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October 2008

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Come on, you can't give up now! We've had to face 100+ clans before, and even then, we owned them!

~ Peteypirana1 giving pre-game encouragement to Sn0opdog2 before a war

Basic Info[edit | edit source]


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Yamcha DBZ
16, 73, 78
GreenSkulls Clan Cloak, previously https://i.imgur.com/5VjMw9K.png
Number of members
50+ before disbanding

The Greenskulls was a clan owned by Yamcha DBZ (Formerly known as Peteypirana1, and Kikyofire3 before that). The clan was active from 2006, on-and-off until their eventual disbanding in 2015. Though they maintained a respectable size and presence, their attempts at notoriety within the RuneScape community yielded more infamy than accolades. Their original iteration had over 200 members, but the most recent one before disbanding had around 60. During their heyday in 2006-2009, they had clan wars nearly every week. Though PvP was their main focus, assistance with skilling and questing was fairly common as well. Prior to the December 10, 2007 updates, the clan had PKing trips regularly, and would host clan wars in the Wilderness.

The clan's large numbers were largely thanks to their head recruiter, Chiafriend12, a respected ally and friend of Yamcha DBZ who was responsible for much of the clan's recruiting in the post-Wilderness era. Generally speaking, the clan was run very loosely, with flexible rules and plenty of exceptions made along the way. A player's rank within the GreenSkulls was stated to be given based on things like their combat level, experience with the game, or tenure in the clan, but higher ranks were often given out on a whim. One of their most prominent and unique features was their near-universal tolerance of multi-clanning. This style of leadership was largely what contributed to their popularity, as players who were turned off by the stricter, more tightly organized leadership of traditional clans would join GreenSkulls instead.

As of 2015, the clan is no longer active, with no plans for a revival.

Members of the GreenSkulls ready to fight. From left to right: Wizzyguy55, Icesummons79, Herrin100, Peteypirana1, Nairb72, Fr0z3n Jokke, Chiafriend12, circa Summer 2008

History[edit | edit source]

The GreenSkulls went through three distinct "eras" during its existence. The bulk of this page will chronicle each one from beginning to end.

For the sake of convenience, and because usernames were sometimes changed following the September 2009 update, some of the leaders will be referred to by their real first names.

RS Classic : "The BloodSkulls"[edit | edit source]

Note: Due to the difficulty of obtaining records this old, this section should be taken with a grain of salt for the most part. Though a seasoned player with plenty of legitimate accolades, Jason was somewhat infamous for his exaggerated stories at the time, and would outright lie to impress other players on occasion. This section exists mainly to preface the foundation of the clan itself.

In 2001, RuneScape Classic saw its full release. Jason(Moon_Light21), a long-time friend of Nathan(Yamcha DBZ), would often browse the internet for a new MMO game to play, frequently jumping between them when he got bored of one. Being naturally skilled at MMORPGs, he started the game and quickly excelled at it. He eventually started a clan, named "BloodSkulls". Jason, along with friends he'd met online, gathered members, and after awhile had a collection of about 30 people.

When Classic had the feature which allowed players to be able to attack each other anywhere, at any time, this was the main focus of the BloodSkulls. They would attack any and all players, barring their own clanmates. They mainly patrolled Lumbridge and the surrounding roads, though they would organize attacks in more populated spots if the situation called for it. When PKing was changed to "Wilderness-only", they continued the same strategy of ambushing any player in sight. Jason reportedly reached level 123, the highest attainable combat level in Classic. As for the clan, it had reached about 60 members, though many seldom logged in at this point.

