The World is Round

power of Guthix may arise

Faith without deeds is worthless.
~ Magakillsez

Guardians of Guthix, arise, your wings are the supporter of nature.

~ Cowgannenion

Changes can come, as long as we start from ourself.

~ Iconxkillz




Channelowner iconFounders
Cowgannenion, Magakillsez
September, 2008
Join clan by type in Cowgannenion
39(for now only)
Team-16 cape
Number of members
Dictatorship/Oligarchy(no mater what!)
Lv. 40+
Iconxscape (Constructing...)

Iconxkillz, is a new Runescape clan founded by two normal P2P players, Cowgannenion and Magakillsez. It was first founded in the summer of 2008. The clan had die out during October,2008 due real life problem. The clan united once again in December 14, 2008. But dew to some reason, the clan isn't that active. We are still recruiting members. Please contact the player: tgtg88 to join the clan.

Our Believe Edit

Awaiting, Protecting are our clan's believes.

We don't like cheaters, abusers, or banners (people who always get banned!)

As being one of the member of Iconxkillz, believing in Guthix is important (*JK).

We don't allow people who follow the path of Zammorak to join.

Rune platebody (t)

  • JK=Just Kidding.


This is how we name our clan,

  • Icon, come from a PSP game
  • X,randomly selected alphabet
  • killz,Magakillz


Currently, we have members that are active and non-active. Here are some active members:

  • 1. Cowgannenion (owner)
  • 2. Magakillsez (owner)
  • 3. Tgtg88 (General)
  • 4. Pikachu 4100 (Newbie)

And some other non-active members:

  • 1. Killer 3530 (Out!)
  • 2. XRanger12 (Kicked!)

This is a fairly new clan, however, we still have our requirements for any player who wishes to become a battle brother.

  • Combat Lv. at 55+

Of course we can tolerate 54 and 53 , but we are really appreciate those rookies who trains everyday and willing to work hard.

  • Specialized in at least two non-combat skill


Specialized is not mastery. We only require a non-combat skill which is over 50. And of course we can accept 49 or 48 if you are willing to work hard.

  • Unbreakable willpower and unflinching loyalty to the clan.



Runescape equipment armours guthixrunearmour

A Guthix Player

Example Mage

Example for Mage (Members Only)(See Uniform section).


  • Mage-Guthix robe top&bottom or full set, any kind of gauntlets,and shield that really protects you!
  • Warrior-Full Guthix Amour or wear other guthix-related armour.
  • Ranger-Full Guthix Dragonhide or Full Green Dragon Set.


  • Mage-Blue Wizard Set, Combat set, Druidic set or Gold trim
  • Warrior-Full Guthix Amour or armour that we think is guthix-related armour.
  • Ranger-Full Green Dragon Set

Important: Never wear armours, dragonhide, or robe that belongs to zamorak, You will be banned! (Saradomin is OK)

Credits to

  • Magakillsez
  • Cowgannenion


Once you break some rules, you should deserve some punishment. Sometimes, it depends on the situation. Here are some warnings:

  • First time: Warning once!
  • Second time: Warning twice!
  • Third time: Muted one day.
  • Fourth time: Banned two days.

Fifth time: Banned and Muted for five days. Sixth time: Permanent Banned or Kicked out

Be careful!!!

Guthix symbol

Guthix Symbol

Guthix armour

Full Guthix Armour

Green dragon

"Guardians of Guthix, arise, your wings are the supporter of nature."

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