Clan:Runie Gang Edit

Runie gang is a fun gang founded by Roy_monkey2.The Runie gang is only a new clan so it doesnt have many players. It is also a F2P clan.But if a P2P wants to join feel free.

History Edit

While I am training strenght,I saw many people happy about the clan they joined.That gave me the idea to create a clan too,a fun gang.

Requirements Edit

The gang (or clan) has no requirements but we recommend you to have the following so you can have a position.

  1. Must have rune armour or weapons. (optional)
  2. Must have finished Dragon Slayer. (optional)
  3. Must have a fun weapon. (recommended)
  4. Must have a good runescape history (recommended)

If you want to apply, please go to Jolly Boar Inn or Draynor Village Bank at 13:00

Positions Edit


Sgt.: Vacant


       Rakista 49

News & Activities Edit

  1. We will have a money making activity on April 25, 13:00 P.M
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