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September, 2009

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Crossed swords
Crossed swords

Team Falcon


Team Leaders
PsGalaxy91, Srs Falcon
Official Website
Sponsored Topsite
RuneScape Clan Chat
Falcon Chat
X-Fire Clan Chat
Falcon Chat
F2P Combat Requirement
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Team Cape
Cape #46

Team Falcon is an FPS multi-gaming team for Xbox 360. It was formerly a RuneScape clan founded by two brothers, Commader Galaxy (PsGalaxy91) and "General" Srs Falcon, in August of 2007. Since its inception, it has become a one of the most popular clans, and has expanded to include its own topsite; RuneBase. In July 2009, Team Falcon surpassed the clan Zdzira on their own topsite, the Z-100, making Team Falcon the highest-rated clan on all three of the major RuneScape topsites: Z-100[1], and RuneBase[2]. In the same month, Team Falcon was awarded a "Featured Clan" spot on the popular RuneScape help site RuneHQ[3]. In August 2009, Team Falcon entered Zybez's featured clan contest and won one of the featured clan spots. Team Falcon was also awarded the Featured Article spot on RuneScape Clans Wiki for the month of September 2009.

Website Edit

Team Falcon has an advertisement-free website, with many advanced features, including a flash banner, shoutbox, team roster page, and dynamic stat signatures. Additionally, the Team Falcon forums are power by vBulletin and are heavily modified. Any team member can customize their forum profile with a blog, a music playlist, picture albums, and visitor comments. Because of the professional look of the website, Team Falcon was offered a featured-clan spot on the helpsite RuneHQ, as well as Zybez.

Ranking System Edit

Team Falcon Ranking System
Symbol Rank Description
General icon General PsGalaxy91, Srs Falcon, Coronad1
Captain icon Captain Chosen by generals
Lieutenant icon Lieutenant Chosen by captains
Sergeant icon Sergeant Combat lv. 100+
Corporal icon Corporal Combat lv. 95-99
Recruit icon Recruit Combat lv. 80-94
Friend icon Friend Clan Friend/Ally

  • Trial members are not ranked as recruits because of the limited number of usernames allowed on the clan chat's friend list
  • Only Lieutenant+ can kick on the clan chat.


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