Quick Chat Killers
Miss Random99
24 Nov 2009
Whose clan chat?
Miss Random99
Home Worlds
160(m), 161
Special uniforms?
Minimum combat requirement
Team cape?
Level Requirement?
For Whom?
Quick Chat users

The ClanEdit

This clan is for Quick Chat users ONLY. It's unique - I've never even seen any other quick chat only events, let alone clans. There are no requirements, apart from Quick Chat, and it's basically a fun clan.


Once the clan gets some members - it's still pretty new - there may be some quick chat only events. I can only run F2P events, being a free player, but members are free to organise P2P events.

Upcoming events: None


If you want to join, you can either:

Message me in-game (with Quick chat), with the QC messages 'Can I join your clan?' and 'My (highest skill) level is:'.

Another way is to write your RS name and highest skill level under 'Players wishing to join'.

Clan MembersEdit

Members of the clan are listed here. Members are marked with (m).

Miss Random99

Players wishing to joinEdit

Players who are not in the clan, but wish to join, are listed here. Members are marked with (m).

corbioy wishes to join highest level is strength 56

r ei n ie r wishes to join highest level is firemaking 85, but i can't join u. Your name is too long...

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