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This clan has fallen.

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This Clan Will is now Knight Mare.

Version Listed Current Version
4.0 4.0


This clan was founded January 29th and is still active.

Founded by Excel


New Revolution is an creative clan. No one is hated. There are only a few requirements to enter, however, they are not harsh. You must be combat lvl 60+. Pures are OK just say so but that is the only requirement. The game of RuneScape has too much hatred and bragging, and we want every one to have equal chances.


1. To become a diverse and widely accepted clan.

2. End discrimination in RuneScape.

3. Combine all different types of players into one friendly community.


1. No Spamming.

2. No disrespecting other members.

3. Always welcome new members and guests.

4. No breaking Jagex rules.

5. Maintain a calm and collected attitude.

6. Listen to those in authority over you.


The Head Ranks:Edit

Leader The Excel F2P 90+
Supreme Judge RichRick18 P2P 60+
Head Of Black Ace NobleFrailty F2P 80+
War General Of Attack Rickster9002 P2P 100+
War General Of Defence Snack Wack P2P Not Tracked
Event Planner AL AN AR F2P 80+
Admin of recruiting AL AN AR F2P 80+
F2P Leader *Suspended* F2P Not Tracked
Combat Adviser ImOLd GR3G P2P 90+

The Black Aces:Edit

Black Aces are Extremely trusted clan members or leaders they are marked with the General Rank in normal cc and can sign into a separate part of the clan dedicated to the under goings of New Revolution they are not something to be feared and they are to be highly respected and listened to.

Trusted Clan Members:Edit

They are simply trusted clan members.

Average Clan Members:Edit

Everyone else falls into this catigory.

Clan InfoEdit

Central Clan : New Rev Clan

World Location P2P/F2P Leader
52 Xeal Emperor's POH P2P Xeal Emperor
29 Falador Bar's 2nd Floor F2P K1ng Acid


Xeal EmpireEdit

Xeal Empire Site

Main SiteEdit

New Revolution

Clan RelationsEdit


Xeal Empire


Star Galex



No Current Enemies exsist

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