• Attendants of the very first recorded drop party by pk 456 Nb
  • pk 456 Nb's drop party
Date Host Event type/Value Members
September 16th 2013 pk 456 Nb 55,248,460 F2P icon
  • C H U G's 700m+ party was
  • so big that
  • 7 screenies were
  • needed to see
  • all that was
  • being dropped.
  • Last photo of the chest.
  • Preparing for the after event!
  • After the party, Divine Magik hosted an hns. Here's one of the gifts
Date Host Event type/Value Members
November 10th 2013 C H U G

Divine Magik

800m+ F2P icon
  • Superwarking dropping 56 items with a total worth of 10m. How awesome of him!
  • Superwarking's second inventory of stuff to drop. As shown on his friend's trade interface
Date Host Event type/Value Members
January 29 2014 Superwarking 10,467,805 F2P icon
  • Werly about to achieve 99 constitution!
  • Superwarlord's screen as he achieves 99 constitution!
  • Congratulations on 99 constitution, baldy! Emote plox
  • Of course. How can we not party?
  • Although we all knew it, it was a surprise party. Thanks Superwarlord!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
April 18th 2014 Superwarlord (Clan leader) 14,289,276 P2P icon
  • Arist0te and C H U G coming together for yet another magnanimous event
  • Thank you very much, C H U G and Arist0te!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
May 10th 2014 C H U G


870,936,877 F2P icon
  • Menuet was quitting, and as a gesture of kindness, he held a drop party event
  • Menuet was a very loyal clanmate and an active member of the clan
  • but mostly, he was a very good friend to us all!
  • Pop Till You Drop will miss you dearly. Good luck with your studies and your with life!
  • The clan celebrating his last event before he departs.
Date Host Event type/Value Members
July 20th 2014 Menuet 420m P2P icon
Date Host Event type/Value Members
  • The clan leader held an event where he would post picture of himself in different locations on Facebook
  • Participants had to go to the same location and take a screenshot of themselves and post it in the comments section
  • First person to post a screenshot of the correct location wins a point
  • The clan leader hid in six different locations
  • The points a single participant earned accumulated through the event. The participant with most points would be the winner.
  • Congratulations to Guinea for being number 1 in this event!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
August 30th 2014 Superwarlord Facebook H&S P2P icon
  • CH U G decided to solely host yet another one of them sweet, massive drop parties!
  • Even though this screenshot shows 227m, there were plenty more h'weens and even a santa that wasnt accounted for. The value of this drop party is significantly underestimated.
  • Regardless of the value, everyone had lots of fun!
  • In addition to the drop party, C H U G also gave away 8 bonds!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
November 11th 2014 C H U G More than 358m F2P icon
  • Iwant90fish aka Normalien was quitting.
  • So he decided to give away most of his bank. Thank you very much Normalien! Hope to see you back soon!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
December 14th 2014 Iwant90fish 200m P2P icon
  • Today is a GREAT day for our clan! Here, Superwarlord, Delano, Jare and Arcanopulse stand in the citadel in its last moments of being in tier 6!
  • It's official! We are now Tier 7!
  • The new T7 vex looks absolutely beautiful! Here are some clannies working on the all new t7 woodcutting plot!
  • Everyone gathers around to start the trivia event!
  • Superwarlord, Delano and Jare's total trivia giveaway!
  • Today was one of the most enjoyable days the clan has ever seen! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this day possible!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
December 21st 2014 Superwarlord, Jare,



Tier 7 party and afterparty

P2P icon
Mass achievement May 16 2015

Clan mass achievement!

Date Host Event type/Value Members
May 16th 2015 -non- Mass achievement P2P icon
  • The entire drop deposit box is filled with Rune sets(lg)
  • Whoever receives the needle can trade it in for the bond
Date Host Event type/Value Members
June 15th 2015 27_Again 46,652,242 F2P icon
  • Baldy (aka Super Super, the clan leader) finally maxed
  • To the party room chest!
  • Clan mass Vorago!
  • Vitali clusterf*ck
Date Host Event type/Value Members
June 28th 2015 Super Super 41,834,503 P2P icon
  • Scarreh getting his last 99
  • Congratulations on maxing, Scarreh!
  • Scarreh with his brand new max cape! He thinks it's time for
  • You guessed it! A drop party!
  • Look at us having fun!
  • Aftermath of the afterparty though.
Date Host Event type/Value Members
July 23rd 2015 Scarreh 12,882,526 P2P icon
  • Srev, an ex clannie and a loyal friend to the clan, achieving that 120 Slayer! Also, Kokas getting 99 Agility!
  • Kokas chasing Skulled
  • Kokas, the last contender remaining against the winning team.
  • The moment of absolute victory.
  • Winners of the competition (Queen Queen, Skulled and Matinator)
  • Attendants that remained until the end of the games
Date Host Event type/Value Members
July 27th 2015 Srev

(Under the supervision of Kokas)

Wilderness team hunger games-10m P2P icon
  • Participants of the mass
  • The clan prepares to clash with the mighty Vorago
  • The kill that got us the singularity (10.7m split) Thanks for it, Kokas!
  • When prompting the host as to why he decided to host this event. dis cool dood does masses for the cool doods in clan
Date Host Event type/Value Members
August 7th 2015 Noman Clan vorago mass

10.7m split per person on a seismic singularity

P2P icon
  • Kokas and Daniielle's maxing broadcasts
  • Daniielle and Kokas wearing their max capes
  • Kokas' accumulated achievements
  • Large number of hunger games participants to celebrate DRGx's main and Kokas maxing!
  • A participating team consisting of Kokas and toleeh after Its Brian has left the games
  • Champions of the game: Noman, GE Clerk and Firereign2 each earning 5m gp
  • Clan clan wars in celebration of Kokas' maxing
Date Host Event type/Value Members
August 8th 2015 Kokas


Hunger games (15m split into 3)

Clan clan wars

P2P icon
  • Jiten Alien (aka Jiji, in full Saradomin) getting his last few xp before achieving 99 Smithing
  • Jiji's perspective once the 99 was achieved
  • Congratulations on getting 99 smithing, Jiji!
  • What better way to celebrate than a nice good ol' drop party?
  • Hiding for the hide and seek event has never been so relaxing
  • Congratulations to skulled, Delano, Noman, Firereign2 and Arcanopulse who respectively achieved the 1st to 5th positions!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
August 10th 2015 Jiten Alien



divided into a drop party and a hide and seek

F2P icon
  • Minnierex's maxing moment
  • Congratulations on 3 99s and maxing!!
  • As a special treat, she (and Minnierexaur) hosted a 25m dp in f2p and another 25m in p2p!
  • The f2p chest, filled to the brim with rune sets and other goodies!
  • The p2p chest, before getting bombarded with rune sets. 180 rune sets in total were dropped that day.
  • Minnierex in her beautifully coloured new max cape!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
August 25th 2015 Minnierex (maxing)

Minnierexaur (hosted the drop parties)


(25m in f2p + 25m in p2p)

F2P icon/P2P icon
  • Raz3r's drop party!
  • Total worth of the stuff Raz3r dropped!
  • Enjoy, clannies!!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
September 5th 2015 Raz3r 10m F2P icon
  • Arcanopulse was quitting temporarily so he threw a party!
  • Many many people attended the party
  • Thanks for the great party Arcano! Come back soon!
Date Host Event type/Value Members
September 20th 2015 Arcanopulse 30m F2P icon
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