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This clan has fallen.

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Recent NewsEdit

  • KB Website is currently down.
  • TBH has merged with KB


KB vs TBHEdit

On May, 10, 2010, KB had a friendly war with TBH. KB won 3-0. TBH are now allies with KB

The TBH MergeEdit

On May, 11, 2010, KB offered TBH a merge. Chaos Al, the leader accepted, and now TBH is under the KB Flag.

KB Resigns from War.Edit

Zerostrikr cancels the war with The United Federation of Knights.


  1. No Spamming the CC
    Green dragon

    We are KB

  2. No Flamming the CC
  3. Cussing is allowed to a limit
  4. Do not disobey an order from a commanding officer (Captain+ is a commanding officer)

How to JoinEdit

  1. Entering the clan chat (Kaiser Chat5)
  2. Contacting the leader on the wiki.
  3. Contacing the leader on the website


  1. Must be 60+ Combat
  2. Must be able to handle yourself under pressure (While being flamed, cussed out, etc)
  3. Understand the basics of the game.
  4. Skillers aren't allowed.

Application SetupEdit

Your Application should look like:

Combat Level

Best Combat Stat

Best Stat (Combat or Skill)

Why you want to join.

Ranking SystemEdit

The Leading PowersEdit

The Leading Powers (Generals) consist of 6 people. 2 Overlord Generals, 2 F2P Generals, and 2 P2P Generals. The Overlords basically run the whole clan, while the P2P and F2P Generals run their specific branch. Must be 90+ Combat to obtain. Can only be obtained if all the Captains approve your worthy for the position,

The CouncilEdit

The Council (Captains) consist of 5 people. All of them are basically sub-leaders, who just help out whenever a Leading Power isn't there. Must be 80+ Combat to obtain. Can only be obtained if an Overlord and another General approves your application

Foot Soldiers (First Class)Edit

The First Class Foot Soldiers (Lieutenants) are the elite or best approved people in the clan. Must be 70+ Combat. Can only be obtained if an Overlord approves your application.

Foot SoldiersEdit

The Foot Soldiers (Private, Corporal, and Sergeant) are the newcomers, or regular people in the clan. Must be 60+ Combat, Can only be obtained if an Overlord approves your application.

Symbol Rank
General icon General
Captain icon Captain
Lieutenant icon Lieutenant
Sergeant icon Sergeant
Corporal icon Corporal
Recruit icon Recruit
Smiley Smiley


Army of Saradomin

The Black Hand

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