Sniperz is a clan for all Range users in Runescape. It was developed on April 9, 2010, and is soon to be the best Ranging clan in f2p Runescape.


The Sniperz clan uses strict apparel & outfits to easily be recognized by the public. These particular outfits are not required while in combat, but rather during casual activities. The Sniperz outfit consists of Druid Mage Robes (worn out or charged) along with the Amulet of Accuracy, and a Bow of some sort. This unique outfit makes Sniperz members look very elite and intimidating.

The Sniperz clan also requires a strict Haircut, which is a Samurai cut with a medium beard as facail hair. The clan uses hair color as a method of ranking, and new members are required to have Dark Brown. Click Here to learn more about the Sniperz clan, or continue reading.


All members are required to have a Combat level of 50 or above, along with a range level of 35 or above. The cost of the casual outfit averages about 155K from the Grand Exchange. Although Sniperz is an f2p clan, it does allow Runescape members to join. Members are also expected to wear the custom outfit in casual situations. So, in short, follow these steps to join the Sinperz clan:

  • Purchase a Druid Mage Top (0)
  • Purchase a Druid Mage Bottom (0)
  • Get your combat level to 50+, and your range level to 35+. Update: Combat requirements have temporarily been removed to get clan going.
  • Get a Samurai Haircut with a Medium Beard, hair color must be dark brown (optional, but recommended).
  • Join the Clan chat "Mmagikman" and become a member of the official site. Use your Runescape name, not your real name.


The Sniperz clan ranking system is mainly based on your range level. However, the Sniperz also has a Lower Council and a Higher Council, with different positions and authorities in each.

Range Level/Position Rank
35-45 Recruit
46-60 Corporal
60+ Sergeant
Lower Council Lieutenant
Head of Recruitment and Combat Captain
Head Councilors and Head of Events General

The Lower Council contains the following positions:

  • Head of Public Relations
  • Head of Experience
  • Head of Discussion
  • Head of Supplies

All of the Lower Council positions get the rank of Lieutenant. The Higher Council contains the following positions:

  • Head of Combat
  • Head of Recruitment
  • Head of Events
  • Head Councilors

The Head of Recruitment, and the Head of Combat receive the rank of Captain. The Head of Events, and the Head Councilors get the Rank of General. There are three Head Councilors, which makes a total of 6 Higher Council Members and 4 Lower Council Members.


Visit for the official Sniperz clan site. To join Sniperz, Click Here. To apply for a Leadership position, Click Here. Remember, only join if you have 35+ Range and 50+ Combat Level. Have Fun!

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