookmark.

5- Be sure to click "Add Bookmark" on the top. This allows you not to overwrite any previous Servers.

6- Label is anything you want it to be. Use Label as "72 Clan Server".

7- Server address is 

8- For Nickname, be sure to follow the format: <What you want to be Called> (<Runescape Name>). Example of Teamspeak name: "Mark (Slayer 72)"

9- Click Apply and Okay.

10- From now on, you will be able to join 72 TS Server, by simply finding Bookmarks on the top left, and clicking on 72 Clan Server, or any other Label that you used!

11- Join the server.

12- Contact a Captain+ in 72, to receive teamspeak badge!

13- Familiarize yourself with Teamspeak Rules listed below. You are expected to follow these rules as long as using 72 clan Teamspeak Server. Violation of any rules will result in PERMANENT BAN from Teamspeak server.

14- Lastly, remember that it takes 16.20$ every month to maintain the Teamspeak server. Everyone is welcome to help and contribute! Contributions can be made directly to Teamspeak, or indirectly to clan's Paypal account " ".

Only people who are part of the 72 Clan Staff have the capability to move others around. Feel free to contact them if you wanted to be moved. Anyone can join the Staff.


Teamspeak Rules
  1. Please use the format <Nickname (RS name)> on teamspeak for simplicity. You are encouraged to use the same name as the one used on Facebook Census. Avoid profanity in names.
  2. Teamspeak activity is highly encouraged. But sometimes the activity levels can rise so much that they would disable anyone else from being able to talk. This would lead to people muting one another, and less clan members' participation. This is not a big deal, but if you were asked to check this rule, try to take some breaks once in a while and imagine what would happen if everyone were to talk the same amount.
  3. As long as you are on 72 Teamspeak, please acknowledge that banter is allowed, as long as it is not considered as irritating to members and staff. Sharing pictures that tend to irritate or humiliate others are not allowed on Teamspeak.
  4. Discussions that include topics related to drugs, sex, religion, politics, and other controversial topics are highly discouraged. Sharing pictures that could relate to these topics is prohibited.
  5. Guests are more than welcome and should be treated as good, if not better, than members.
  6. No disturbing avatar pictures. Sharing disturbing and inappropriate pictures is prohibited.
  7. You are not allowed to discuss how to abuse a bug, lure others, violate RS rules, or perform other unethical actions on Teamspeak.
  8. You are required to be respectful to all the teamspeak users. Avoid any action that can be irritating to the majority of Teamspeak users.
  9. Discomfort or disappointment should not be expressed on teamspeak. We all join teamspeak to socialize and have fun, not to complain about what’s wrong with game, irl, or other RS players.
  • Please acknowledge that there are no 2nd warnings in 72.
  • You are highly encouraged to inform the staff about any rule violation that occurs.


Teamspeak Server groups (icons)

To see all icons available on ts, Right Click on your name, and then hover over "Set Server Group". You may only receive icons (Server Groups) based on your current rank in 72.

Acknowledge that icons that start with "72 Clan" do not count as your chosen icons, hence you may have 5 of them even if you're a recruit.

All server groups that begin with 72 Clan may be given to members at no cost. You must make sure to click on "Main Channel" on teamspeak for further information on the icons.

To receive teamspeak icons, contact Captain+ on teamspeak.



Google Calendar

As everything is meant to be extremely organized in 72 clan, the clan's daily events are moved to Google Calendar for max efficiency and accessibility. All members can see the events that took place in the past, present or the future simply by one click. To be able to set it up, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide.

If you don't have a Google account, please set it up by clicking here .

If you have a Google account:

  1. Click on Google Calendar to be redirected to the Google Calendar.
  2. On the bottom left, find "Other Calendars"
  3. Click on the arrow next to it.
  4. Select "Add a friend's calendar"
  5. Input the following Email:
  6. Be sure to add the Calendar link to your bookmarks/favorites!

Note: If the Calendar is not on your time zone, then you have made a mistake at setting your Calendar up. Simply go to settings and play around until you get it fixed. To be sure that it is correctly adjusted, look for the exact date and time -right now- on the calendar. It should be represented by a dynamic red line that moves by your time, and is displaying your current time. If that red line is not correctly adjusted, you would need to go to settings to sort it out.


Screenshot Tools (Puush or Gyazo)

Being able to effectively screenshot your game experience is vital. Maybe you got an awesome drop at a boss that you want to share, or there is a cool glitch you would want to share with people on Teamspeak or Facebook. Or perhaps there is an incident in the public or clan chats from a clan member that you feel a high ranked member should be notified about in order to help keep our community strong. Having a fast and effective screenshot tool can be very handy!

It may be a good idea to have both Puush and Gyazo, as each has its own advantages, but if you want to stick with one, just get Puush.

Instructions to set Puush Up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register on top. This would enable you to have your own personal account, with all your screenshots saved for a long time!
  3. Then go back to the homepage, and click Download on top right, depending on Operating System that you have.
  4. Install Puush, and login using your account!
  5. Congratulations, now you can screenshot anything using ctrl+shift+4!


Ranking System

Every rank has a role in this clan. Higher ranks have more responsibilities. The higher ranks are expected to carry out tasks such as setting up events, settling disputes and recruiting more members for the Clan. Higher ranked players may help less experienced ones and guide them through their new experiences but are not forced to do so. You may earn a higher rank by receiving Prestige, Diligence, and Valor. Your earned Prestige will stay saved for that duration. If you had to leave Runescape for more than 1 week, make sure you let us know in here .

Members who aim to aid the clan in the most efficient manner and earn ranks in a faster rate are able to apply to join the Clan Staff by clicking here .


Ranking Table

Sign Rank Prestige Diligence Valor
Recruit Recruit 0 0 0
Corporal Corporal 40 0 0
Sergeant Sergeant 272 1 0
Lieutenant Lieutenant 472 3 0
Captain Captain 772 5 10
General General 1072 7 15
Deputy Owner Admin 1472 9 20
Organiser Organiser 1972 10 25
Coordinator Coordinator 3072 10 30
Overseer 5072 11 40
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner 7272 13 50

If you are currently a member, please visit this Facebook's document to find your current Prestige and Diligence.



The Prestige is earned by your activity and participation in the clan. The more active you are in the clan, the more respect you earn. Attending events, collecting resources at citadel when needed, and helping the clan members are one of the many ways of earning Prestige.

If you are currently a member of the clan, click on each hyperlink for further info.

Action    Prestige Reward  
Unofficial Event Attendance +2
Member Host Party Attendance +2
Unofficial Event Leadership +4
Official Event Attendance +3 to +7
Official Event Leadership +6 to +9
Citadel Attendance +8 to +10
Staff Monthly Prestige May reach over 150+
Skilling Competitions +3 to +16
Recruiting an active member Up to +40
Clan Experience +20 to +50
Passing staff trial Up to +60
Adding 72 to your name Up to +72


Exp for Prestige

You may also earn Prestige dependent on how much xp you have earned while you’ve joined the clan. To see your current xp Click here


Reaching 100M xp will yield in +20P Bonus.

Reaching 200M xp will yield in +30P Bonus.

Reaching 500M xp will yield in +40P Bonus and +1 Diligence.

Reaching 750M xp will yield in +45P Bonus.

Reaching 1B xp will yield in +50P Bonus and +1 Diligence.

One may not stay solely dependent on XP for prestige, as this is just a supplementary prestige addition

If you are eligible for Prestige, please inform us today by commenting here


Prestige for Name Change

Runescape Name is a very important part of every player's character. Some players honor the clan by adding the name of our clan to their names. Depending on the rank of the player, he/she may receive bonus prestige by doing so.

You must report your name change on Facebook, or you will not receive any bonus prestige for your name change!


Rank Reward Cumulative Prestige
Recruit 15 Prestige +15
Corporal 5 Prestige +20
Sergeant 6 Prestige +26
Lieutenant 8 Prestige +34
Captain 8 Prestige +42
General 10 Prestige +52
Admin 10 Prestige +62
Organizer 10 Prestige +72
Coordinator  1 Diligence  +72
Overseer 0 +72
Deputy Owner 0 +72

Reverting your name back will result in loss of cumulative amount of Prestige, depending on your rank.

It can be done once, so having a name of 72 72 72 72, will not grant you 4x the Prestige. To be eligible for the prestige, the name change must be reported on the document, by commenting on the target's name. Contact a high rank for more info.



All members require more than just Prestige to earn their relatively high rank. Diligence is like a Medal of Honor granted to those members who achieve outstanding accomplishments. There are several ways to earn Diligence. The main ones include having exceptional Integrity, Activity, and Mentality. Members with at least one are eligible for Sergeant Rank. Members with at least three are eligible for Lieutenant+. Members who are highly trustable, active, wise, and loyal will be given the chance to earn Admin+ Ranks. It is important to note that all Captain+ regularly monitor and provide feedback about people who they consider as diligent-worthy. 



If diligence is what is preventing you from being promoted, be sure to comment on your name on the Prestige, Diligence and Valor document and request "Diligence Investigation". Be sure not to comment if you have received diligence sometime in the past two months. If you have, then that's ordinary. If it has taken longer, then you may be doing something wrong.



