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Crossed swords
Crossed swords

For current information regarding Runescape Militia, check the Clan Database page: Here!

The RuneScape Militia (RSM for short) is an RS clan founded by RS players Dave Aries and Mik Ale on September 25, 2005. The clan was originally no-requirements, one of the first RS clans to do so, but recently set up requirements.

RuneScape Militia
Dave Aries, Mik Ale
September 25, 2005
Clan Chat:
Runescape Militia
72, 114 (members)
Number of members:
40, with 200+ before
Team color:
Blue (Clan Cape)

Current Ranks of RSMEdit

Due to a recent update, ranks of RSM are now based off of the American Military system. Each name is their RS screenname and not their forum name (though some are the same) From highest ranking to lowest

Administrators (The leaders of the clan. Runs the background scene of the forums and have power over all the other members. Elected by Clan.)

Commander in Chief - Oldsmobile

Vice Commander in Chief - Agile Relic

Field Marshall- Attkless

High Command (High Command is the running force for the clan. They decide on the issues in the clan. Elected by the clan.)

Citadel Treasurer - Hp010101

Skill Advisor- Dr C Guy

RSM Members: Current members (1-3 stripes) -

Currently we have over 30+ members from recruits up to private first class

Requirements for joiningEdit

RSM Members: Partake in your weekly duties in the Citadel.

Clan environmentEdit

A large part of the clan is friendly and willing to help other members as long as they are treated as such in return. Some members, typically older members, are often recognized by their first name, further encouraging a friendly environment. There are multiple boards for subjects such as upcoming events, goals on RS, sharing pictures or videos or simply general discussion, along with a password protected board for the High Command. The clan channel is public and players are always welcome to join, and members are free to invite friends into the channel. Members have a tendency to make events on the fly if there is a large number of members online, rather than organizing an event on the forums. NOTE: Most of the boards are restricted from guests and newly registered users. To have full access one has to be accepted into the clan first.

What Runescape Militia does:Edit

Runescape Militia is a Community clan with PvM, PvP and Skilling all thrown in one. We have an extremely wide variety of trips that a lot of members know how to do that include:

  • Gwd's
  • Kbd
  • Dagganoth Kings
  • Castle wars
  • Stealing Creation
  • Clan wars
  • House partys
  • Dungeoneering
  • Group Skilling
  • Skilling Competitions
  • Barbarian Assault

We are also up for anything you suggest.

Tools that Runescape Militia uses:Edit

We currently use teamspeak and skype to communicate with one another outside of runescape.

History of RSMEdit

Founding of a ClanEdit

The RuneScape Militia was founded by veteran RS players Dave Aries and Mik Ale (IRL brothers) on September 25, 2005. After establishing forums and setting themselves as leaders of the clan, they begun to set down rules and regulations, the most notable decision of theirs was to have no requirements to join, one of the first clans to do so. Dave and Mik, along with Alec Seir, Halber64, l3estevr, and WTxHavoc (none of the six continue to play today) were considered the five founding fathers of RSM.

Growth and SuccessEdit

By the end of December 2005, RSM was well on its way to greatness. Having 100+ active members, everything seemed to run without any problems.

Trouble StartsEdit

Conflict soon arises when two new members, hottttt and asteres66, wanted to have the pk leader and war leader positions, both of which were at the time possessed by Hell Rain J. Dave denied their request, and in a fit of rage the two started to flame members of the clan, mostly Rain. Threatening to hack members, they were banned by Dave in a last minute decision and were never heard from again.


With the ban of hottttt and asteres66, RSM continued to prosper. By February 2006, RSM was at its peak, considered the best no-requirements clan on RS. Famous members such as Ajsniper, Gtawh, suiginzalpha, chefdude192, and Gold Maste78 joined during this time. Having 200+ active members and forum, it was in the highest class of clans, but somehow it all went away.

Fall from GreatnessEdit

Everything for RSM changed when Dave left the clan. While Mik had already become a father and couldn't play anymore, Dave had less and less time to play anymore and left without warning or notification. This left Havoc running RSM on his own, a task he could not handle. After being asked to step down by Hell Rain J and Blast Cap, Havoc snapped and banned the two along with anyone else that was for him stepping down (which was a large portion of the clan). Those banned would later form a new clan called Minute Men, sought revenge after RSM. After constant fighting, flaming and even hacking, Havoc soon yielded and gave back RSM to Rain and Blast, while Havoc created a new clan that would become allies with RSM later on.