Not much else is known about the GreenSkulls' predecessor, but it can be assumed that they died out sometime during the last months of Classic, around 2003.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The GreenSkulls started out very similarly to an allied clan, Da-Chia Clan. It was May of 2006, the end of seventh grade for the group of players that would initially found the GreenSkulls. This was arguably the heyday of RuneScape itself, due to its popularity with middle- and high-schoolers and ease of access on school computers. Nathan(Peteypirana1), Chris(Icesummons79), Jason(Moon_light21), and Cody(Kagomae02), though a bunch of geeks by definition, would often attempt to assert coolness by taking every seat at the only lunch table directly under the building's sunroof. In the middle of their typical RuneScape discussion, Jason thought aloud about why they never had the idea to start a clan. So it was decided. They chose to unite under one of the six colored capes, some of the few available to free players at the time, and worked off of that to choose a name. Nathan had initially suggested yellow, but Chris felt it should've been green, and the color stuck. Jason and Chris formed the name GreenSkulls based on the name of the former's old RSC clan. The name was formatted in several ways - Nathan would write it as "Green Skulls" in the first year - but they eventually settled on writing it in CamelCase, the same way "RuneScape" was.

2006: Making the Clan - The Wilderness Era[edit | edit source]

The same day, after returning home from school, the four immediately began work on officially forming the clan. Gathering PK-ing supplies, producing Green capes (which, at the time, were notably harder to come by, and the only cape usable for free-to-play clan members during the Wilderness era), and most importantly, recruiting. By the end of the day, they had a roster of around 20, including several people from the leaders' friend lists. One of the earliest recruits was Master Lop (Garrett), a RuneScape player they had met at school. He stayed with the clan through all three of its eras until his untimely death in 2015. Another was Riy 457 (Allen), who lived in their city but went to a different school, and was actually the person to introduce Nathan to RuneScape back in 2005.

Though Nathan did create Peteypirana1, the account that would eventually become his main and obtain membership, not too long after this, he primarily ran the clan through his first ever account, Kikyofire3. This account had several sets of Rune armor and weapons, as well as enough fishing and cooking to reliably stock up on Swordfish for PKing, as well as being around 60 combat, fairly high for a free player at the time. This was partially because nearly the entire clan was f2p at the beginning, but also because the leaders felt members PvP was trivialized by Ancient Magicks, with melee users having no place there. Very few players in the clan had membership at this point, one of the few being Kagomae02. One day, while walking to Castle Wars, Peteypirana1 found a Team-39 cape lying on the ground and decided it would be the official clan cape for members, used very commonly until the introduction of actual clan cloaks.

In the earliest days, there was no requirement whatsoever to join the GreenSkulls; the leaders just wanted to see how big they could get the clan to be. Nathan and Jason in particular added members to the clan with little discretion, even taking level 3 players fresh off of Tutorial Island at one point. The players they recruited were often very low-leveled and inexperienced as a result. Some would join the clan and never log in again after the first day or two. This often resulted in poor organization among the newer recruits. The clan had amassed to an impressive 200-plus within just over 2 months, but the presence of inexperienced, seldom-active members made the GreenSkulls not quite the "grand army" that they might have initially appeared to be.

Inactive members were still listed on the clan's roster (which wasn't on any website or official forums, rather documented through ingame friend lists and even written on pieces of paper at times), but were generally ignored when they no longer logged in. Several "mainstays" did, however, become very active within the clan and helped it flourish. One notable member was Plantno1, who often assisted in PKing. No requirement to join was ever officially set (since pures were allowed), but the leaders did eventually slow down and look for more capable recruits rather than just anyone they could find.

Not too long after its formation, a "hideout" of sorts was established by Nathan, on the second floor of the seldom-used anvil building next to Varrock's Rune shop(also a notorious hot-spot for illegal drop-trading at the time, where some traders were even caught in the act). Meetings and other clan "ceremonies" were almost always held here. As something of a tradition, armor for newer clan members was smithed on the anvil on the ground floor. This meeting spot was used for a very long time by veterans of the clan, until the introduction of Citadels.

