Luminati is an international warring, skilling, and PKing clan founded in April 2011. It is based in both F2P and P2P. The current leaders are Loneytoni79, Q1T, and theseusgreek. 90+ combat and/or 1100+ total levels are required for entry, but exceptions apply. Individuals with ideal stats for PKing may also be accepted. Full requirements can be found by clicking here . Clan events are held several times weekly, making Luminati a very active clan. A wide diversity of events are featured, and they are not limited to warring, skilling, and PKing. Some of the most common events are:

  • Clan Wars (non-rated)
  • Rated Clan Wars
  • Revenant hunting
  • Cockroach Soldier hunting
  • Duel Arena and tournaments
  • Skilling events and competitions

Despite Luminati's size, all its members are close to each other, like a family. Also, unlike other large clans, each and every member of Luminati is important. Even the lowliest recruit has a say in clan happenings and may offer suggestions. Luminati operates purely on a merit-based hierarchy. Ranks can be earned by contributing to the clan. In turn, clanmates with high ranks are given more privileges and power. Since Luminati is a new clan in need of fresh talent and leadership, ranks are very easy to earn. Luminati is currently the only RuneScape clan ranked in the top 4000 in every stat on the Clan Hiscores .

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