Superiore Clan


Founder/Current Leader
Second in Command
January, 2010
Special Uniforms?
Minimum combat
Associate level 3-?
Level requirement?
Al Kharid Palace and Village
January, 2010-July 27th, 2010


December 10th, 2010-March 10th, 2011

Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead


The Superiore Clan looks out for it's members. We take care of each other. Anyone who betrays a clan member will be exiled. In order to join you must be asked by a high-ranking member or recommended by a member.


The Superiore Clan was founded in January 2010 by Supp248. It was made to be like brotherhood. The members would look out for each other and protect each other. Those who betrayed the clan would be swiftly killed. A month or so after it was made, it joined the Zerouhs Triumvirate. A few months later the clan was handed over to Tax248. He is the currently leader of the Superiore Clan. Supp248 was made into an advisor. In less then a year on July 27th, 2010 the clan was deactivated.

On December 10th, 2010, the clan was reactivated. Most of it's members are gone except a few.

The Clan was DISBANDED March 10th, 2011


Capes- Superiore Clan members are required to wear Team 48, 42 Capes, or Obsidian Cape.


The Clan makes money by Mining. It mines all over Misthalin. It also makes and sells weapons from Mining.


This clan follows the god, Zamorak.

Clan RankEdit

Your rank is what position you hold in the clan. Associates are not considered apart of the clan but their allegiance is towards the clan. Associates can abandon the clan whenever they want to but usually doesn't happen. The job of an Associate is whatever a higher up tells them to. They are the erand boys of the clan until they are accepted into the clan. Associates can actually be any level but are generally end whenever the clan leader or second-in-command decides that they're ready to join.

Any rank that is higher than associate have access and can get more involved in the clan.

The Advisor rank is different from the other member ranks. Although the Advisor is still a full member of the clan he is not allowed as many things as any of the other ranks. The main job of an Advisor is to "advise" the Leader of current situations. Which includes advise on financial, relations, and expelling or allowing members in the clan.


  • Associate- PaperPython


  • Member-
  • Squad Leader-
  • Captain-
  • Second in Command- Dutchstar 7
  • Advisor- Supp248
  • Leader- Tax248
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