Beginning of a New EraEdit

Hell Rain J, now known as Jay the Reaper, and Blast Cap were now in control of RSM, promising a new era of greatness. After establishing new leaders like Rangepker172 and Ajsniper, Jay created a heck-like atmosphere in the clan to make it into a dark forum. This period in time is now known as the dark age of RSM.

The Dark AgeEdit

During the dark age, the clan fell from its once great status. No new recruits joined, few trips were held, and the leaders started to feed off of younger members. There were many problems, most with members standing up to Jay, including fellow admin Blast Cap. Trying to show Jay the error of his ways, Blast was banned, only showing that he did not want to leave his position of ruler of RSM. Jay continued to promise power to loyal members, keeping most of the members happy. Alec Seir, however, saw what Jay was planning and plotted against him. Ajsniper saw what Alec was up to and stopped it, making Alec leave the clan. It was RSM's all time low, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel, as Dave Aries returned for a visit.


When Dave returned to the forum, he was still the root admin and Jay was forced to kneel to him. Dave saw immediately what has happened to his clan and sought to fix it right away, taking Jay out of power and giving members such as Suiginzalpha and Gold Maste78 opportunities at High Command. Jay was now desperate to get his dictatorship back, and gathered Ajsniper along with other members in an attempt to get his rank back. Having failed, Jay tried a new plan: a new clan by the name of The Dark Abyss.

The Dark AbyssEdit

Seeing no future for RSM, Jay thought the only way he could lead again is to create a clan of his own. Bringing Ajsniper, Halberd64, and 5 others, he created The Dark Abyss, stripping 8 of RSM's moderating members in the process. Even the return of WTxHavoc coudn't fill in the massive gap in High Command. Those who moved to TDA were considered traitors of RSM, and accused of high treason. After a meeting in RS between TDA and RSM, Suiginzalpha and Jay discussed the problems and why TDA was formed. Eventually a small peace was made between the two clans and TDA's branding as traitors was lifted.

Reaching the LightEdit

After months of darkness, RSM was back again on the top. Recruiting started again, trips were more often, and the clan was lifted from its heck-like atmosphere. The Dark Abyss soon collapsed and the members rejoined RSM, except for Jay, who swore revenge on RSM and wasn't seen for a long time. After several weeks the former members were promoted to High Command again, and everything looked to be ok again.

Hacked but not DeadEdit

On November 4th, 2006, RSM's forums were deleted. This was the second major hack attack of RSMs history (the first being on March 23rd 2006, where over half of all the clans members were deleted) This was expected to be the sworn revenge of Jay and Blast Cap, however the real culprit was a member of RSM at the time. Torn apart, RSM looked finally dead. However, Ajsniper and Mystic thought differently. They created a new forums for the clan, adding to it and making it nice. Slowly, they began getting there old leaders back. With a new forums in hand, RSM looks to be better than ever.

Old FriendsEdit

Everything seemed to run smoothly in RSM afterwards, until WTxHavoc went MIA. High Command put Gold Maste78 to admin status and head of ranks as an old member rejoined: former admin Blast Cap. While Blast was allowed in and set to Private, another familiar foe returned. Jay, now known as Holle Regan, soon rejoined, despite the concern by the admins. Jay eventually started trouble again, and soon requested to be an admin again. It was soon the final straw as Suigzalpha banned Jay.

New ChangesEdit

After Jay's banishment, a large wave of members started resigning, around 10-15 in two weeks. The admins decided that drastic changes had to be made, and that requirements were finally necessary. They added a level 60+ combat requirement, and created a junior clan, for members that do not have the requirement. RSM was about to enter its second Golden Age.

Return of an Enemy, and Trouble RestartsEdit

In mid-February 2007, RSM saw the return of an old enemy, Alec Seir. Under the name Devil Within, he tried to apologize for his past actions. Suiginzalpha was good hearted and thought he should join, but the rest of High Command knew of his hatred for RSM and banned him. Alec came back, this time warning not to be banned again. The admins disregarded this and banned him a second time. Soon afterwards a newcomer Biljo5 joined, with no one expecting what he would do. On the third night he spammed the forums, using ignorant picture, excessive cursing, and racism. Gold Maste banned him, but Biljo5 said he would return, when no one would know even to this day. After the ban Rangepker12, the CIC at the time, stepped down and let suiginzalpha take his spot as head of RSM. Rangepker didn't resign though: as requested by Dave Aries he was trusted in keeping RSM alive, a promise that has been kept to this day. Rangepker created a rank for himself called Top Authority Advisor so he could still monitor RSM and intervene as necessary. With Suiginzalpha as CIC and ajsniper at VCIC, both of which were close friends with Rangepker, the two became the right and left hand men of him as they paved the way to RSM's second Golden Age.

