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Oath Knights is a Combat/Community/Social clan.


Legend has it that the Oath Knights were formed in the early 5th Age, when 3 warriors banded together to form what would now be the Oath Knights. The Oath Knights continued to grow throughout the years, and still continues to grow, accepting the weak and the strong. Today the clan spans many worlds, throughout many timezones, and continues to assemble players together in a big and friendly environment.

Clan StructureEdit

The CouncilEdit

The Council is the governing body of the clan (The clan government).

The Council votes on matters of the clan, which includes deciding on going into war mode (War with another clan), voting to permanently banning a player, and much more. In a event of a tie vote, a clan member that is a Elite Knight will be chosen to break the tie vote.(Tie votes are very rare)

It contains, a Council Leader(s) and various Council Members, There are currently a total of 4 people on the Council.

Branches Edit

The clan is divided into branches, the main branch is the Combat Branch which most of the members of the clan reside in, branches are further split into squads which clan members may form at their will.

Branches in the Clan:

  • Military Branch
  • Intelligence Branch
  • Finance Branch
  • Diplomacy Branch (Temporary CLOSED, until a diplomat is chosen)


All recruits will have a 1 week probation and will then be promoted)

Channelowner iconOwner: (Gold Key) = The administrative account

Channelowner iconDeputy Owner (Slightly darker gold key) = High Council Members

Channelowner iconAdmin (Bronze Key) = Recruiters (This is given temporary to people who want to recruit) *A status not a rank*

General iconGeneral: (Gold Star) = Lower Council Members

Captain iconCaptain: (Silver Star) = Squad Leader

Lieutenant iconLieutenant: (Bronze Star) = Elite Knight

Sergeant iconSergeant: (3 Stripes) = Knight

Corporal iconCorporal: (2 Stripes) = Knight

Recruit iconRecruit: (1 Stripe) = Soldier

No Rank (Blank) = A Guest

( ^ = The Council is the governing body of the clan.)

Clan InfoEdit

How to JoinEdit

Join Oath Knights! We are always looking for new members!

1st. Contact a clan member.(Or contact the person who placed the clan vexillum)

2nd. Tell them you want to join.

3rd. A recruiter will invite you shortly.

4th. Celebrate! Your now in the clan!


General Rules (They apply to everyone)

  • Obey all Jagex rules.
  • No advertising!
  • No Spamming!
  • Do not leave clan chat unless authorized. (Leaving for events like Clan Wars is fine)
  • Racist, sexist, etc, comments are prohibited on the clan chat.

Admin Rules (They apply to people ranked admin or higher, because they can only break these rules)

  • Changing the clan motif (design on the cloak) is a serious offense, player will be kicked. *Admins and higher*

Clan UniformEdit

Male UniformEdit

This is the clan uniform

It consists of:

  • Colour: Blue Dragonscale
  • Top: Swordarm Sash
  • Bottom (Leggings): Tunic Bottoms and Leggings
Female UniformEdit

It consists of:

  • Colour: Blue Dragonscale
  • Top: Only the Colour is required (Fletcher's straptop is recommeded)
  • Bottom (Leggings): Only the Colour is required

(Currently the only requirement for the female uniform is the colour)

Contacting UsEdit

You can contact us ingame, leave a message on our wikia talk page or email us at

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