PK-ing trips were typically planned at around 4:00 PM, about a half-hour after everyone was home from school. Preparations were often made beforehand, with Jason even bringing a printed-out map of the wilderness to school and marking several key areas in pencil during lunch. Since Chris and Jason stayed longer for football practice, Nathan would usually pass the time biking before coming in to make frozen pizza. Typically, he would stay on the very edge of the Wilderness and eat while he watched others fight and wait for the clan to log in. Final preparation was usually done in Edgeville, stocking up on food and strength potion, armoring up, and making any other last-minute adjustments. Despite the "fearless" motif, No GreenSkull ever PK-ed alone, even if this meant only traveling with one other member.

Additionally, Kikyofire3 was given Player Moderator status in the early days of the clan, symbolizing his leadership position even further. This did have its side effects, as the GreenSkulls had disputes with other clans over a supposed "noob" being given P-Mod status, though it was typically all talk, with the offenders unwilling to engage in a proper battle. One clan leader in particular wanted to fight, but refused to let Kikyofire3 use full equipment and would not fight Peteypirana1 or Moon_Light21 at all since they were members with Dragon equipment and Ancients respectively. Others resorted to spamming and bypassing the chat filter, resulting in mutes, which Jagex Mods themselves contacted Nathan about.

During this period, Jagex had yet to officially acknowledge clans in-game, save for the members-only "Clans" subforum and team capes. Therefore, GreenSkulls, just like every other clan, was largely an informal group that played the game together. This was most evident in the way Clan Wars were held back then. Rather than a safe minigame held in a designated spot with its own arena, Clan Wars were high-stakes PvP battles held within the Wilderness. Regular spots included the low-level Chaos Altar, with players making clever use of the choke point and lava splashes. However, the most popular warzone was the Demonic Ruins, located in one of the deepest, most dangerous parts of the Wilderness. Despite the risk, the spot's location meant that players weren't as limited by the level differences, and being in a group meant that even higher-leveled solo PKers couldn't ruin the fun. On the other hand, it was not uncommon for smaller wars between similarly-leveled players to be held in low-level wilderness just north of Varrock or Edgeville. Among those who could afford it, trimmed Guthix Rune armor was popular due to its green color.

most players would often avoid being skulled, by way of letting the enemy attack them first (sometimes even using trimmed armor to "bait" other players, only to have the rest of the clan run in from offscreen to ambush the unsuspecting enemy). This proved to be advantageous in more than one way; a clan member would gain all their enemy's items upon victory, and be able to hold on to their three most valuable ones in the case of death. This caused the GreenSkulls to win several fights, and even a few clan wars, by default due to the enemy retreating. Though some saw this tactic as underhanded or cowardly, aggressive PKers fell for it nearly every time, especially when they thought they outnumbered the GreenSkulls.

Most players within the GreenSkulls were, even for their time, not the most optimal players in terms of setup. Many of them, Nathan included, never even completed Dragon Slayer at the time, and would use Rune Chainbodies. Jason also lost his original Baddragon59 account and had to start over, making both a range pure and mage pure. Many players were not particularly wealthy and would often just PK with whatever they could find. Still, they did employ some advanced strategies that other f2p PKers didn't think of, such as using the Crush style with weapons to deal extra damage to the more common Rune Platebody, and switching from a faster weapon to a Rune 2h to land a big hit as an opener or finisher. The Rune Chain actually came in handy a few times, owing to its better defense against crush, with its main weakness being the almost universally unused Stab style. Despite the shoddy recruiting jobs in the earliest days, all members were very loyal during Wilderness activities, with only one member, Starblast555, actually backstabbing the clan. His betrayal was noteworthy among the clan for years, but he did eventually apologize and moved on.

The clan quickly branched out beyond PvP, with endeavors such as a Mining "business" operated between leaders and other mainstay members. The idea was to mine resources (Coal and Rune essence were almost exclusively used) and trade them to a Leader after amassing a fair amount. The leader would then use these resources to make a profit in some way, then proceed to give the miner a large amount of the profit. This was very much a trust-based business, but Nathan and Jason both never once failed to hold up their end of the deal.