The following will increase your chance of receiving diligence:

1- Proving yourself trustworthy

2- Helping event leaders in several occasions

3- Always trying hard to make the clan a better place

4- Attending Clan Wars events and other special events.

5- Actively taking part on Skilling and other special competitions.

6- Being always polite in chat and ready to welcome new members

7- Actively guiding and helping people in the clan chat or Teamspeak

8- Helping in reporting the rule breakers and encouraging the helpers

9- Showing and proving your leadership abilities by making the difference in any event

10- Always solving issues and never been in a dispute with anyone. No clan rules broken



The following will decrease your chances of receiving diligence:

11- Being negative and pessimistic about current state and future of the clan.

12-Trolling, being disrespectful, or being immature will make it rather impossible to receive Diligence.

13- Being one part of any argument for any reason will decrease your chances of receiving diligence.

14- Requesting clarification on how diligence is earned or requesting making diligence easier to earn.

15- Constantly bringing up problems and things that are wrong within the clan without providing viable solutions.

16- Violating any clan rules in any way, in clan chat, teamspeak or other places will result in much lower chance of getting diligence.

17- Contacting leaders directly or indirectly about your diligence. [You're encouraged to talk to provide feedback and promote other people to the leaders, but never promote yourself directly or indirectly for diligence]


Mentality (3)

Having logical, innovative, and leadership abilities can earn you up to three Diligence.

Activity (3)

Being outstanding and regularly active at events will earn you up to three Diligence. (Mainly taking part in Skilling competition, High level PVM, Wars, and other events)

Integrity (4)

Being honest, polite and welcoming, in addition to encouraging clan rules for an extended period can earn you up to four Diligence.


Having 72 on your name and achieving Coordinator rank will award you +1 Diligence.

Receiving 500M and 1B clan xp will grant you +2 Diligence overall (+1 each).

Being a staff member with at least 20 Staff Points and having been in the clan for at least 3 years will grant you +1 Diligence. You are required to provide concrete evidence as your name being listed on Events Led of the past, your application being present on forum, your name found on a capping document on Facebook, your date of joining Facebook, or any other concrete proof.

Annual Diligence Rewards: The accomplishments listed below may give you only one diligence in a lifetime. That means you cannot receive best skiller of the year diligence twice in two years. In addition, you may only receive +1 diligence and not more from the ones with asterisk in a given year. That means if you were both the best skiller and the best staff, you may only choose to receive diligence from one of the two!

Every year, the most distinct staff member receives +1 Diligence. That staff member is chosen by having at least 10SP, been part of the staff for at least 8 months in that year, and maintained the highest average PF of anyone else until the end of that year.

Becoming the best skiller of the year will grant you +1 Diligence.

Being one of the two people with the most appearance at Special events in a year, will grant you +1 Diligence. Special events include all inter-clan events, and high-level PVM. (Clan Wars, Minigames with other clans, Vorago, Rise of the Six).


Note: Diligence has a certain limited time of upkeep. Members who do not have their activity requirements met for an extended period tend to lose Diligence over time.



Ranking up in The 72 Clan requires more than just Diligence and Prestige. Members are also required to gather Valor points to be able to rank up within the clan. Valor is earned by joining the 72 Clan Staff. All members, regardless of their rank are capable of joining the Staff and signing up for positions. Valor Points System is in position to ensure that there will always be people who help provide for the community, and that all our Staff get rewarded based on their performance and commitment.

Please note that Valor gain begins after trial for a position has been passed, so if you are aiming to achieve a high rank in 72, you might want to think ahead of time as passing trial and learning the basics of a position may take some time.

Every rank above Captain requires a certain amount of Valor. Every month, all Captain+ lose a very small portion of that Valor as depicted in the cart below. Valor can be gained depending on the amount of responsibility successfully held by a Staff member. Valor gained in a month is calculated by the following formula:

[Number of Staff Points]*[Performance Factor]*[0.5]

Valor Maintenance Chart
                                                                                                                                Performance Factor                                                          
Acceptable Ordinary Good Very Good Great Excellent
Valor Loss Rate Valor Required Rank 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9                                                
1 10 Captain 5 4 4 3 3 3 SP Required
2 15 General 10 8 7 6 5 5
3 20 Admin 15 12 10 9 8 7
4 25 Organizer 20 16 14 12 10 9
5 30 Coordinator 25 20 17 15 13 12
5 40 Overseer 25 20 17 15 13 12
5 50 Deputy Owner 25 20 17 15 13 12

The table above illustrates the minimal amount of Staff Points required by a staff member, given the hypothetical Performance Factors. The first column on the left represents the amount of Valor that is lost monthly depending on your rank. The chart on the right simply shows how much responsibility, measured in Staff Points, a staff member would need to hold, in order to maintain his/her Valor.

To help understand the table, here is further explanation. If you are currently a General who has 10 Valor in the clan, you will lose 2 Valor every month that goes on. That means if you're a General who has no affiliations with the clan, you will lose your Valor in 5 months, since you are losing 2 monthly. Therefore, in order to maintain your Valor, you will most probably need to take a position or different positions that sum up to somewhere between 5 to 10 Staff Points. To gain more Valor for your future rank, say you're aiming for Coordinator, you're recommended to take somewhere between 12 to 25 Staff Points.

Staff Members with Valor below their rank's minimal requirement for 2 months will lose their rank!

All Staff Members are obligated to provide feedback about their own or someone else's PF if they noticed an error.


Responsibilities of All Ranks



Being a recruit is being the foundation of the clan. If recruits know and understand all the main things required for earning higher ranks, they will be able to succeed and climb the rank hierarchy in no time! All recruits must have read and understood Recruits' Preparation and Admission Details. Recruits are also expected to inform the leaders about anything that may bother them or may need improving in the cc. Staff positions as Event Leader Assistant, Clan Chat Assistant, Teamspeak Assistant, Vexileer, Warlord Assistant, Staff Board Secretary, PVM Leader, Warbands Assistant, Recruitment Secretary, and Clan Chat Organizer are all available to Recruit+ members.


Achieving corporal may be an easy task for most of the members. Corporals are generally of the members who occasionally attend events, cap at citadel, and aid the recruits and guests with possible questions. Corporal+ have the ability to lead official Dungeoneering events for the clan. Every 2 weeks, two of the most polite and friendly Corporals+ are chosen to be promoted to admin for 5 unlimited length times within 2 weeks (logout limit of 20mins), just to thank them and encourage their outstanding behavior. In the Staff Positions, Teamspeak Organizer, Wikia and Docs Editor, Dungeoneering Leader, PVP Leader and Minigames Leader are also available to Corporal+ members of the clan.


Sergeants are the newly selected diligent members. They will be expected to keep their clan leader added on Facebook. This enables them to pm the leader about the possible problems that occur away from his presence within the clan. Sergeant Rank in 72 is comparable to Captain Rank in ordinary Runescape clans. Sergeant+ in 72 are generally required to host at least one event every three weeks, be highly active in clan chat, or recruit active members for the clan. Sergeant+ in 72 will be able to take on positions as Recruitment assistant, Facebook and Docs Secretary, and High-level PVM Coordinator.


Achieving the Lieutenant rank is a huge step into becoming part of the main leaders of 72. Becoming a Lieutenant in 72 would take lots of effort, time, and dedication. Lieutenant+ in 72 are members whose existence will always be felt within 72, as they have brought certain eternal changes to the clan, in one way or another. Members who achieve Lieutenant+ will not be able to lose their rank within 72, unless they are demoted in certain rare cases. Lieutenant+ in 72 are generally active in either hosting events, recruitment, clan chat, or organizing Facebook and other key departments of 72 clan. All Lieutenant+ of 72 clan have the right to take on constructive positions as Impromptu Event Organizer, Warbands Coordinator, Competition Organizer and Recruitment Coordinator, within the 72 Clan Staff Organization.


Captains tend to take more responsibilities and dedication into organizing events, assisting guests and members in clan chat, and overseeing the current staff, in comparison to Lieutenants of the clan. Captain+ have the capability to oversee and replace almost all Event Leaders. They also are given the ability to edit the 72 Clan Calendar; therefore, you will be able to ask them for moving or editing your Official Events on Google Calendar. Captain+ members are given the opportunity to vote for three of the most sociable Corporal+ members to be given the opportunity to hold avatar for 5 times within 2 weeks. The most beneficial aspect of receiving Captain Rank is the ability to be promoted to Admin for any given time. Captain+ may ask Organizer+ ranks to be temporarily given Admin rank to hold avatar for certain needs. Certainly, as all high ranks, those who take advantage of their power will be instantly demoted. Captain+ members of the clan has the potential to sign up for positions as Calendar Organizer, and Event Coordinator.


Generals in 72 are generally considered the most prestigious members after the Deputy Leaders of the clan (Admin+). Positions as Warlord and Citadel Organizer are available only to General or higher ranked members in 72.


Admins are considered as lower ranked deputies, but maintain their abilities as full leaders of the clan. All Admin+ have the privilege of taking roles as Clan Avatar Warden and Facebook and Docs Coordinator.


Organizer ranks are considered as mid-level Deputy Leaders of 72 Clan. Very few players have ever been able to achieve this rank. Organizer+ members are generally contacted by Captain+ for being temporarily promoted. Organizer+ are also in charge of temporarily promoting the Corporals who are voted out for being outstanding in Clan Chat. Members who have achieved this rank may apply for every single position available to Staff Members, including Staff Coordinator position.


