We are pop till you drop

Pop Till You Drop

Runescape clan

Clan Owner
Super Super
Citadel Level
Level 7
Home World
World 25
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Pop Till You Drop is a rich clan and is the host of many drop parties at the Falador Party Room. We have over 200 members with about 20-30 online at any given moment. The clan currently has over 32 billion total XP and the current Citadel Level of our clan is 7, achieved on 21 December 2014.


  1. Respect all clan members.
  2. Be helpful if someone wants help.
  3. Do not scam anyone, beg or gamble.
  4. Do not use extremely offensive language towards anything or anyone (we will let you off with the occasional swear word, but if it is constant we may remove you from the clan)
  5. Do not spam the Clan Chat.
  6. Never ask for a rank up unless you believe you are due to one.
  7. Have fun!

About UsEdit

Our Motto: We are a society. We are one. We are Pop Till You Drop. Welcome to the Party!

Keywords: Community, All Skills, Friendly, International, Social, Mixed F2P & P2P, Events, Loyalty, No Profanity, Combat Level Any

Home World: World 25

We are ptyd

Part of the ClanEdit

The Owner of Pop Till You Drop is Super Super. His famous giveaways include the "first to trade" games along with trivias, he has done countless drops for the people of his clan, and he has earned utmost respect by his clan members. Some of the clan's biggest events have been a 200M event by Arist0te and an 800M drop party by C H U G! On the 16th May 2015, the clan held a mass 99 event, which had followed on from a 92M drop party hosted by Jiten Alien and Raz3r to celebrate the day ahead.

Additionally, the clan engages in a number of social media related acitivities, such as a clan closed facebook group, a Teamspeak server and a Skype group chat.

Clan outfitEdit

PTYD Clan outfit

Typical clan outfit of Pop Till You Drop

Pop Till You Drop also has its own Clan Outfit, which may give clan members bonus rewards at events if worn! Additionally, owning the clan outfit shows loyalty towards the clan, which will instantly rank up any recruit to corporal, or any corporal to sergeant (only if they also achieve fealty 3 or 10m clan xp alongside). The outfit comprises of:

Head: Replica metal plate armour[1]

Body: Replica metal plate armour*

Legs: Replica metal plate armour[2]

Gloves: Replica metal plate armour*

Boots: Replica metal plate armour*

Necklace: Empty or hidden

Cape: Clan cloak

Main hand: Clan vexillium

Offhand: Replica metal plate armour*

  1. The Replica metal full helmet, platebody, platelegs, gloves, boots and kiteshield should all be coloured in the golden trimmed black colour
  2. Only the platelegs are part of the clan outfit, the plateskirt version is not considered part of the clan outfit.

Ranking SystemEdit

Sign Rank Requirements
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.00.58) Recruit Not being on the ban list
Corporal icon Corporal 10m clan xp or Fealty 3 or Clan Outfit
Sergeant icon Sergeant 50m clan xp or 10m clan xp + Fealty 3 or 10m clan xp + Clan Outfit
Ss (2014-01-03 at 04.05.03) Lieutenant 100m clan xp
Captain icon Captain 150m clan xp and Fealty 3
General icon General 200m clan xp, Fealty 3 and deemed worthy by other General+ ranks
Admin Ss (2014-01-03 at 03.07.05) Ss (2014-01-03 at 03.07.21)
Admin+ Must have achieved General rank at least once.

Must have been in the clan for a period of longer than 6 months.

Even though we are actively checking for rank-ups, please tell one of the admin+ for a rankup if you think you deserve one.


Owner clan rank Super Super
Deputy owner clan rank Jare Delano Dryfto HC Bald (Super Super's alt)
Overseer clan rank Firereign2 Lebareslep Kokas
Coordinator clan rank Jiten Alien Arcanopulse
Organiser clan rank2 Skulled Admiral of Makeinen
Admin clan rank Jaresy (Jare's alt) Guhi (Delano's alt)
27 27 Skylamon Marcarrian
General clan rank Jax Merser Heelot Custas M oo
Minnierex Goldsix Bearding Peedah
Captain clan rank Luke Dyer1 No Regertz Tommy00james Ycampus 0SM Raz3r


Skill 120s Skill 120s
Agility-icon 1 Attack-icon 7
Constitution-icon 6 Construction-icon 0
Cooking-icon 1 Crafting-icon 0
Defence-icon 12 Divination-icon 0
Dungeoneering-icon 16 Farming-icon 0
Firemaking-icon 4 Fishing-icon 0
Fletching-icon 0 Herblore-icon 2
Hunter-icon 1 Magic-icon 5
Mining-icon 0 Prayer-icon 1
Ranged-icon 5 Runecrafting-icon 0
Slayer-icon 2 Smithing-icon 2
Strength-icon 2 Summoning-icon 4
Thieving-icon 6 Woodcutting-icon 1
Invention-icon 14 Max cape detail 24

Events logEdit

Subpage to the clan's event log can be found here: Pop Till You Drop/Events log

Warning! The previously linked subpage is packed with pictures, which will heavily consume your internet data package if you are using one.

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