Kia Kaha: A PvM Clan.

Kia Kaha translates to "Be Strong" (Maori), and can typically stay strong by recruiting only players with 2000 or more total levels. Kia Kaha promotes maturity, active participation, and overall friendiness.

Kia Kaha was created on July 3, 2011. The clan rules are as follows:

-No swearing or quickchat is allowed in the clan chat.

-Do not host trust games.

-Clan members must not act disruptive in any way, Kia Kaha should be represented in a positive manner.

-Clan members must be supportive of one another. This means no charging for effigy assists or dungeoneering floors for clanmates, refraining from "one-upping" clanmates, and helping them celebrate their accomplishments.

-Maintain a cheerful and mature environment.

Kia Kaha maintains a tier 7 citadel. It was the second clan to upgrade its citadel to tier 7, surpassed only by Mining Golds. All members that max at least 1 week at the citadel receive the rank of gold star. With the exception of the administrators, new members who have not yet contributed to the citadel, and the clan owners, Kia Kaha is primarily egalitarian.

Kia Kaha is typically at 500 members, making it a somewhat difficult clan to join.