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Welcome to the Official article of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is a Runescape clan in World31 based on the real life Soviet Union that existed in the 1990's.

I am Lenidas 1, leader of the Soviet Union and Generalissimus of the Soviet Army.

There are three groups of people in the Soviet Union. Government, Soldier, and Civilian. All are equally citizens and payed equally.

Here are the main military ranks of the Soviet Army. They are based on actual ranks that existed in the Soviet Union. There are ranks for all three branches of the military. The army(and Marines) guard land territory, the navy guards all sea ports, and the air force guard airways such as gnome gliders.

Generalissimus of the Army
Marshal of the Army Marshal of Aviation

Admiral of the Fleet

of the Soviet Union

General General Admiral of fleet
Colonel General Colonel Admiral
Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
Major General Captain Counter Admiral
Colonel Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Senior Lieutenant
Junior Lieutenant
Warrant Officer
Sergeant Major


Junior Sergeant
Soldier or Private Private of Aviation

Seaman, Sailor

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