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Masterjz33(SpiritZ one)Forsaken28 and Masterjz33(SpiritZ two)
January 12th 2005,Closed September 5th 2005,Re-opened April 6th 2006
Clan Chat
Home worlds
P2P: 79, F2P: Unknown
Special uniforms?
Current Leaders
SpZWolf, SpZViolaFury
Team cape?
Yes, Blue.
Level requirement?

SpiritZ is a highly active clan with many members. It is an ideal clan to join with lots of events and powerful members, many ranks to achieve and you will be sure to make new friends! It is curently open to anyone, F2P or P2P.


Ranks of SpiritZ Edit

Description ~ Requirements

Future Applicant ~ Doesn't match the requirements but still participates in Clan events, wars, etc.

Applicant ~ Nearly a member and still participates in events.

Member ~ A basic member. As an Applicant, have 50+ posts on the forum and attend one event.

Elder ~ A loyal member. Be with the clan for 3 months and have 500+ posts.

Event Coordinator ~ Makes events and wars and makes sure that there's at least 1 event every week.

Forum manager ~ They design and maintain the forum.

Council ~ In charge of MOTM. When leaders disagree they cast votes on either side.

Leader ~ Makes important decisions for SpiritZ.

Legend of SpiritZ ~ For members in the Hall of Fame


Check them out : )

[Member list] The list doesnt include Future applicants.This may include members who have left.

10 Reasons to join SpiritZEdit

  • 1. Loads of ranks to achieve
  • 2. Friendly and active members
  • 3. Fun events every week
  • 4. Mature Leaders
  • 5. A abuse free clan chat
  • 6. Clan members respect each other
  • 7. Simple and easy to join
  • 8. Great forum, simple and effective to use
  • 9. Lots of changes (Clan chat ranks, etc)
  • 10. Chat rooms outside of RS (Discord, TS3, Kik, etc), as well as the clan chat.


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