The Second Golden AgeEdit

After the changes, RSM was back on top again. RSM junior was created, along with the first group of Warrant Officers. Recruitment was back up, with at least 2 new members every day. Ideas were coming from all over, and the clan won another war on RS. The Second Golden Age even saw the return of former leader WTxHavoc, even if his return was a short one. While this time did see the sad resignation of Gold Maste and Tank, the clan continued to grow. A new IRC chat channel was created, thanks to Grand King1 and derth_penguin, and RSM Elites was established with a 90 combat requirement by Tartarus and darth_penguin. A new skin was created for the clan thanks to ajsniper, Grand King and ally CelticFan, and the clan continued to grow stronger.

A Sad Goodbye, and A New LeaderEdit

It was long expected, but it still came as a shock to everyone when Suiginzalpha, long-time admin of RSM who led the clan out of the Dark Ages, retired. Suig's departure was a solemn one, and the clan was deeply saddened by his departure. He stayed an admin only for adviser purposes, suig left RSM. So Ajsniper (Jake) went to CIC and the admins then had the challenge of picking a new Admin/Leader. there were many candidates, Including Grand King 1, Originaliser, Boomx021, and others, but in the end the admins chose Grand King to be the next admin of RSM. Grand's first action was to really fix up the forums, and now they look better than ever. Also, Ajsniper started to set up weekly clan meetings where everyone could attend. the first one had a great turnout. RSM was, at this point, a flourishing, strong clan who's strength and power seemed limitless. Ajsniper ran the clan his best and it is turning out good, looked like RSM with a new CIC was going to a new era.

Hacked Yet AgainEdit

On May 29, 2007, a former member known as Muddy9494 hacked Jmikeydarby's account and used the admin cp access to mess up the forums. Ajsniper logged in and saw this, and immediately responded by removing jmikeydarby's account and banning muddy. the hack was bad, although he didn't delete the forums, it would take some time to fix. Also, Grand's, Suiginzalpha's, Racin's, and Jibblejab's accounts had been deleted. they all created new ones later. Ajsniper held a huge meeting in RS to calm everyone down and say the course of action they were taking. Grand King and Ajsniper worked tirelessly on RSM, and they eventually got it back up and running in a few hours. Mad, RSM members started to spam Muddy's clan, the SFC clan. However, Muddy deleted all the RSM members from his clan and turned it offline.

New LeadershipEdit

A few weeks after the hack, another long time member of RSM resigned. Ajsniper resigned from RSM in order to go after a long dream of creating his own clan. Ex-admin Suiginzalpha joined him as a fellow admin of the new clan. So Jmikeydarby1 became the new CIC. Grand King 1 moved up to VCIC and Originaliser became the newest admin at Field Marshall. RSM had 3 new admins to lead them. Things were shaken after the change of command and RSM took a little while to settle into the new style. Ajsniper and Suiginzalpha became VIP (A) which allowed them to have access to the admin panel and still help out the clan. Adam (Originaliser), Joey (Jmikeydarby1), and Marvin (Grand King 1) now lead the clan. What will happen in the future? Only time will tell. Loss of a leader, and a look towards the future as time went on, the clan started to flourish again despite situations with the IRC and other problems. Under the leadership of Joey (Jmikeydarby1), Marvin (Grand King 1), and Adam (Originaliser) the clan, once again, was heading in the right direction. The leaders decided to wipe the jobs clean and start putting in non-leaders in them instead. With the help of Marvin, they set up an application system. They also put in a new job: Strategist to accompany the older jobs. After everything was said and done, our positions were chosen. Darkstorm248 became PK-leader and Krazywolf31 became Vice PK-leader. Thoke and Legendpkerx became Diplomacy CO and XO respectively. However, Legendpkerx left the clan so Blade_Gunman became the XO. Blacksycthe, [Tim], and Kyle (Ajsniper's brother) became the new Strategists. Things were going well until one leader had to leave. Joey, the CIC of RSM, had to resign from the clan. Between issues with other members and real life problems, he couldn't balance another thing in his life. His rank was set to VIP-(A) and was missed greatly by the entire clan. Jibblejab became the newest leader to head RSM. However, despite the loss of a loved CIC, a new one stepped up to the plate. This time, it was Marvin.