Coordinator, Overseer, and Deputy Owner ranked members are considered as the highest ranked players of 72 Clan. A person who actually achieves any of these ranks in 72 will be considered as the highest ranked member of the clan. These ranks provide nothing but more authority/responsibility in the clan.


Ranking Advantages

As you earn promotion, you'll indeed be gaining more responsibilities. Aside from that, you'll be receiving respect, due to your higher rank, and also certain extra privileges in the clan.

Any person misusing his rank will be demoted instantly.


As a Recruit, you are given the advantages of:

  • Entering the Citadel
  • Training your skills at Citadel
  • Entering the Keep
  • Joining the 72 Clan Staff
  • 72 Clan Channel Group Badge on Teamspeak
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


As a Corporal, you are given all advantages of Recruits plus:

  • Operating the Theatre
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


As a Sergeant, you are given all advantages of Corporals plus:

  • Recruiting players who have been accepted on forum
  • Initiating a battle on the battlefield. (getting +10 summoning and agility boost for effigies)
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak



As a Lieutenant, you are given all advantages of Sergeants plus:

  • Kicking misbehaving guests
  • Having the right to add/modify events on Google Calendar (Appropriate Staff Only) 
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


As a Captain, you are given all the advantages of Lieutenants plus:

  • Starting a Party Meeting at the Citadel
  • Operating the Party Room at the Citadel
  • Broadcasting events using the Clan Interfaces
  • Making edits to clan's Google Docs and Spreadsheets (Appropriate Staff Only) 
  • Receiving temporary admin rank for summoning the avatar during skilling events
  • Joining the Clan Supervisors


As a General, you are given all advantages of Captains plus:

  • Leading clan into Rated Clan Wars
  • Editing the clan battlefield
  • Getting Admin rights on Teamspeak
  • Receiving Specialized icon on Teamspeak
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


As an Admin, you are given all advantages of Generals plus:

  • Kicking anyone below Admin's rank in rare occasions
  • Choosing Guests' abilities in clan
  • Ability to give higher rank to members
  • Getting Server Admin on Teamspeak
  • Getting Admin rank on Facebook
  • Ability to use the Clan Avatar
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


As an Organizer, you are given all advantages of an Admin plus:

  • Kicking anyone below Organizer's rank in rare occasions
  • Set citadel gathering option for clan mates
  • Lock citadel skilling plots
  • Change the clan Admin Broadcast Settings


As a Coordinator, you are given all advantages of an Organizer plus:

  • Kicking anyone in extremely rare occasions
  • Banning anyone from Citadel, Keep, or Island
  • Choosing citadel upgrades for the next build tick
  • Ability to demote or give rank to other members
  • Receiving +1 Channel Group icon on Teamspeak


Prevailing Staff Members

This list is based on the people who have passed trial for joining the Clan Staff with more than 10 Staff Points as the sum of their Trial and Passed trial.

This section remains under construction due to the update in clan staff system.


  • Doomles 72
  • Cla rk
  • Elf Mathews
  • Vojta
  • 72
  • Ebram 72
  • Carlos Dx
  • White of 72
  • Cured 72


Events Concept


"Official or Unofficial Events may be hosted by anyone, regardless of their status or presence in the Clan Staff. Joining Clan Staff only provides members with bonus prestige and monthly valor, not being part of the staff does not stop one from being able to host Events"


General Concept

Our clan events are considered extremely important. Each day that goes by, at least one event has been led within the 72 Clan. The event leaders are required to have an outstanding consistency, determination, and patience in order to be part of the clan's leaders and staff. Overall, events are considered as one of the most important segments of the clan.

Within the clan we have official and unofficial events. Official events are events that happen with a trend (once weekly, twice weekly, etc), while unofficial events have no specific trends and can be led by any clan member, at any time. An event may only be considered as Offiical only if it has a trend, or if it is being completed as part of Supplementary Operations in Clan Staff.

To become a part of the 72 staff (events or otherwise), apply here.


PVM Events

As PVM are considered to be one of the most popular kind of events, certain factors are to be noted to all clan members regarding these entertaining yet sometimes controversial events. The 72 clan members are essentially forbidden to crash other teams while PVMing since they represent the clan, and we as a clan aim to improve the community. Hence, we do not want people who enjoy crashing others representing us. During clan events, official or unofficial, event leaders are not allowed to crash other teams, however, peaceful resolution and agreement with the other PVM parties is totally acceptable.

In order to enhance the concept of fair gameplay and equal loot distribution, 72 clan members should always be cautious about their LSP (Lootshare Points) and be sure to have low LSP before attending events. Basic ruling on high lootshare points is that depending on the attendees and leaders, we may allow people with high lsp to stay, but only if 70% or more of attendees want them to stay. Minor Staff's opinion is considered as +5%, Major Staff and event leader's is taken as +10%. For example, if Ebram 72 has high lsp and there are total of 11 attendees including him, one event leader, one major staff and one minor staff, if seven people want him to stay he can stay. If six people including a major staff want him to stay, he can stay. If six people, including two minor staff members wanted, he can stay. We can judge a person's LSP by either having them admit, or noticing that every single drop for four kills went to them, or a significant share in all valuable drops in six kills. If a person misses a huge split for turning off lootshare, all attendees are required to give him an equal share.

Anti-crashing is a commonly disputed concept in our PVM events. It is highly encouraged between all clan members, and awarded with an attendance permit in addition to two Prestige points, for your short but valuable service. The attendance permit will award you from one to seven Prestige points, depending on the event that you attend. Clan leaders are always highly encouraged not to call for anti-crash, and to try their best to form a peaceful resolution. If in distress, the leaders must remember to call for anticrash, put down current attendance, note the newcomers, and award them with anticrash recognition. Members who get there later than required will not be awarded any points, so before calling anti-crash, leaders must organize the numbers and be sure to get confirmation from those who are coming to help.


Unofficial Events

As already mentioned, all clan members are able to host events unofficially within the clan. Although the are usually less organized than official events, there are some guidelines that can be followed in order to achieve better attendance and integrity for these events, such as:

  1. Regularly advertising your event within at least 2 hours prior to the event's starting time.
  2. Having decent knowledge in the activity your event will be based on, so you can handle possible problems and help attendees during the event.
  3. Using teamspeak, if possible, in order to improve the community and make the event more entertaining.
  4. Carefully taking attendance (Screenshot), so as not to miss anyone, and to only add those who attended the event for more than 60% of its duration.

The attendees and leader of an unofficial event are able to get Prestige Points only if the 5 or more people attended the event, including the leader. If the leader is a Staff Member, the minimal amount of people is reduced to 4. If the event lasts less than 60 minutes, it will not be considered as an unofficial event.

If you manage to host an unofficial event, following all guidelines above, definitely consider becoming a part of the Clan Staff!



Special Events

Certain events, such as learner events and Inter-clan events, provide leaders a higher level of difficulty when it comes to hosting. That is why these events have a mandatory requirement for Teamspeak and early preparation. The top two members of the clan to have attended and led these events each year will be eligible for 1 diligence!



Avatar Wardens

In 72 clan, all members, regardless of their rank, have the possibility of taking on the role of an Avatar Warden through the biweekly merit system. The merit system enables Corporal+, and very rarely Recruits, who are highly social, hospitable, and friendly in clan chat and/or teamspeak to be voted for by Captain+ (and Corporal+ with given Staff Points listed below), and given the opportunity to hold an Avatar during a two weeks period. The voted members are required to inform any Organizer+ whenever they want the avatar, and they will be given the permission while they are holding the avatar. The permission will be revoked if the nominee is not holding avatar for 30mins.

Once a member achieves Captain rank in 72, or are a Corporal who has passed 20 Staff Points, a Sergeant with 15SP, or a Lieutenant 10SP,  they are able to hold avatar for any length (unlike the voted people who get 2 weeks period). The aforementioned have to follow the same procedure and contact Organizer+ for the rank, and will also get demoted for not holding avatar for 30mins.

Admin+ reserve the right to hold avatar whenever they want, and may go outside clan homeworld with avatar, if they need it for a special purpose that can't be done in W72, or if there is an Avatar already available on W72.

Due to the temperamental nature of the avatars, the water avatar should always be on w72 or in the citadel, and if an avatar is to be taken off-world, another avatar should be used.

In order to help keeping world 72 under the effect of an avatar, Organizer+ may have any past Avatar Warden hold it in world 72, if there is none out there already. These selected Avatar Wardens will get temporary permission to hold avatar, and they may hold it only in world 72. Past Avatar Wardens should not ask for temporary admin rank to hold avatar in any world other than 72; they also should not ask for temporary admin rank to hold avatar in world 72 if there is no avatar in this world; they may, though, inform Organizers+ that there is no avatar bonus within world 72, leaving with them the responsibility of having someone hold it there.

This system has the potential to affect the incentive people have for ranking up, which is why anyone who is higher rank may request avatar from lower ranks at any time if the pool is empty. Alternatively, the lower ranks can take the avatar to where the higher rank requests if they are not willing to dismiss it for the higher ranks to hold.


