THE Royal Guard Of Gielinor
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August 31, 2008
Clan Chat
Home world no.
Team cape colour/number
Minimum combat requirement
level45+, Assassins lvl 60+, Pures Must have their pure skill over level 45

THE Royal Guard Of Gielinor is a clan split into four subclans, all sharing the same clan chat. There is the Regiment. (melee) There is the Air Force. (mage ) There are the Grenadiers. (range) There are the Assasins. (elite)

Each has its own Field marshal, who are equally powerful, and there is The Founder, Zilenserz, who joins the Field Marshals at being the Members of the Marshal council. Zilenserz can generally be seen with the Royal Air force, his favourite of the four sub clans, where he works as joint field-marshal.

If you wish to join,definitely add me (zilenserz) and PM me ingame, and possibly also add the request at my Talk pages, on this wiki, and on the normal runescape wiki.

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