A Fresh, New LeaderEdit

With the resignation of Joey, RSM once again turned to a new leader. Marvin Pratt, aka Grand King 1, was the one to take the roll as leader of RSM. However, not much could be done to the clan at the time. Other than the normal issues with inactive people, the clan just seemed perfect. However, Marvin and the other admins came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to add a brand new rank to accompany the Admins of RSM: Adviser. This was to create a distinction between the already made rank VIP (A). The original purpose of VIP (A) was to give the greatest leaders of RSM access to the Admin CP and Admin Chamber in order to help the clan. However, the leaders believed that the former leaders that were there to help more often deserved a more distinct rank. Therefore they created the rank of Adviser. The first two positions were filled instantly by Suiginzalpha and Ajsniper. Also, Shanks was set to VIP (A) after much discussion by the admins. This was to give another High Consul member a chance to make the clan better. The admin that would take Shanks' place was none other than Racin_Rioter. Racin Rioter decided to make the clan a little more fun. He added a Radio that would be DJ'ed by different members each hour. With the help of WestFM, the radio became an instant hit. Other than that nothing major happened during this time period. Little did we know this was just the calm before the storm.

The IRC HackEdit

As the clan grew larger and larger, and new members began to join the IRC, problems began to develop. Users began to flame each other over trivial issues. Eventually it got so bad that the forums were even affected. People began to post arguments from the IRC on the forums, causing MASSIVE flame wars between all the members. All of the Mods of RSM tried to prevent this from happening. There were suggestions of bans, IRC and forums, of members that constantly caused flame wars. Some even called for IRC to be shut down. However, the leaders were opposed to this. Most, if not all of them used the IRC, and they felt that they could handle it. One person that was always in the flame war mix was Khaos007 (or Khaoticdude, or even the infamous Raphidphire, who was an alias of Khaos to confuse us. He went by many names and had many IRC accounts). He caused many flame wars on the IRC. However, some members thought otherwise, including the leader Adam (Originaliser). After Adam witnessed flame war after flame war and nothing was being done about it, Khaos and Adam decided action needed to be taken. On IRC, there is a password that gives any given user complete control over the channel. [Tim] (the owner/operator of RSM's IRC) had given the admins the password to protect the channel. Adam decided that he was going to use it to take control over the channel and eliminate everyone who was or would be against him. He alone was not responsible for the IRC hack. He gave the password to four other people who were in support of him: Uiik, Afferin, Raphidphire(who really was Khaos), and WestFM (who was helping with the recently created RSM Radio). These 4 were the ones mainly responsible for Kbing (Kicking and Banning) most of the members. Unfortunately, [Tim] was at football practice so order was not restored for over an hour. When [Tim] got back to his computer, he noticed that he was KBed from the channel. When he got back on, he soon found out the terrible events that had happened. Immediately he began searching for a way to undo the 4's leadership over the channel. After time and time again of being banned chat by the 4, he finally found a way to KB them. Order was restored in IRC, the bans were removed, and Afferin and Uiik confessed and told the story to [Tim]. Upon logging onto the forums, Adam had resigned from the clan for multiple reasons, as well as Khaos for the same reasons. It had seemed they had been upset with the IRC but neglected to tell anyone else. However, upon consideration, Adam had returned to the IRC, but since Adam was no longer a leader, RSM needed a new one. Marvin quickly chose [Tim] to fill the spot that was left empty by Adam. Despite peace in the IRC, the forums became a hot spot for rants. People began calling out for the IRC's immediate closure since it had caused so many problems for the clan. Things looked grim for RSM, but the worst was yet to come.

