Red World
Clan owner
Founded on
Around February 2011
Current D. Owner
Current Admins
Bulstrode7, Fireboxerty1, Fredhomedog, Scodger3, Zaccuras9
F2P or P2P?
Home world?
World 4 and 25
Official Uniform
Clan Cloak or a Highwaymans cape
Kingdom of Falador, Uragon Pilpiinas, Kingdom of Sparta
Bots, Cheat Engines, cheaters

Red World is an inactive Runescape clan founded by Avsecam. It is a Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Play clan. We are also growing and we really appreciate it if someone would like to join.



Red World was formed shortly after Avsecam wanted to start a new clan. He was still in the clan Uragon Pilipinas when he thought about this. When Red World was founded, it only had 1 member, Avsecam, because 3 of the co-founders left because they got bored of waiting. Avsecam started going from one place to another just to find more members. Finally, he asked someone named Link247 in the Grand Exchange, to join his clan and luckily, Link247 joined. Avsecam quickly ranked him as Deputy Owner for being the first player to join (after the co-founders left). This clan has been over 2 months active.




Main - The Founding of Red World - History

Subs - Grow by 1 - History


10 - Became allies with The Kingdom of Sparta


Main - Became inactive


Red World currently has 27 members. (June 18 '11)Edit

Owner - Avsecam

Deputy Owner(s) - Link247 (2 more slots)

Admin(s) - Bulstrode7, Fireboxterty1, Fredhomedog, Scodger3, Zaccuras9

General(s) - Bichote24 (4 more slots)

Captain(s) - Darkness 2223, Queenginnie1 (3 more slots)

Lieutenant(s) - 50blueberry, Domastin, Ratty593, Sarim Devil3 (1 more slot)

Sergeant(s) - Jraiken, Musik 222003, Failwhale 69, Gotensk4523

Corporal(s) - Agasu Rokas, Bulletthekid, Death Grand, Decwalker67, Jasmine Kiki, Nerd Boy141, XZUMR

Recruit(s) - Epik Purity, Cekirgemah1

How to JoinEdit

Go to World 7, and PM Avsecam, or any Deputy Owner or Admin above.

Rules and WarningsEdit


1. Absolutely NO scamming.

2. Do not attack any allies.

3. NO Cheat Engine.

4. Act mature.


1st - Retelling of rules

2nd - Lowering of ranking to Corporal

3rd - Temporary ban

4th and last - Permanent ban

  • However, if you got lowered on your rank, you still have a chance to get your old rank by not breaking rules for at least 1 day.*


Deputy Owner : The highest rank I can give you. I have 4 more Deputy Owner slots. I can rank you Deputy Owner in many ways like:

  • You are always online
  • You are good at following orders

Admin : You can now recruit players. This may be better than just being a General.

General : You are making your way up the high ranks!

Captain : You are being highly respected by your clanmates.

Lieutenant : You are being a professional at this!

Sergeant : The 3rd ranking. You are a great follower of the Red World.

Corporal : An experienced recruit.

Recruit : Your first ranking as a member of this clan.

Ranking UpEdit

Many players want to rank up in clans, if you are one of them, then these are the steps of our ladder:

  • Following orders
  • Active
  • Always online


  • Red World
  • Kingdom of Falador
  • Kingdom of Sparta
  • Uragon Pilipinas
  • Destabilizer
  • Logs
  • Party Hat!!
  • Halloween mask
  • Lesser Demons
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