"Solid and Strong. We are the Legion!"

Iron Legion
Steelspliter, Icestorm298
November, 2009
Clan Chat
Home World
Clan Cape
Team-46 Cape
Number of Members
Clan Status
Active and Recruiting
Type of Leadership
Representative Democracy-normally
Heirarchy-combat situations
None. Be active and have things to contribute to the clan to be promoted.

 History Edit


Late November, 2009, two friends, Steelspliter and Icestorm298, started the beginning of a Runescape clan. The next day, the clan was established and the era of the Iron Legion was born. Recruiting started immediately bringing the clan membership to 28 in four days.

This upward trend continued for many days, however, one early member started a rebellion. Many clan members were caught in the conflict and left the clan. After two weeks of disputes, the clan had all but disbanded. With all hope lost, Icestorm298 temporarily left Runescape.


After a few inactive and dormant weeks, Icestorm298 returned to Runescape and decided to rebuild the once thriving Iron Legion. Recruiting once again began. The process was slow, but the clan had gotten back on its feet.

Government and Politics Edit

Representative Democracy Edit

When the clan reaches 30 members, the Iron Legion will become a representative democracy outside of battle. Loyal and trusted members will be selected from all factions of the clan and will become part of the council. If a decision needs to be voted on, the outcome will be determined by a three-fifthes majority vote. If the vote is tied, each council member's vote will be given points based on their clan rank. The same applies to clan trials.


At any given time, a member that has been in the clan for over 2 weeks can apply for a trial. The request is either vetoed or granted by Steelspliter and Icestorm298. If the request is granted, a trial will be scheduled. Any clan member is allowed to come and watch the trial, however, only the council members will be allowed to vote.

Heirarchy Edit

When in battle, the higher ranked members of the clan get priority. Listen to the command of all higher ranks, but the higher the rank, the more priority they get.

War Trials

If a member does not follow the commands of a higher rank in battle, they are subject to a war trial. The outcome of a war trial is decided by a three-fifthes majority vote by the council. If the vote is tied, the result of the war trial will be determined by Steelspliter and Icestorm298.


Clan Wars Record

Wins: 0

Draws: 0

Losses: 0

Allies: None

Enemies: None

Upcoming Events Edit

Cabbage Bombing: Bring as many cabbages as you can and head to the field south of the Grand Exchange on World 38.

Date: December 24, 10:00am EST

Requirements: Bring Cabbages

Christmas Gift Giveaway: Come to the second floor in the Falador Party Room on World 38.

Date: December 27, 12:00am EST

Requirements: Must be logged in to clan chat and need to be a clan member for one week.

Christmas Charity Donation Event: Come to the second floor in the Falador Party Room on World 38.

Date: December 27, 12:00am EST

Requirements: Bring an item to donate, OPTIONAL

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