A Traitor in the ShadowsEdit

RSM was practically looking at a split over the entire IRC ordeal. People were arguing back and forth on whether the IRC should continue or discontinue. Marvin and Dillon (Racin Rioter) both agreed that the IRC should discontinue, but [Tim] and Ryan (Jibblejab) stood strong by their reasons it should stay open. Even Ajsniper got in on the mix. After [Tim] had posted the reasons why IRC should stay open, Ajsniper immediately came back with reasons why it should be shut down. There was much arguing on each side from [Tim] and Ajsniper, and everyone else. It even went as far as Ajsniper blackmailing [Tim] to stop arguing. [Tim] soon grew tired of arguing about this and decided on a compromise. After some talk, the compromise was set. RSM could no longer have an IRC channel directly connected to the forums. Also, no posts about IRC could be made on the forums. After the compromise was made, Ajsniper decided to resign from the clan. He felt that the entire clan was against him and hated him. Despite efforts to get him back, he left anyways. However, one night, a terrible secret was let out. Kyle (Ajsniper's brother) told [Tim] that Ajsniper had not posted for over a week (before anything with the IRC had occurred). [Tim] learned that Kyle had been using Ajsniper's account for the past week. It was Kyle that had blackmailed [Tim] and had argued so strongly to get rid of IRC. The reason behind all of this: he wanted control over the clan. He wanted to make it better by using a dictatorship. He even threatened to delete the boards and create a new one to make himself look like a hero if [Tim] told anyone what he was planning to do. He blackmailed [Tim] to keep it all a secret or else he would be banned immediately from RSM. Since he had Ajsniper's account, it was very possible. However, to Kyle's surprise, [Tim] decided that he wouldn't keep quiet. He pmed several admins and even found out that Dillon had found out that the real Ajsniper hadn't been on for a week. Initially, Kyle denied that any of this was true, until [Tim] sent the video to Ajsniper. He came onto the forums right away and posted the truth behind all the madness. Kyle quickly admitted he was wrong, seeing his perfect plan crumbling before his eyes. Most of RSM called for his banning, but in the end, Kyle resigned, promising to never come back. New rules for the IRC were established to keep the IRC out of the forums. However, #Rsmclan remained open. The clan was once again moving ahead.

Clan Updates and Clan Controversy Edit

With the clan rebounding from the near fatal IRC issue, new ideas began to flow through. Most of these ideas were coming from by Love King67. However, most of the ideas began to get blown over due to the amount of them. On top of the many ideas that came, we had several wars. These boosted our moral as a clan and clan activity. Things finally started to look better. However, some problems occurred when Marvin decided to make a few changes to give some active/more deserving members a chance to help. Marvin decided that it was time to clear the job list and retire a few inactive mods. Burnouter, Io225, and Bscfan were the three High Consul members that were set to the new rank: VIP(m). Also, Love King67 decided to resign since he felt that the clan never listened to him or had any respect. However, he rejoined the clan within a few days only to resign to fulfill his dream of running his own clan. With the loss of four mods, new warrant officers and High Consul members poured in. Warrant Officer such as Am Tech and Arsenal (The leaders moved the amount of High consul members to 5) became High consul members, and SoS, I Pawn7, and Blade_Gunman became our new warrant officers. The jobs were also cleared to see if anyone more deserving of the job had joined the clan. When the clan saw these updates, there were riots instantly. They became increasingly dangerous when Burnouter discovered he had been demoted. Both sides were calling each other power hungry due to the responses from the clan members. However, the main topic for controversy was the job clearing. No one wanted to re try out for their job since they felt they had deserved it. Eventually Marvin set everyone back to their old job (With the exception of [Tim] so there was an open Strategist Spot). Now things have settled down. We are about to get into another war that sounds very fun, and some very good ideas are coming in (such as a Clan Fundraiser). We even had a surprise visit from Joey (Jmikeydarby1) who, unfortunately, has been grounded indefinitely by his parents. Doyle (Rangepker172) was even able to post for a few days. Things are becoming stable once again amongst the clan members. Fighting seems to have stopped (especially on the IRC), and with our heads held high we look to the bright future that is ahead of RSM.

Changes for the Future!Edit

Grand King 1 decided to leave the clan in pursuit of an even brighter. Jibblejab took control as Commander in Chief. There was a new flow of ideas coming through the admins. They decided to create a fifth admin spot to prevent a tie when making decision. The new admin would be |Sam| (Ipawn7). Now that the admin ranks had been set, there was new space in High Command and Warrant Officer. Gangman04 was chosen for High Command 2 and Originaliser was chosen for High Command 1. Then Trabon, who is one of the new Warrant Officers, started coming up with a plethora of ideas. One of them was to become a no requirement clan again. This was a very controversial idea and really split the clan in half. The admins saw this and stepped in to end the arguments. Now there was a time of reunification. The admins stripped everyones rank (except the top 4/5 admins) and evaluated everyone. Many were given their rank back and people were happy that the admins were doing their job. So with these new changes, will RSM continue to grow?

