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So hi everyone, I am here to ask people to join my clan. It is about owning other clans like the ones who think their so cool! lol

About us Edit

The founder of this clan greggyroks11 is a member of kasier blade. he decided to make a clan for fun. he named his clan Mafia Raiderz because its kinda like a brotherhood thing. We just started so don't expect a lot of members.This clan is a Pvp, talk and clan wars, drop party and many more so Join this clan!!! THIS CLAN OWNS VARROCK OF WORLD 107

Time zone Edit

To participate in most activities your timezone can be GMT +0 - GMT +8

How it all started Edit

26 years ago a group of people decided to make a clan.The clan was called The Mafia. They used all kinds of weapons capturing most of runescape.They did all kinds of cruel things like kill many people for money and did illegal things.However, other clans rebelled and eliminated the Mafia. In the present greggyroks11 a decendant of the great godfather 26 years ago, and decided to rebuild the clan. they decided to make it a good clan and never do what their ancestors did. Now Mafia Raiderz is a small clan because it just started so we are accepting members

Clan History Edit

9/11/09:Mafia Raiders is created!!! Greggyroks11 starts asking peeps to join his clan.

9/11/09: Runiteshot is saying bad words to me(greggyroks11) and duels him and wins


9/12/09:Third godfather. he was automatically ranked godfather due to his awesomeness. he also invited us to whitesttorm another godfather! We are making good progress everyone receives 10k from me

Alliance Edit

9/12/09:The general of EE(a clan) told me that our world 14 was there property. So we politely moved our world to world 107. I asked for an alliance and I am stil waiting for a reply 9/13/09: We are now allies


9/17/09: we have defeated B0b vs alien 4 out of the 5 times we fought them. We really own them. Two wars we only had 2 people me and Rexton312(my classmate). Thanks earwax140 for helping us out and vib60 for not even deciding to show up!

Requirments Edit

you have to have a combat level of 40+ or if your range you have to get 40+ range or mage 30+ magic.You should also have a full set of armor

Ranks Edit


Godfathers; Greggyroks11,williamdc3,earwax any other generals

Dons: None,( all captains)

Disciples: None, (all corprals)

Assasins(the one who uses range or mage): none

Spies( look for available clans to fight): none

How to Join Edit

You can join by emailing; or contact me on runescape username: greggyroks11 or leave a comment

Trivia Edit

Mafia raiders was created on 9/11. Is that like a meaning or something?

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