So in summary, if you want to hold avatar in 72, you need to meet the following criteria:

Recruit+ => Voted through merit

Corporal => Voted through merit or passed 20 Staff Points

Sergeant => Voted through merit or passed 15 Staff Points

Lieutenant => Voted through merit or passed 10 Staff Points

Captain or General => Able to ask for avatar from Organizer+

Admin or higher => Able to hold avatar at any time

If you think you could possibly be one of the most helpful and active members in Clan Chat and on Teamspeak, with the ability to be online to hold avatar for the clan-members, definitely comment your name on this document.


Skilling Competitions and Daily XP Attainment

In 72 clan, there are 2 types of skilling competitions: Weekly Elected Competitions and Monthly Overall Competitions. The former is held every week and considers the XP gotten in a given skill, determined by a poll on the Facebook group. The latter is held every month and considers the overall XP the competitors got. All members are automatically added to the competitions on their beginnings, which means that you only have to worry about joining them if you were recruited to the clan after the competition's beginning time. More information about our competitions and instructions on how to be added on them are available on this document.

Clan Members are also rewarded for achieving a certain amount of XP in a day. 2 million experience in a day gives 1 Prestige Point, whereas 5 million gives 2 Prestige Points.



Clan Wars and Gear Recommendations

Our clan has weekly Official Clan Wars and Rated Clan Wars events.

To see these pictures in high resolution, Right Click the picture - Open in new tab!

72 Clan Warring1.png

In order to join, you need:

1- Teamspeak (Click here for setup instructions)

2- Similar gear to the ones shown on the right.

3- 90+ Ranged/Mage/Str&Atk and 90+ Def.


Attending Wars has the following Benefits

  •  +5P for attending each war
  •  Increased Diligence chance


Required Event Gears

Rise of the 6 



Helm: Superior Void > Sirenic > Pernix > Death Lotus 

Neck: Reaper Necklace > Amulet of Souls > Farsight Sniper > Saradomin Murmur > Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of Fury

Range Setup - Rot6

Body: Superior Void > Sirenic > Pernix > Death Lotus > Armadyl

Legs: Superior Void > Sirenic > Pernix > Death Lotus > Armadyl

Primary Weapon: Ascension Crossbow / Nox Longbow > Death Lotus Dart

Offhand options: Ascension Crossbow > Death Lotus Dart > Chaotic Crossbow WITH MAINHAND ASCENSION

Shield:  Any

CapeComp > Max > Tokhaar-Kal-Xil > Ava's Alerter > Ava's Accumulator> Skill Cape

Gloves: Superior Void > Swift Gloves > Ascension Grips > Pernix Gloves > Armadyl Culinaromancer's Gloves 10 > Tracking Gloves

Boots: Flarefrost boots > Pernix Boots > Armadyl Boots > Glaiven Boots

Ring: Ring of Death > Asylum Surgeon Ring > Vigour > Onyx(i) > Archer's(i) > Sixth age circuit(i)

Auras: Sharpshooter > Vamp > Knockout > Penance > Reverance

Pocket: Superior Scrimshaw of Ranging > Superior Scrimshaw of Cruelty > Scrimshaw of Ranging > Scrimshaw of Cruelty > Sign of life > Sign of item protection



Head: Tectonic Mask > Virtus Mask > (Superior) Sea Singer's Hood > Seasinger's Hood

Amulet: Amulet of Souls > Reaper Necklace> Dragonrider Amulet > Arcane Stream > Saradomin's hiss > Fury

Magic Setup - Rot6

Ring: Ring of Vigour > Ring of Death > Seers Ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Sixth Age Circuit

Cape: Comp > Max > Kiln Cape > God > Skill

Body: Tectonic Robe Top > Virtus Robe Top > Sea Singer's Robe Top > Subjugation

Legs: Tectonic Robe Bottom > Virtus Robe Bottom > Sea Singer's Robe Bottom > Subjugation

Gloves: Celestial Handwraps > Virtus > Culinaromancer 10 > Static

Boots: Virtus > Ragefire

Mainhand: Noxious Staff > Seismic Wand

Spell: Air surge and above

Off-hand: Seismic Singularity > Virtus Book WITH SEISMIC WAND

Shield: Any

Aura: Runic Accuracy > Vamp > Knockout > Penance > Reverance

Pocket Slot: Superior Scrimshaw of Magic > Superior Scrimshaw of Elements > Attacker's Insignia




Head: Malevolent Helm > Torva Helm > Superior Tetsu Helm > Tetsu Helm

Amulet: Amulet of Souls > Reaper Necklace > Brawler's Knockout Necklace > Saradomin Murmur '> Dragonrider Amulet  '> Fury 

Screenshot 2014-08-05 13.21.11.png

Ring: Ring of Vigour > Ring of Death > Berserker (i) > Onyx (i) > Sixth Age circuit

Cape: Comp Cape > Tokhaar-Kal-Ket > Fire Cape > Skill Cape

Top: Malevolent Cuirass > Torva Platebody > Superior Tetsu Platebody > Tetsu Platebody

Bottom: Malevolent Greaves > Torva Platelegs > Superior Tetsu Platelegs > Tetsu Platelegs

Gloves: Razorback Gauntlets > Deathtouch Bracelet > Torva gloves > Culinaromancer 10 > Pneumatic 

Boots: Torva > Steadfast

Mainhand: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R

Offhand: Drygore

Shield: Any

Aura: Invigorate > Vampyrism > Penance > Reverance

Pocket slot: Superior Scrimshaw of Attack > Attacker's Insignia > Superior Scrimshaw of Vampyrism

Full Superior Void can be substituted for any of the armours here, and is in fact the best option, but you will take more damage.


Vorago Concepts

Two recorded audio guides for Vorago can be found here:

These are to be played before each learner event. Thank you to Div and Litewarior for putting them together. If you have never done Vorago before, please be sure to check a guide before you go. To see a great written guide on Vorago, please click here, phase 3 depends on the week, ask your host for info. Please feel free to do some research outside of the game as well through or youtube. A series of all inclusive guides can be found here. A new dps guide can be found here, this details how to do 4 mans but it is very very informative.


There are 4 roles required to fight Vorago, some are harder then others, but all are extremely necessary as you will need to work together to win the fight. A team typically consists of 6-8 people, 1 base tank, 1 bomb tank and the rest DPSers.The first two roles are that of a tank.


Base Tank

The first tank is referred to as the base tank, his/her job is to absorb the majority of the melee damage so that his team can focus on damage output. Base tanking should not be done without knowledge on the topic. Although it is a more forgiving position, it has many jobs that need to be accomplished for a successful kill. Some of which include, luring for the jumper, organizing and being the first in the voke order, and standing on the north end of the island on the final phase so that his teammates take less damage. The base tank is to use a shield every phase but the final one, as his damage is required to finish the kill. A strategy that can be used by a base tank is to use heal other on his team mates when he uses the defensive ability barricade, this will make for much easier kills. It is highly advised that an experienced player takes this role.


Bomb Tank

The second tank is referred to as the bomb tank. Their job is to stand the furthest away from Vorago, as Vorago normally targets the farthest target with bombs. The bomb tank can either have Sagaies or a Seismic wand, but a shield is REQUIRED for the ENTIRE kill. The bomb tank typically survives off shield abilities such as resonance or reflect, as well as doing as much damage they can muster whilst staying at a comfortable level of health and prayer. Blue bombs can be resonanced and have reducible damage. Red bombs will deal more damage based on however many players they hit, and they can not be blocked with any means other then barricade, as they deactivate defensive abilities. ALL players should stand closer to Vorago then the bomb tank, or else they will be doing the tank's job for them. The use of a Ascension crossbow allows for the casting of heal other much like stated in the base tank's section. It is also important to note that if a team has 11 or more people, 2 bomb tanks will be required. It is highly advised a somewhat experienced player does this role.

  • On a rare occasion he will target a random player with a red bomb, their job is to MOVE AWAY from their allies, or they will kill whomever they hit with it.
  • A detailed guide can be found here.



As a damage dealer, you have two jobs. Kill Vorago, and don't kill anyone else. Damage dealers make up the majority of the team. Typically the one who does the most damage in a phase, will get a drop to show for it, so do as much damage as you possibly can in all phases to maximize profit. Every phase but 3 and 5 can be done with a shield as damage doesn't matter, but it is recommended that you do as much damage as you can while taking into account reflects and the weekly rotation, as you may kill a teammate and lose the kill. Something to note, is that if you are using magic or range: you wont take much - or any damage. You can stand away from the bomb tank and the base tank, and turn on soul split or even use zealots freely. Just be weary of your role in the voke order, random red bombs, and weekly attacks.



The role of a jumper is simple, but it requires a ranged weapon. Your only job is to help lure, and then jump on Vorago in phase one. The second the first phase begins, make a break for the rocks on the west wall. From there you will agility your way to the ledge as the base tank/lurer will line Vorago up for you to attack and provoke it into position. You are to stand 2 spaces north and 2 spaces west of the peak when you attack/provoke Vorago so that when you do, he lines up just right for you to jump. The base tank will then provoke from the south, allowing him to be jumped on. It is best to jump when he is around 30,000 health, as he will regenerate if he is lower. When you jump, drop the maul piece and resume your role as a DPS.