Another popular way of generating money for the clan and its members was to "merch" (buy low, sell high) chaos and death runes, which were commonly used by mages in Free-to-play PK-ing. This was highly profitable during the days when Falador Park was a trading hotspot, as members would simply travel between there and Varrock, even hopping worlds to speed up the process. This practice was rendered impossible by the Grand Exchange later on. Combat training and skilling was also generally done in groups. There was no real benefit to this, but it added a fun factor to the otherwise tiresome act of level-grinding, as there was always someone to talk to.

The clan continued to be run in this fashion for the remainder of 2006 and into the Spring of the next year, until that school year ended. Notably, Kagomae02 would also become a Player Moderator during this time, but he was also the first of the leaders to permanently, unofficially quit RS after the updates. Nathan largely fell out of contact with Cody altogether after that. This point in time is generally considered by the leaders to be the GreenSkulls' true glory days.

2007: End of Wilderness Era and first exodus[edit | edit source]

At the end of their 8th grade year, the GreenSkulls leaders vowed to keep playing together, even forming a plan to mine enough Rune Essence to obtain several million GP in f2p. This was unfortunately rendered impossible once the split between Rune and Pure Essence was implemented, though the group did indeed earn several million through their old strategy of merching Chaos and Death Runes. However, activity within the clan slowed down dramatically over that Summer. Nathan had been enjoying membership for a full year now on Peteypirana1, and had been managing two "mains" separately the entire time. He was also in the middle of a move and staying temporarily at an apartment, limiting his time online.

No longer unsure if the subscription was worth it, every leader purchased membership and began to explore RuneScape in full. They quickly became occupied with getting used to their newfound membership, and understandably didn't have as much time to devote to their beloved clan. Still, clan activity was mostly f2p at this time, as Ancient Magicks completely shut down melee users, which most of the leaders were. Many of the other members were having real-life issues, and were unable to play as often. The clan still existed, but was seldom active at that point.

At the start of Nathan's(and the other leaders') freshman year of high school, he returned to RuneScape and gathered four of the clan's long-time members in the newly-added clan chat feature (even temporarily changing the chat's name to "Master Chief" in celebration of the release of Halo 3, which the leaders were fans of) to tell them of his return, and promised many great PK-ing trips in the coming months, just like the "good old days".

Unfortunately, less than two months later, the infamous December 10, 2007 updates would be instated, removing free trade and the wilderness. Chris(Icesummons79), who was leading the clan in Nathan's absence at the time, broke the news to him about the removal of the Wilderness and free trade during a conversation at school. The truth was, Nathan's family computer had died at the end of October anyway, cutting off his access to RuneScape until April. Still, this last-ditch effort by Jagex drove Nathan to ultimately quit RuneScape, unofficially ending his run with the GreenSkulls.

2008-2009: Clan Wars Era - The "second heyday"[edit | edit source]

Some of the GreenSkulls awaiting to fight in a war, circa Summer 2008.

For the remainder of 2007 and a good portion of 2008, Nathan stood firmly on his decision to quit RuneScape. Without computer access, he focused most of his gaming time into Halo 3 and other games on the popular Xbox LIVE network. Most of the other leaders did the same, seldom logging into the game that now held little resemblance to the one they remembered.

It was not until late April 2008 that this would change at all. It was at the birthday party of friend and fellow clan member Andrew. In the wee hours of the morning, things had died down and almost everyone in the house was asleep. Chris was barely keeping himself up with a few rounds of Call of Duty 4 and Turok. Nathan accessed Andrew's computer and logged into RuneScape for the first time since November. Surprisingly, his membership was still active, as it was set to auto-renew. Still saddened by the universally panned updates, he was impressed with the addition of the Grand Exchange and the other updates that now act as staples of the game, which he admittedly missed.

