Immortal Kingdom

Immortal Kingdom founders

Founders (left to right)
 DrPrfPatrick, runenoobi, AnimeKingdom (owner), MasterKush77
Home Worlds
103, 135
Clan cloak
Level requirements
Personality requirements
Must respect other people and not be rude
Falador Park
Allied with

One for all, all for one; we are strong, we are one!

This is a very social clan mainly created for chatting. There are no requirements, because we respect everyone despite their archievements in-game. and you must do the same in order to join. It is allowed to discuss politics and religion, but with a polite tone. Anyone not abiding by this rule will be be muted, or in a very serious case, deranked.

All clan events are hosted on the P2P home world (103), but members of this clan also play on world 135. Clan avents are very relaxed, and no competition should be taken too seriously. No MLG tryhards allowed!

Ranks are given through the xp gained while being in the clan.

  • recruit 0 xp
  • corporal 2m xp
  • sergeant 4m xp
  • liutenant 10m xp
  • captain 15m xp
  • general 25m xp
  • admin 35m xp
  • organiser 50m xp
  • coordinator 75m xp

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