The role of a Mauler can be given to anyone but the bomb tank. Your only job is to take the maul on the final phase, and spam click it when Vorago nears the edge of the island. If you miss a chance to finish the kill, the kill can easily be lost. So try extremely hard to finish it before and when the opportunity arises.




Base Tank

Helm:Tetsu > Malevolent >Torva

Neck: Amulet of Souls>Reaper Necklace>Dragon Rider/Whisper > Fury

Body: Tetsu > Malevolent > Torva

Legs:  Tetsu > Malevolent > Torva

Primary Weapon: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R

Offhand options(For final phase): Drygore Off-H M/L/R

Shield options: Divine Spirit Shield/ Malevolent Kiteshield> Chaotic Kiteshield 

Cape: Comp > Tokhaar-kal-ket > Max Cape > Skill

Gloves: Static > Razorback

Boots: Torva > Steadfast

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Warriors(i)/Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit > Warriors > Berserker

Auras: Invigorate > Vampyrism > Penance > Reverence

Pocket slot: Attacker's Insignia > Scrimshaw of attack WITH 99 DIV > Scrimshaw of vampyrism > Sign of life


  • Base tanking as a mage is also an option, just use the magic equivalents.
  • Teamspeak is Mandatory
  • Experience in the role is HIGHLY recommended
  • Must provoke when told to on teamspeak, The voke order will be determined before the fight begins.
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 95+ Prayer 96+ Herb(can be boosted)
  • Good listening AND calling skills
  • Must bring a shield and offhand drygore for switching when told


Bomb Tank

Helm: Seasingers / Death Lotus

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Arcane Stream > Hiss > Dragon Rider/Murmur > Ranging > Fury

Body: Seasingers / Death Lotus

Legs: Seasingers / Death Lotus

Primary Weapon: Seismic wand > Sagaies > Virtus wand / Ascension

Shield options:  Arcane/Elysian > Merciless / Vengeful

Cape: Comp >Tokhaar Mej/Tokhaar-Kal Xil> Max > God/avas>skillcape

Gloves: Tracking Gloves/Static Gloves

Boots: Glaiven Boots/Ragefire Boots

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Leviathan > Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit/Berserker(i) > Seer's(i) > Berserker > Seer's 

Auras:  Penance > Reverence > Vampirism

Pocket slot: Attacker's Insignia > Sign of life

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Teamspeak is Mandatory
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 95+ Prayer (Unless using zealots) 96+ Herb(can be boosted)
  • Good listening skills
  • If ranging, the lunar spell heal other is very useful.


Melee DPS


Helm: Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Reaper Necklace > Dragon Rider > Fury

Body: Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu

Legs: Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu

Primary Weapon: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R > Noxious Scythe

Offhand options: Drygore Off-H M/L/R

Shield options: Malevolent Kiteshield > Chaotic Kiteshield > Divine Spirit shield

Cape: Comp > Tokhaar-kal-Ket > Max > Skill

Gloves: Razorback > Torva >Pneumatic

Boots: Torva > Steadfast 

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Warriors(i)/Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit > Warriors > Berserker

Auras: Invigorate > Vamp > Penance > Reverence

Pocket slot: Scrimshaw of Attack > Attacker's Insignia > Scrimshaw of Vampirism > Sign of life

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Teamspeak is Mandatory
  • Must provoke when told to on teamspeak, The voke order will be determined before the fight begins.
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 95+ Prayer (Unless using zealots) 96+ Herb(can be boosted)
  • Good listening skills
  • If a player dies as a result of having low requirements, they should leave as soon as they looted their graves, unless told otherwise
  • Must bring a shield and offhand drygore for switching when told


Mage DPS

Helm: Void (With full set) > Tectonic > Virtus  > Subjugation > Seasingers 

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Reaper Necklace > Dragonrider > Fury

Body: Void (With full set) > Tectonic > Virtus  > Subjugation > Seasingers 

Legs: Void (With full set) > Tectonic > Virtus  > Subjugation > Seasingers 

Primary Weapon: Noxious Staff > Seismic wand

Offhand options: Seismic singularity/Virtus Book WITH SEISMIC WAND

Shield options: Merciless Kiteshield > Farseer's Kiteshield > Arcane

Cape: Comp > Tokhaar-kal-mej > God > Max  > Skill

Gloves: Void (With full set) > Spellcaster > Celestial Handwraps > Virtus > Subjugation >  Static Gloves

Boots: Virtus > Subjugation > Ragefire Boots

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit/Berserker(i) > Seer's(i) > Berserker > Seer's 

Auras: Runic Accuracy > Invigorate > Dark Magic > Vamp > Reverence

Pocket slot: Scrimshaw of Magic > Scrimshaw of Elements >  Sign of life

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Teamspeak is Mandatory
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 95+ Prayer (Unless using zealots) 96+ Herb(can be boosted)
  • Good listening skills
  • If a player dies as a result of having low requirements, they should leave as soon as they looted their graves, unless told otherwise
  • Must bring a shield and seismic orb for switching when told


Ranged DPS

Helm: Void (With full set) > Sirenic > Pernix > Armadyl > Death Lotus 

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Reaper Necklace > Dragonrider > Fury

Body: Void (With full set) > Sirenic > Pernix > Armadyl > Death Lotus 

Legs: Void (With full set) > Sirenic > Pernix > Armadyl > Death Lotus 

Primary Weapon: Ascension Crossbow/Noxious Bow > Death Lotus Darts

Offhand options: Ascension Crossbow > Death Lotus Darts > Offhand Chaotic Crossbow (WITH MAINHAND ASCENSION)

Shield options: Vengeful Kiteshield > Eagle-Eye Kiteshield > Elysian Spirit Shield

Cape: Comp > Tokhaar-kal-xil > Ava's  > Max > Skill

Gloves: Void (With full set) > Ascension grips > Deathtouch Bracelet > Pernix > Armadyl Gloves

Boots: Pernix > Armadyl Boots > Glaiven Boots

Ring: Vigour > Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit/Berserker(i) > Archer's(i) > Berserker > Archer's 

Auras: Sharpshooter > Invigorate > Vamp > Reverence

Pocket slot: Scrimshaw of Ranging > Scrimshaw of Cruelty> Attacker's Insignia > Sign of life

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Teamspeak is Mandatory
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 95+ Prayer (Unless using zealots) 96+ Herb(can be boosted)
  • Good listening skills
  • If a player dies as a result of having low requirements, they should leave as soon as they looted their graves, unless told otherwise
  • Must bring a shield and Off-hand Ascension crossbow for switching when told


Vorago FAQ

1. What's best for DPS (Damage per second)? 

In light of recent updates, the order of preferred DPS weapon types is as follows:
  • Noxious Staff > Seismics > Ascension > Drygores - Since the Legacy update, Noxious Staff is stronger than Seismics for pure dps, however it does not allow for a backup bomb or base tank if the need arises.
  • Ascensions now have the ability to use death's swiftness, which increases damage and they also allow for a healer role if one is open to doing it.
  • Drygores while good, put you in the path of every single one of Vorago's auto attacks. Which makes phase 5 much harder, and actually requires the use of food. Drygores should only be used by the base tank or those who can not afford to use anything better.


2. How is Voke order assigned?

A video guide that touches on voke order can be found here.

It is the job of the base tank to assign voke order. On phases 2-5, Vorago will begin stabbing players a total of 5 times, if a player does not use freedom or move far enough away from Vorago, they will be dealt massive damage. The purpose of the voke order is to ensure this does not happen. The base tank must be the first to hit vorago in phase 2, and he will take the first two bleeds by freedoming from the first one, then using escape/surge while the player taking the 3rd and 4th bleeds provokes, the player taking the 5th will also do the same. Shortly after every 5 bleeds, he will use his reflect attack, so get off when you see him not stabbing people if you don't trust yourself to not kill anyone. If you have any comments/questions/additions about this section of wikia, feel free to contact Div in game or in teamspeak.
4. Aura
This video summarizes auras and their place.


Nex GWD 


Helm: Death lotus > Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu > Bandos > Karils > Ganothumb|394px|link=

Neck: Fury

Body: Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu > Bandos

Legs: Malevolent > Torva > Tetsu > Bandos

Primary Weapon: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R

Offhand options: Drygore Off-H M/L/R

Ammo: Royal/Ascension bolts

Cape: Comp > Max > Tokhaar kal > Skill

Gloves: Razorback Gauntlets > Tracking gloves > Torva > Bandos > Gano 

Boots: Glaivens > Torva  > Ragefires > Gano

Ring: Vigour > Warriors(i)/Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit > Warriors > Berserker

Auras: Reverence > Penance > Vamp

Range top + Bottom switch: Sirenic > Pernix > Death lotus > Karils

Range Switch: Ascension Crossbow > Death Lotus Darts > Zaryte Bow > Royal Crossbow

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Range switch is only for minions and may be used for zaros, if using drygores, this can be removed
  • Must not use damage over time abilites on blood (Combust for Mage - Fragment for Ranged)
  • Must attempt your best to free Non tanks from ice prisons
  • Those who are in Ice prison, use your 'freedom' ability then eat up!
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Ranged/Mage/Str/Def/Att 84+ Summ 80+ Prayer (95 recommended) 
  • Teamspeak (Highly recommended)
  • Good listening skills
  • If a player dies as a result of having low requirements, they should leave as soon as they looted their graves, and make sure to leave the fc while looting, unless told otherwise
  • Must not use aggressive familiar (war tortoise, spirit terrorbird etc.), Acceptable familiars include pack pig and pack yak. Unicorns may be used as secondary healing familiars.


