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Branched from the Aviazer's Rune Guild clan, Stormcrows is a invite only - exclusive clan. Main purpose of this clan is pure enjoyment and knowlegde sharing of runescape amongst a close friends community. Stormcrows offers a different prespective, when it come to odinary clan management and progression. It's a laidback, casual  clan with no ties or obligations, Stormcrows, in a simplstic fashion offers quicker way of communicating with friends, and aquiring knowledge while playing the game.

How do I join?Edit

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Crow members prefer to recurit those who they can get along with, and put - simply enjoy playing the game, and play it on a regular basis. Stormcrowship, although (MOSTlY) invite only. Can be obtain by joining  Aviazer's Friend Chat or "Fc". and simply playing with the members and getting to know them. Stormcrow also offers a raidcall (similar to skype or vent); A  channel in which you can verbally communicate with the members. 

RaidCall channel name: Stormcrows RuneScape

RaidCall channel ID: 8548717

RaidCall Alliance Channel: 8141241 <- we will mostly be in here.

RaidCall channel  (This link will promt you to download RaidCall and will automaticlly link you to our channel.)

RaidCall download


To be accepted into stormcrows there is realisticly no requirments, other then respecting one - another.

Inactive membersEdit

Stormcrows specifically recurit active players, that's not to say everyday you must be logged in. But long absences can cost you membership, unless cause by a player's own life events.


Founders: Aviazer, abyssalsteve, Bonedaddy6, AShinyMudkip


  • Disrespecting members is a major offense.  And if done in a dorogatory mannor, this will resort to immediate membership termination if not resolved.
  • Scamming/Stealing from other members is a major offense, Player will be immediately terminated and publicly shamed on youtube.
  • Other then that have fun there is no rules.


Ranking is left for seasoned members of runescape one year of in - game age and above. Or player must have more or equal to thirteen- Million  total experience accumulated, the eqivalant of one 99 skill on runescape.

Rank is more then just a symbol, it's a placement and a oath of loyalty to you online RuneScape friends and a show of in - game general knowledge. And can only be obtained through spening time online , getting to know your members and the game itself.


Other Links:Edit

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Archmage Aviazer

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Rune guild clan video

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