Skillerz is a RuneScape skilling clan formed around the goal of providing a powerful community for members of many varying levels with much skilling and fun community events, while still holding the traditional clan values. We strive to provide a friendly and mature atmosphere where any type of player can enjoy a community and have lots of fun meeting new people and sharing in many experiences.

Requirements for Skillerz:

F2P - total level of 550, or 15 mil total exp, not including combat skills.* P2P - total level of 1000, or 25 mil total exp, not including combat skills.*

  • We have this because we understand that some people would rather train a few skills instead of all of them.*


Be active on our forums, visiting and posting often. Be active on our In Game Chat as much as possible and in the chat during all events. Attend a few events each month. Follow all Jagex and Clan rules, including event specific rules and Forum Rules. Have fun.

A few examples of the events we have are: -Pyro Events -"Jungle Hunting" -"Empowering the Essence" -Fishing Trawler -Vinesweeper -Blast Furnace -And of course, the Skillerz Classic: Silly Cookie events!

Of course, this is just a taste of the events we have at Skillerz. A general rule for most events, is that the scheduled times are set to accommodate to both the United States Eastern Time (GMT -5) as well as the GMT Timezone, with times set to be convenient for Timezones around the world. However, there are events for other timezones as well, and members are also encouraged to host their own Player Events that work for their own timezone via the player events forum.

At Skillerz, we provide all members with a frequently updated secure IPB 2.3 Forum (On Matt's Server), and no membership fees!

With mature leadership and a large group of older members, Skillerz has a great and friendly environment for all members. We pride ourselves in having a wonderful community atmosphere full of active and helpful members.

Fair and Well-Trained Staff, Senior Staff, and Leaders ranging across many combat levels. A mature and respectful atmosphere without flaming or swearing. Advancement is not available to Active and Loyal clan members. Some members have been active and loyal for over a year, and we refuse to rank them. We will kick you in a heartbeat, so watch it. No events will ever be made mandatory. Members can choose whichever events they desire to participate in (as long as they do attend the required number of events per month).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, or on our Public Forums. A clan member will assist you.

admin[at] (Replace [at] with @)

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