Helm: Death lotus coif > Seasinger hood > Pernix cowl > Gano helm

Neck: Zealots (with reg prayers) > Fury > Glory

Body: Tectonic > Virtus > Seasinger > Gano

Legs: Tectonic > Virtus > Seasinger > Gano

mainhand: Siesmic wand > Virtus wand > Chaotic staff > Arma battlestaff > Poly/Sol

offhand: Siesmic singulrity > Virtus book

second mainhand: Ascension > Death lotus darts > Zaryte > Royal > Ccbs

Second offhand: Ascension > Death lotus darts > ccbs

ammo: Ascension > Royal 

Cape: Comp > Max > Skill

Gloves: Tracking > Static > Pernix > Virtus > Gano

Boots: Glaivens > Ragefires > Pernix > Virtus > Gano

Ring: Vigour > 6th age circuit > Tokkul zo > Berkserker

Aura: Vampyrism > Invigorate > Reverance

Pocket slot: Sign of life > Sign of item protection

Range top + bottom: Sirenic > Pernix > Death lotus > Karils


Nex GWD Tank


Helm: Seasingers > Tetsu > Ganno > Karils > Torva

Nex melee tank

'Neck: Fury

Body: Tetsu > Torva > Bandos

Legs: Tetsu > Torva > Bandos

Primary Weapon: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R

Offhand options: Farseers > CKS > Arcane > Spectral

Cape: Comp > Max > Tokhaar kal > Skill

Gloves: Static Gloves > Gano > Torva  

Boots: Ragefires > Torva > Ganno > Bandos

Ring: Vigour > Warriors(i)/Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit > Warriors > Berserker

Auras: Reverence > Penance > Vamp



Helm:  Tectonic > Seasingers > Virtus > Gano 

Nex tank hyrbid

'Neck: Amulet of Souls> Dragonrider Amulet > Fury

Body: Tectonic >Seasingers > Virtus > Gano

Legs: Tectonic > Seasingers > Virtus > Gano

Secondary body: Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva

Secondary legs: Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva

Primary Weapon: Seismic Wand > Virtus Wand

Offhand options: Merciless Kiteshield > Arcane Spirit Shield > Farseer Kiteshield

Secondary weapons: Drygore m/r/l main and offhands 

Cape: Comp > Tokhaar-Kal-Mej >  Max > Skill

Gloves: Static Gloves > Virtus > Gano  

Boots: Ragefires > Virtus > Gano

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Seers(i)/Onyx(i) > Sixth age circuit > Seers > Berserker

Auras: Penance > Penance > Vamp

Note: For Beast of Burden, it should be filled with rocktails with a unicorn pouch and scrolls for when it runs out

  • Must not use damage over time abilites on blood (Combust for Mage - Fragment for Ranged)
  • Must attempt your best to free people from ice prisons
  • Those who are in Ice prison and do not have full a full adrenalin bar, use your 'freedom' ability then eat up!
  • Min Reqs: 92+ Mage/Str/Def/Att 88+ Summ 80+ Prayer (95 recommended) 
  • Teamspeak (Highly recommended)
  • Good listening skills
  • If a player dies as a result of having low requirements, they should leave as soon as they looted their graves, and make sure to leave the fc while looting, unless told otherwise


Kalphite King Attack/Tank

A fun all encompasing guide can be found here.


Helmet: Malevolent >Tetsu > Torva > Bandosthumb|400px|link=

Neck:   Amulet of Souls > Brawler's Knockout > Dragon rider Amulet > Whisper > Fury

Torso: Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva > Bandos

Legs:   Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva > Bandos

Primary Weapon: Drygore rapier > Drygore mace/Long

Offhands: Drygores rapier > Drygore mace/Long

Cape: Comp Cape '> TokHaar-Kal-Ket '> Max Cape > Fire Cape > SkillCape

Gloves: Razorback > Pneumatic > Torva > Goliath > Bandos

Boots: Steadfasts > Torva > Bandos > Gano

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Onyx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Sixth age circuit > Warrior Ring

Auras : Vamp > Penance > Reverence



Helmet: Tetsu > Torva > Akrisae's'thumb|400px|link=

Neck: Fury > Glory

Torso: Tetsu > Akrisae's > Torva > Bandos > Torags/Guthans/Dharoks

Legs:  Tetsu > Akrisae's > Torva > Bandos > Torags/Guthans/Dharoks

Primary Weapon: Drygore rapier > Drygore mace/Long

Offhands: Drygores rapier > Drygore mace/Long

Cape: Comp Cape > Max Cape > Skill Cape > TokHaar-Kal > Fire Cape 

Gloves: Pneumatic > Torva > Goliath > Bandos

Boots: Steadfasts > Torva > Bandos > Gano

Ring: Vigour > Onyx Ring (i) > Sixth age circuit

Auras : Vamp > Penance > Reverence

Secondary/tertiary Weapons - Range : Ascension crossbows > Death Lotus Darts > Zaryte bow > Royal cbow

Secondary/Tertiary Weapons - Mage: Virtus Wand/Book > Chaotic Staff > Armadyl Battlestaff


  • Attackers must turn their Incite off.
  • May use hybrid/tribrid however must use melee as one of the styles
  • Must have Turm and Overloads if you are below 190
  • Must not use aggressive familiar (war tortoise, spirit terrorbird etc.)
  • Void can be used in any role for maximum dps, but you will take more damage than otherwise


Corp (Melee)

Helmet: Void Melee > Torva Helmet > Bandos Helm'thumb|400px|link=

Neck:  Whisper > Fury > Glory

Torso: Void Top > Torva body > Bandos Chestplate > Torag's body

Legs:  Void Bottom > Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Torag's Platelegs

Primary Weapon: Zamorakian spear > Drygores 

Offhands: Drygores > Chaotic rapier > CLS

Shield: Chaotic kiteshield > Divine > Blessed Spirit Shield

Cape: Comp Cape > Max Cape > TokHaar-Kal > Fire Cape > SkillCape

Gloves: Void Gloves > Torva Gloves > Goliath > Gano

Boots: Torva Boots > Ragefire Boots > Gano Boots

Ring: Onyx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring

Auras : Vamp > Penance > Reverence


  • Attackers must turn their Incite off.
  • May use ranged only with almost maxed ranged gear and ruby bolts (e)
  • Must have Turm and Overloads if you are below 190
  • Run 2 steps when core is on you
  • Ovls and Turm are highly recommend.


Corp (Melee Tank)

Helmet: Malevolent > Seasinger > Torva Full Helm > Gano Visor

Corp tank

''Neck: Sara Whisper >  Fury > Glory

Torso: Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva Platebody > Bandos Chestplate > Ganodermic Poncho

Legs: Malevolent > Tetsu > Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Ganodermic Leggings

Primary Weapon: Drygores > Chaotic Rapier > CLS

Shield: Divine > Chaotic kiteshield > Blessed Spirit Shield

Cape: Comp Cape > Max Cape > SkillCape > TokHaar-Kal > Fire Cape

Gloves: Spellcasters > Static > Torva Gloves > Gano

Boots: Ragefire Boots > Torva Boots > Ganodermic Boots

Ring: Vigour > Onyx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring

Auras: Penance > Vamp > Reverence


Armadyl GWD (Ranged)

Helmet: Sirenic > Pernix cowl > Death lotus > Armadyl helmet

Arma gwd

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Farsight Sniper > Dragon Rider > Sara Murmur > Amulet of Ranging > Fury

Torso: Sirenic > Pernix body > Death lotus > Armadyl chestplate > Royal D'hide Body

Legs:  Sirenic > Pernix chaps > Death lotus > Armadyl chainskirt > Royal D'hide Chaps

Bow: Ascension Crossbow > Noxious Bow > Death lotus darts > Chaotic Crossbows > Zaryte Bow > Royal Crossbow

Offhands: Ascension Crossbow > Death Lotus darts > Chaotic Crossbow

Ammunition: Ascension Bolts > Royal Bolts 

Shield:  Vengeful Kiteshield > Eagle-eye kiteshield > Elysian spirit shield > Spectral spirit shield

Cape: Comp cape > Tokhaar-kal-xil > Ava's alerter > Ava's accum > Skillcape > Blue/Red cape

Gloves: Ascension grips > Deathtouch Bracelet > Pernix Gloves > Tracking gloves > Swift Gloves  > Gano 

Boots: Pernix Boots > Glaiven boots > Arma boots > Bandos boots

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Archers' ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Archers' ring > Berserker Ring (i) > 6th Age Circuit

Aura:  Penance > Vampyrism > Sharpshooter > Aegis


Bandos GWD (Melee)

Helmet: Malevolent >Torva Helmet > Bandos Helm > Verac's Helm > Void melee (w/Set)

Bandos Melee

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Brawler's Knockout Necklace > Dragonrider > Sara Whisper >  Fury

Torso: Malevolent > Torva body > Bandos Chestplate > Void Top(w/Set)

Legs: Malevolent > Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Void Bottom (w/Set)

Primary Weapon: Drygore Mace > Drygore L/R > Noxious Scythe > Chaotics 

Offhands: Off-Hand Drygore > Chaotics

Cape: Completionist Cape > 'TokHaar-Kal-Ket > 'Max Cape >  Fire Cape > SkillCape

Gloves: Razorback > Torva > Statics >  Void Gloves

Boots: Steadfast Boots > Torva boots > Gano boots

Ring: Vigour >Onyx ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > Berserker ring (i) > Berserker ring

Aura: Penance > Vampyrism > Aegis


Bandos GWD (Magic)

Helmet: Tectonic > Virtus Mask> Ganodermic Visor > Hood of Subjugation > Ahrim's hood.