Another Abyss?Edit

It seemed as though RSM was on another decline. No new members were joining, Inactiveness all around the clan, A maybe with Darkstorm248 leaving RSM. With this RSM is looking dead. The admins decided to go back to the roots as the clan was becoming smaller. So they decided to make the clan no requirements again hoping new members would come. Then they also changed around how many ranks there were. Ranks were simplified greatly and it seemed as though power was shared. In the IRC only admins had op rank and anyone else were to earn their way up the ladder. RSM also reached out to gaming consoles like the PS3 WII XBOX360. Then... a problem arose as Grand king 1 (Marvin Pratt), Raydogg, Love king(Michael), Blazing_Death (Chad), Blynd, Junkster300 all rebelled and made a clan called Clan Prodigy to destroy RSM. After a few days with this clan plotting, Blynd came out and revealed what Prodigy was doing and was immediately was banned from there and came back to RSM. Next to come back to RSM was Blazing_Death who was a Mod for Prodigy at the time. After several attacks from Prodigy, Love king and Junkster3000 left that clan and made their own. As this was said Prodigy died and was whisked away by the wind. Even though one problem was gone, the previous ones stayed intact. There was still inactivity dominating the clan. Then, to the astonishment of the clan, Originaliser resigned from the RSM. With RSM on its last legs will it die? Or will it find the light to help them?

The Desperate Battle for SurvivalEdit

Times are getting worse throughout RSM. The first blow to the progress was the loss of Darkstorm248 (Mark) who left for a more active clan as well as other reasons. Still, some members did come, only to leave putting moral down. The only glimmer of hope was that old members were coming back. This, some hoped, would lead to better ideas because of their cerebral veteran skills. Members started taking responsibility and new recruitment topics were made. This could lead to a brighter future or the collapse of RSM. Only time can tell...

A Problem, A Resignation, and New LeadersEdit

A problem started when Rangepker(Doyle) was set to Advisor, this started a fight that lasted for several days until it ended with some of the members apologizing for the fighting. A couple of weeks later, Jibblejab(Ryan) resigned from his leader position and put in 4 new leaders; Blacksycthe, Gangman 04, Karle, and Trabon(3 from HC and 1 WO). This left only Jon-R in the HC and Pigsrkewl in the HC and WO positions. At that time Thoke also decided that it was his time to leave the clan and focus on studies at the university. Only Lubu and |Sam| are left in leader position from before Jibblejab's resignation(most likely to keep the new leaders in line and give help if needed). Will this cause another abyss or another golden age? I have no idea and neither does anyone else so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Same old, Same OldEdit

The new leaders have established themselves well in the new administration. After the new leaders were put into place, JibbleJab resigned only to join again after two weeks. Many were active as new members came. We were all getting along. Then some controversial topics would arise. It would cause friction between clan members. Eventually it would calm down, but not without leaving RSM in a declining state as before. Some members would resign seeing the inactivity. Then Darkstorm248 came back and became the new War Leader. An argument would break out between Trabon and PigsRkewl who would end up resigning. Seeing as the clan needed some fresh changes the admins decided to take it into their own hands and start getting some work done...

