Sky Foreverr

Sky foreverr's clan

Founder: Sky Foreverr
Founded: july 19th 2010
Home World: World 141
Requirements: None, but there are for ranks


The Clan was founded by Dv The Hero (Sky Foreverr) on July 19th 2010. The clan has fought other 170 battles. and had about 350 different players. and killed over 5000 players!


Officially there is no requirements to join the clan. but to be ranked the requirements are as follows.

General: combat 80+, or 8 things ranked on the Runescape Hiscores, or 1000+ total level.

Captain: Combat 70+, or 6 things ranked on the Runescape Hiscores, or 800+ total level.

Lieutenant: Combat 60+ or 60+ attack or 1 things ranked on the Runescape Hiscores.

Sergeant: Combat 50+ or 700+ total level

Corporal: Combat 30+

Recruit: no requirements

Friend: no requirements

Not in clan channel: no Requirements.

"They be more guidelines then actual rules" sky foreverr

Sky ForeverrEdit

About Sky Foreverr.

Sky Foreverr quote's Edit

"Me? i just luv warsss!" "I, live for warss, and i love warss!" "Warss Foreverr!" "Time 2 Ownn!"

Sky Foreverr InterviewEdit

Q. What is your favorite skill?

A. Attack easily :)

Q. how do you make your clan so big?

A. Secret :D

Q. why did you choose the name Sky Foreverr?

A. because i like ittt and its an epic name

Q. if you couldn't have the name Sky Foreverr, what name would you have?

A. Ash Ascended :P

Q. Who is your best general in you're clan?

A. Top Gun83

Q. What was your favorite clan war?

A. When i owned Eddyq 50-20 :))

Q. What is your favorite weapon?

A. Abyssal whip easilyyyyyyyyy :)


A Few Of Sky Foreverr's clan members

Sky foreverr

Sky Foreverr

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