Bandos mage

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Dragon Rider >Arcane Stream Necklace > Hiss 

Torso: Tectonic >Virtus top > Gano Poncho > Garb of Subj > Ahrim's top.

Legs: Tectonic > Virtus legs > Gano Leggings > Gown of Subj > Ahrim's legs.

Primary Weapon: Noxious Staff > Seismic Wand > Chaotic Staff > Virtus Wand > Staff of Light

Offhands ( For wands): Seismic Singularity > Virtus Book 

Ammo: Air Surge +.

Cape: Comp Cape >Tokhaar-Kal-Mej > God Cape > Max Cape > Skilling Cape.

Gloves: Celestial Handwraps > Deathtouch Bracelet > Static >Virtus gloves > Gano gloves  

Boots: Ragefire > Virtus boots > Gano boots > Boots of Subj

Ring: Vigour > Seers' Ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Tokkul-Zo > Seers' Ring.

Aura: Penance > Vampyrism > Greater Reverence.


Saradomin GWD (Melee)

Helmet: Malevolent >Torva Helmet > Bandos Helm > Verac's Helm > Void melee (w/Set)

Sara Melee

Neck: Amulet of Souls > Brawler's Knockout > Dragon Rider >  Sara Whisper 

Torso: Malevolent > Torva body > Bandos Chestplate > Torag's body > Void Top(w/Set)

Legs: Malevolent > Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Torag's Platelegs > Void Bottom (w/Set)

Primary Weapon: Drygores > Chaotic claw > Chaotic Maul > CLS > Rapier > Whip

Offhands: Drygores > Chaotic claw > Chaotic longsword > Chaotic rapier

Shield: Malevolent kiteshield > Chaotic kiteshield > Divine > Bandos warshield

Cape: Completionist Cape > Max Cape > TokHaar-Kal > Fire Cape > SkillCape

Gloves: Razorback > Statics > Gano > Void (w/Set)

Boots: Ragefire boots > Gano boots

Ring: Onyx ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > B ring (i) > B ring

Aura: Penance > Vampyrism > Aegis


Saradomin GWD (Magic)

Helmet: Tectonic > Virtus Mask > Gano Visor > Hood of Subj > Ahrim's hood. 

Sara mage

'Neck: Amulet of Souls > Dragon Rider Amulet > Arcane Stream Necklace > Hiss > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory.

Torso: Tectonic > Virtus robe top > Gano Poncho > Garb of Subjugation > Ahrim's robe top.

Legs: Tectonic > Virtus robe legs > Gano Leggings > Gown of Subj >  Ahrim's robe legs.

Primary Weapon: Noxious Staff > Seismic Wand > Chaotic Staff > Virtus Wand > Staff of Light

Offhands (For wands): Seismic Singularity > Virtus Book

Ammo: Air Surge

Cape: Comp Cape > Tokhaar-Kal-Mej > God Cape > Max Cape > Skilling Cape.

Gloves:  Celestial Handwraps > Deathtouch Bracelet > Static > Virtus gloves > Gano gloves > Spellcaster 

Boots: Ragefire > Virtus boots > Gano boots > Boots of Subj.

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Seers' Ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Tokkul-Zo > Seers' Ring.

Aura: Invigorate > Penance > Vampyrism > Greater Reverence.


Zamorak GWD (Melee)

Helmet: Malevolent > Torva Helmet > Seasinger Hood > Bandos Helm  > Void melee (w/Set)

Zamorak melee

'Neck: Amulet of Souls > Dragon Rider Amulet > Sara Whisper >  Fury >  Glory

Torso: Malevolent > Torva body > Bandos Chestplate  > Void Top(w/Set)

Legs: Malevolent > Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets  > Void Bottom (w/Set)

Primary Weapon: Drygores > Chaotic claw > Chaotic Maul > CLS > Rapier > Whip

Offhands: Drygores > Chaotic claw > Chaotic longsword > Chaotic rapier

Shield: Malevolent Kiteshield > Chaotic kiteshield > Divine > Bandos warshield

Cape: Completionist Cape > 'TokHaar-Kal > 'Max Cape >  Fire Cape > SkillCape

Gloves: Razorback > Statics > Gano > Void (w/Set)

Boots: Steadfast boots > Gano boots 

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Onyx ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > B ring (i) > B ring

Aura: Penance > Vampyrism > Aegis


Zamorak GWD (Magic)

Helmet: Tectonic > Virtus Mask > Ganodermic Visor > Hood of Subj > Ahrim's hood.

Zamorak magic

'Neck: Amulet of Souls>Dragon Rider Amulet>Arcane Stream Necklace > Hiss > Fury > Glory.

Torso: Tectonic > Virtus top > Gano Poncho > Garb of Subj > Ahrim's top.

Legs: Tectonic > Virtus legs > Gano Leggings > Gown of Subj > Ahrim's legs.

Primary Weapon: Seismic Wand>Noxious Staff>Virtus Wand>Chaotic Staff

Offhands ( For wands): Seismic Singularity>Virtus Book

Ammo: Fire Surge/ Blood Barrage

Cape: Comp Cape > Tokhaar-Kal-Mej > God Cape > Max Cape > Skilling Cape.

Gloves: Celestial Handwraps > Deathtouch Bracelet > Static > Virtus gloves > Gano gloves > Spellcaster

Boots: Ragefire > Virtus boots > Gano boots > Boots of Subj 

Ring: Vigour > Ring of Death > Seers' Ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Tokkul-Zo > Seers' Ring.

Aura: Penance > Vampyrism > Greater Reverence



Warbands Guide

Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous Distraction & Diversion, composed of heavily guarded storage camps of followers of the different Gods. These camps are founded to gain an advantage for the followers of a particular God once their God returns. They will set up camp in the Wilderness every 7 hours, one time at each of the three locations. Quercus, an ancient seer Ent, will send out adventurers to fight in the camps to balance the followers of the different Gods in Guthix's name. Quercus can be found just outside the Grand Exchange agility shortcut. Warband events are synchronised on each world and can give you up to 300k experience per day depending on your skill level.

Warbands grant experience in a number of skills, depending on which tents are available at the time and which tents you choose to take loot from. You can loot 25 different supplies from one camp (only 3 kind of supplies available in the camp) and if you're lucky, you can loot Wand of treachery. You can trade your supplies for rewards with quercus; the maximum number of supplies you can have is 75 supplies per day. Besides the experience reward, the supplies can also be handed in for 4,000 coins each, totaling 300,000 coins per day if you get all 75 supplies. If a player manages to kill someone with supplies in the Wilderness they can pick them up. The supplies can be given to Quercus for either experience in the skills the supplies belong to or 4000 coins for each item. Since skills like smithing and farming are considered expensive skills to train trading in supplies for XP is by far the most common option especially since the coin value is significantly less than the XP is worth (based on coins per xp in those skills).

Several different rewards may be acquired:

  • Prayer xp for converting the beam.
  • Summoning xp for summoning reinforcements.
  • Slayer xp for participating in killing the camp leader.
  • Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining and/or Smithing supplies. Each camp will have 3 of these 5 possible skills.
  • A Wand of treachery can be acquired once per camp. This does not mean that a wand is guaranteed to be looted.



Warbands happen in 3 locations:

Locations of Warbands Camps

  1. DWF (South of the Dark Warriors' Fortress ) --> Walk. 
  2. ELM ( East of the Lava Maze ) --> Use waka or you can walk from Corporeal Beast cave (games necklace teleport point).
  3. RDI (South of the Red dragon isle) --> Use games necklace, or you can run from waka arrival point.


