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Runescape Security Service
Number of Members
Scammers, Powerful Clans, Individuals
Varrock (Free Worlds), Ardougne(Members Worlds

Job Edit

The Runescape Security Service provides the runescape community with a global covert ability to deal with present and future threats. We collect, analyse and assess secret intelligence that is vital in defending the runescape security. Presently our group consists of 25 members (This does not include the informants we run)and are actively recruiting. Set up in mid 2008 with 15 members it did not go on a recruitment drive until late 2008 showing it grown extroadinary to meet the current threats

Secrecy is extremly important to our group. We go to every length to protect our officers, agents and HQ.

Worlds Edit

The Service currently runs on both F2P and P2P. Its F2P HQ is located in Varrock,while its P2P HQ is located in Ardougne.

Dealing with Threats Edit

The Service deals with the threats it faces by collecting and analysing secret Intelligence. This intelligence is provided by informants, directed surveillance in game, monitoring of peoples conversations. It is then put together to get an overall picture of the threat.

The Current Threats includes Scammers, Clans,and Special People of interest.


To deal with the threats we face the Runescape Security Service runs informants networks in every major area. Informants are not part of service but are rewarded for the information they provide (Largest ever given out was 50,000). The RSS also recruits informants in clans to provide intelligence on them.

Recuitment Edit

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