Change and the Hope In ItEdit

After fall of activity bringing the clan into a further abyss, it was time for change. All the admins started talking in their private chambers. They started discussing things from recruitment topics to events. They all knew it was time for something different. Gangman04 started working towards new ideas and had the admins for on them. Tim worked hard along with Joey (Jmikeydarby), who had recently returned, to create a bot to bump RSM's recruitment topics and make sure more activity was sustained. Joey also helped bring some activity through new ideas on the forums and made sure to push the admin to do their jobs. Next it was time for a new home. RSM was on the verge of a new era. Jibblejab had previously found an ipbfree forum for RSM. The admins decided to take advantage of a shorter domain and a new home for fresh ideas with great capabilities. So the change came. The clan made a successful switchover to the new forums and activity came through. New members joined miraculously and more activity came. Through an unofficial survey created by Blacksycthe, the clan found that they had about 13 active members. This was far from the glory that once headed RSM, but it was a new start and a new day. More veteran members came home like burnouter who would also help with the clan using new ideas. Blacksycthe created one more poll to determine whether or not requirements would come back, and the results were a landslide, and him and Tim reinstated requirements shortly after to 80+ Combat or 60+ Combat with an 85+ other skill or 1300 total, and the RSM Elites to 100+ Combat or 70+ Combat with 95+ skill or 1500 total. Most recently, Alex and Io225 have come back to check up on their old friends and new members have come. Hope has come to RSM, let?s see if we can continue and go back to where we once were. More recent rank ideas to help stabilize the lower but steadily increasing member counts are to be discussed. The date everything begins officially is yet to be set, but the leaders felt that this was the right and safe thing to be done for the sake of the clan. The results are to be awaited.

A New System, A New Head, and BacklashEdit

Soon after the requirements were finished. The admins went back to what need to be finished. Jibblejab had presented a new idea for ranks that would make it so that lower ranking members had somewhere to go. The idea was liked by many. Now it was time to implement it. In the new system, iTim would become the clan's new Commander in Chief (CIC) and his Vice would be Blackscythe. Karle had given up on RS with real-life obligations. This meant that the other 2 admins, Gangman04 and Trabon, would be put back into the High Command along with Jon-R. Tim and Blackscythe made some executive decisions on ranks and got rid of a position. Soon, burnouter would leave because of a dislike for the new system, but made sure there was no animosity. Jibblejab would start a debate with ITim with the new ranking system. Jibblejab did not like the way that the rank pictures were not fully color coordinated and that there was something wrong with the mod ratio. Tim did apologize for any mistake that he made. Ajsniper (Jake) came back to check up on his old clan. The clan thought it was nice to see a veteran come back for a little while. There is still a long way to go so let's see what happens.

New Leaders, New Forum, and New SystemEdit

Tim and Noah soon implemented a new system into RSM. This new system along with new ranks was called squads. RSM Knight was the first lieutenant within this group. The sergeants that were under him were Ryan (Jibblejab) and Joey (Jmikeydarby1). Tim and Noah soon decided to implement a new sergeant since it was going so well. The new sergeant they promoted was Eric (Attkless). Ryan, Joey, and Eric all had to lead squads it was a prosperous time. Tim soon stepped down from CiC and his VCiC Noah took his place. Soon after Noah became the CiC something unexpected happened. IPB was shut down, everything was lost so RSM had to start fresh. Within moments of RSM losing its forum Austin (Widdleguy10) provided RSM with a new and improved Forum. RSM Knight had vanished from RSM so Noah decided to demote him and promote a new lieutenant. The clan soon voted on a new lieutenant and they decided it would be Eric (Attkless). Eric had to lead the three squads that were below him. The forums soon became slow and some old friends started to show up again to hang out and see how the clan was going. Then out of the blue Noah announced he was taking a break from the clan in pursuit to comeback a better leader. Months went by and then one day he came back to announce he was resigning. Everyone said their goodbyes to a great CiC and friend. But there is more to this chapter than what just happened. Since Noah resigned the clan needed a new CiC and Ryan was next in line for the position. The clan soon voted on a new VCiC which was Joey. Ryan and Joey made a banner for the clan. They also decided to demote Xxnokrotxx from the HC. The clan was without someone in the HC so the clan soon voted on this manner and voted for Ckellingc. All seemed to be going fine till they suddenly lost interest in RS. They soon placed a Temp Admin to run the clan while the clan decided who would take their place. The Temp Admin was no other than the current CiC now Epoch Ruler. With Epoch the Temp Admin the clan decided to go ahead and host a poll for the CiC and VCiC (as done in the past). The voting lasted for a few weeks and when all the votes were counted the new CiC and VCiC were Epoch and Mark (Radio Crash). With a new leadership they decided to appoint their new HC. It would consist of PvP leader, Community leader, PvM leader, and Skill leader. Frenchie would be promoted to PvP leader, Ckellingc was promoted to Community leader, Dead Throne (David) would be promoted to PvM leader, and Henry (Milanor31) would be promoted to the Skill leader. Only time will tell what the future beholds for the newly life given crew. Hopefully the road ahead is one that does nothing but climb and the top never gets in our sights.

(History is still under construction)

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