Minimum Requirements

» Weapon: 70+ melee, 75+ ranged or 70+ magic

» Helm: 60+

» Body: 60+

» Legs: 60+

» Cape: Current Team Cape only

» Gloves: 60+

» Boots: 60+

» Ring: Ring of Wealth with charges

» Amulet: Phoenix necklaces

» Familiar: Beast of Burden - War Tortoise / Pack Yak


Recommended Gear setup

  • Range:
Weapon: Death lotus Darts/Royal Crossbow/Zaryte bow
Helm: Barrows/Dragon helm
Body: Karil's Top/Royal d'hide body
Legs: Karil's Skirt/Royal d'hide chaps
Cape: Ava's Alerter/Skill cape/legends cape Unless team cape is required
Gloves: Ganodermic gloves+
Boots: Ganodermic boots+
Ring: Ring of Wealth (4)
Amulet: Phoenix necklaces
Familiar: Pack Yak/War Tortoise


  •  Mage:
Weapon: Chaotic Staff/Polypore Staff/Staff of Light (ice spells)
Helm: Ganodermic Visor/Barrows/Dragon helm
Body: Ganodermic/Grifolic
Legs: Ganodermic/Grifolic
Cape: God cape/Skill cape
Gloves: Ganodermic gloves+
Boots: Ganodermic boots+
Ring: Ring of Wealth (4)
Amulet: Phoenix necklace
Familiar: Pack Yak/War Tortoise


  • Melee:
Weapon: Chaotic maul/Godsword
Helm: Barrows/Dragon helm
Body: Barrows/Royal
Legs: Barrows/Royal
Cape: Skill cape/legends cape
Gloves: Ganodermic gloves+
Boots: Ganodermic boots+
Ring: Ring of Wealth (4)
Amulet: Phoenix necklaces
Familiar: Pack Yak/War Tortoise



Scouts are extremely helpful and necessary for a warband to be successful. They give up their time and possibly loot in order to allow the looters to have a successful warbands and get their 75/75. Please thank the scouts whenever you can as they have given up their time and loot so you can have the higher amount of experience as possible. Always listen out for scout calls, the scouts will usually repeat themselves so do not ask for location, tents etc. We also have a guide underneath for all first time scouters and those scouts who aren't 100% confident of what to do.

Scout Guide

Okay so you've decided to scout but you're not sure what to do. This guide should take you through the basics and what you should do if it doesn't go smoothly.

  1. Once you have received the world you are scouting for, hop onto the world and go to Edgeville. Once at Edgeville, gear up if you have not already and head to Quercus.
  2. Once at Quercus, you can either head to the Northwest side of GE or stay by the mini-summoning obelisk to keep an eye out for white dots near Quercus. It is imperative you do not give away that you're scouting for an FC, you may chat to anyone there to find out if anyone is planning to do Warbands on that world, but it is not necessary.
  3. Keep vigilant about white dots and if any appear, keep the host, of the friend chat you are using, updated via pm about number of whites and several names of them if needed. If they do not hop by :59 of the hour, tell the host and he may hop to your world depending on how many whites there are.
  4. If the world is relatively clear of whites and the host has not hopped to change worlds, at :00 of the new hour, keep talking to Quercus and choosing the second option, 'Tell me about the current event.' until Quercus tells you a location (Eg. 'I sense a camp South of Dark Warrior's Fortress, East of Lava Maze, or East of Red Dragon Island') and then you should say in the Friends Chat, the world that you're on and the location (Eg. World 60 RDI).
  5. Once you have the location, head to the camp very carefully, still looking out for white dots and place yourself directly opposite of the people fighting in the Warbands camp. This will ensure that you do not attract unwanted attention whilst completing the beam. Keep an eye on the Friends Chat and the host will either say '-Your World- do beam', or '-Your World- wait with beam'. If your world is doing beam, Right Click the beam and click 'Interrupt Beam', it is important you right click in case you misclick and run into the camp. If waiting with beam, secure the location by keeping an eye out on all angles of the camp for white dots.
  6. Once the beam has finished being interrupted, you will get a fair amount of Prayer xp dependent on your level and you should say in the Friends Chat, '-Your World- beam second stage'. Now you finish the second stage by RIGHT CLICKING the beam again and selecting 'Summon Reinforcements'. The second stage of the beam should be faster than the first stage and once it is done, you will get a nice amount of Summoning xp and at that moment, you should say in the Friends Chat, '-Your World and Location- beam complete/success at *time* (whatever time it is in minutes on your computer clock)' Eg. 'W60 RDI beam complete at :04'.
  7. When the reinforcements come in, you must clear the camp of the followers. If you do not know which followers to attack, right click the general and you should attack the followers with the same prefix, Eg. 'Zamorakian', 'Armadylean', 'Bandosian' etc. Do not attack the general of the camp until all the minions are dead, the general will not attack you until you attack him and he can potentially kill you with ease, so wait until all the minions are dead and the reinforcements can help with killing the general. Once the general is dead, you will get a nice amount of Slayer xp dependent on your level and at that moment, the camp should be lootable.
  8. If at any moment, the beam is broken by whites who rush in and alert the followers, you must at all costs tell the host via the FC so he can change the world order, and possibly try to kill the white who broke the beam. If you get killed and lose your items, you must regear and go back to the camp, if you go back to the camp with no gear, you will be killed by the FC because you will be a leech to the FC.


Final Notes

If scouting, try and keep yourself cool and stay focused on the objective. If the beam gets broken, do not blame yourself, it happens all the time and you shouldn't feel bad about it. However, try your best to kill the people who break the beam and try to get people there as quick as possible as the camp only lasts for 5 minutes if the beam gets broken (10 minutes for beam complete). Finally, just have fun, scouting is an enjoyable thing to do and if you enjoy what you do, you will be sure to succeed, just don't panic, keep your cool.

Your BOB familiar carry food, potions and phoenix necklaces (you should have 25 free spaces in your inventory if you are going to loot the supplies).

Always be ready for war and help your Friends Chat to kill all white dotes, but do not chase them and stick together as a team. if u get the wand be aware of wand pkers because you will be without prayers and a player with any combat level can attack you.

If you need help finding a FC for warbands or have any questions, please contact the Staff Members that hold the positions Warbands Assistant or Warbands Coordinator. Contact any Staff Member to know who these assistants/coordinators are.

Last Observations:

  1. Logging out or disconnecting inside the Wilderness will immediately remove all of your loot.
  2. Do not forget to turn protect item prayer on while you are in Wilderness and after hopping between worlds.
  3. If you are killed and lose everything, your attempt will still count as one of the three.
  4. Once the supplies are looted, players are tele-blocked and must walk/run back to Quercus to exchange them for a XP reward associated with the items.
  5. Players cannot be attacked until they are finished looting the camp.
  6. There are no combat level restrictions, if you have supplies in your inventory (after looting or pking) you can be attacked by any combat level.
  7. This is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion. If you die here, you will lose your items! Don't bring anything you don't want to lose, so only bring items you think you can adequately defend.

The 72 Clan's FAQ


1- How did you guys come about calling the clan 72?

Number 72 is totally a symbolic number. It includes the two numbers of 7 and 2. 7 is symbol of luck, wisdom and consciousness, while 2 represents balance, union and partnership. Having a clan name with only two letters will also reduce the possible spam in the clan chat.

Random cool facts about the number itself:

  • The average number of heartbeats per minute for a resting adult is 72.
  • 72 percent of human body is composed of water.
  • The life duration of the ovule is 72 hours.
  • In degrees Fahrenheit, 72 is considered to be room temperature.
  • The axis of the earth moves of one degree every 72 years compared to stars.


2- Can I start my own events?

Yes, you can. We have an unofficial and official events' systems, which allows for staff and non-staff to host events. Official events are very organized, take place on a certain time and day, and led by experts who pass the event leadership trials, while unofficial events are led by anyone who has basic idea of what the event should focus on and are more casual. All events should be fun and interesting to the attendees. If you feel you want to step up your responsibilities and rewards up, you are able to apply to join for 72 Clan Staff. By doing so, you will be recognized as a staff member and gain many bonus previliges, such as moving people on Teamspeak, having your own specialized Teamspeak Icon, getting the right to take clan avatar out, and much more!


3- What is the clan motto? What does it mean?

"Honor for all, hatred for none; power in Integrity, Unity, Felicity and Liberty" is our clan's motto. Honor for all signifies that we show respect and honor for all people regardless of who they are or what they own. We never hate other people. We believe that educating the ignorant will solve many problems; hating makes them worse. Our strength comes from four main pillars. Integrity or honesty between the clan members is a must. Unity makes progress. Liberty and freedom motivates the members to be their best and achieve their maximum. Felicity or happiness, being the most important pillar, is the main reason for our clan's existence. The clan is supposed to enhance the joy one can earn from the game; if it fails to do so, there will be no reason for someone to stay in our clan.


4- How old is our clan?

Our clan was founded by the day of release of Clan Citadels (26 /July /2011). Our clan was initially a 0+ clan which was made mainly for simple fun events, a social community and an active citadel. Later we added PVM and Minigames to our events. Having determined members, the clan grew with time. New systems and constitutions were formed to enable a successful and a flawless future. Many members left and many new ones joined; many hardships and burdens have been endured for us to be where we are now. We are thankful to all our members who were loyal to, and believed, in us. Clan 72 shall never perish :).


5- How do you track the Prestige, Diligence and Valor?

FB Voting

Everything is led through Google Docs and Facebook. That includes announcements, Prestige, voting system, temporary idle list, Diligence, Valor, event attendance, and suggestions. Click on the following hyperlink to be redirected to the Facebook Page.


6- Who made this wikia page?

The events section requires constant update done by our Event Coordinator and our Event leaders. Overall proof-reading and quality assurance has constantly been provided by various staff members and even ordinary clan members, with Elf Mathews providing possibly the most amount of feedback and modifications. Besides that, 'along with Facebook, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Teamspeak, this wikia page has been designed by Ebram 72 for the most part. Many others have been also helpful in the creation whose names can be found on the credits section.'



Ebram 72



Hooded Roar


Elf Mathews

Cla rk

Doomles 72