Pure Army
Leader (could be leader's soon)
Snake 4535
Type of clan
Social, Gaming, Fun
Level 3 - Highest
What You Need?
You Need To Be A Pure
How Many Members? (so far)
0 it has just started
Safe Way only enemies are rats
Stuff we like to do?
We are big fan's of clan wars, like just getting our skills up.
Leader Level?
34, I'm A Noob! But A Pure!
Clan Allies
Tk Council
Areas We Train?
Wherever someone wants to go to!

'The 'Pure Army is a brand new clan, anybody can join. Join today. Clan Owner: Snake 4535. If nobody is online add me and talk to me when I come online. By the way I am not strict, if I ask you to do something and you refuse saying your doing something else I don't mind. The first 3 people that join will get high ranks.

What we like to do?Edit

We like to do lots of stuff, we meet up and go and raise our levels and sometimes do some clan wars.


A Pure is someone who just train's on one skill, sometimes can be two. If a low level is wearing iron armour and is wielding a rune weapon then he is a Attack pure and could also be training Strength. If you are unable to join because you are not a pure you can just create a new account and come online whenever. If you ever need any help just contact a high ranked member and they will quickly help you out.

Application FormEdit

Please copy this form and paste into discussion. Answer the questions and then i will reply as soon as possible

Runescape Username:


Pure Skill:

Enter Wilderness (With Clan, Safe Way)':

Any Additional Information:

Created: Wednesday 10 March 2010Edit

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