Soup is an clan lead by Btard Troll, and Jeezy Troll. It is small, mainly because it just started on Dec 20, 2009. Both me and Jeezy have just came back to runescape, we played a while ago. We will help if possible, but please note this is a clan for trolls, and we will be using another means for communication, it is advised your 18+ or at least mature to join. We are always recruiting anyone and everyone. Trolls are more welcome than anyone else though.  If you wish to sign up, post your name in the discussion page, or message me or Jeezy Troll in game.

The clan is mostly for members only, with exceptions only for btards. If you don't know what it is then you do not qualify don't ask.

A member may participate in any event, while a free-player may only participate in free-player events and members events that are taking place on free-player worlds.

I would like to also make it a point that this is a fun guild. Made for anything. Say you decide we get together and PvP. Cool with me. Want to get on a bunch of pures and go PvP? Cool with me. Want to buy an entire item out of the GE and jack the price up for the lulz? Cool with me. Anything you would like to do is cool with me, and I'm almost always happy to help.

Soup, A HistoryEdit

  • Section under construction, this is more of a thing Jeezy would enjoy writing. Should be up in the next 24 hours.


12/20/2009 Edit

Soup was established on 12/20/2009.

Members Edit

Btard Troll

Jeezy Troll

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