A few days later, an unfortunate altercation with his mother lead to Nathan being forced to leave his home and live with his dad and grandfather one town away. It was here that he was given his very own computer. He used it almost exclusively for RuneScape and other video games, and touched base with all of his real-life friends and clan leaders who gladly joined him in his level-grinding just like the old days. The spark of nostalgia came back, and Nathan had a strong desire to rebuild the GreenSkulls just days after his return. Nearly every single original member was gone, many of them having quit after the Wilderness removal, meaning they'd have to start fresh for the most part. Several of the old "mainstays" did return later, however.

The new Clan Chat feature made recruiting and managing ranks easier, but many players were still reluctant to join what was now a small and mostly forgotten clan, but several new members were recruited, mostly by Nathan alone (even advertising his clan during the infamous Wilderness Riot), with some help from Chris. The re-formed clan needed a new activity to do. They initially returned to their old stomping grounds to give Revenant-hunting a try, but were quickly put off, after Peteypirana1 died in a mere three hits to a Revenant Vampire that was equally leveled to him, losing the Rune Berserker Shield he had grinded for as well as several other items. This event did, however, push Nathan to get serious about making money, learning of the profit of farming Flesh Crawlers in the Stronghold of Security for their valuable herbs. He would go on to use this method to fund the clan for many months after this.

Replacing the Wilderness was a new, safe minigame called Clan Wars. Though it lacked both the risk and the reward of the old Wilderness, it still proved to be a satisfying experience for the GreenSkulls. As the clan had transitioned almost exclusively to P2P at this point, it was the perfect place to battle at without the worry of losing hard-earned items to Ancient mages, which weren't as common here either. It was also a quick Games Necklace teleport, removing all risk of traveling through the wilderness. Over the Summer of 2008, this became a weekly event for the GreenSkulls. At the start of Summer, Nathan had moved into a different apartment with his dad, and would quickly surpass combat level 100, making him even more of an asset to the clan. Nathan and Chris spent many evenings on the phone doing group questing and clan wars, and Allen would visit the apartment several times with his own setup.

This era also saw another major turning point, as Nathan would join the RuneScape Wiki. He would quickly befriend Chiafriend12, initially over the well-intentioned but ultimately failed Dark RuneScape Wiki, which he had joined in 2006. They would often conversate through their talk pages, and had a close friendship despite Chia being a much more level-headed, mature player. Nathan did attempt to make helpful edits to the wiki, but often used it as a platform to express his strong opinions on RuneScape and its playerbase. He also became acquainted with a certain RSWiki moderator who was infamous for his drug-fueled vandalism sprees. Nathan would also assist in many of Chia's RuneScape videos, such as "RuneScape On Weed", a series in the style of Robot Chicken, and an RSMV for Coldplay's "Viva La Vida".

it was only natural that Chia would often play RS with Nathan and his friends, eventually deciding to assist in the GreenSkulls' weekly Clan Wars. This may have brought back Chia's old spark from his now-defunct Da-Chia Clan, as he would often heavily advertise GreenSkulls in the Clan Wars lobby, bringing in several new players and doubling his chat in size at times. Several of these people would become permanent clan members. Proving to be both skilled at recruiting and a capable fighter, Chiafriend12 was made an honorary full member of the GreenSkulls, being given the unique rank of "Head Recruiter". It could be said that Chia was largely responsible for the clan's true revival.

Though the clan had shifted its focus to P2P due to Nathan using Peteypirana1 at the time instead of Kikyofire3, F2P was not ignored. One of the first new recruits to the clan in 2008 was Cragmore22(Thomas) as well as his sister Ebya211(Amanda). Other important F2P recruits included Alan Beatley(known for PKing with a Rune Shortsword as a meme), and Final784(Ricardo), who would later be promoted to admin. These four managed most of the GreenSkulls' F2P business, and were integral to the clan's function as time went on. Ricardo and Amanda dated for a short time, and they remain friends to this day.

Near the end of the summer, more events would unfold. A new, enthusiastic player named Wizzyguy55 would join and bring some friends with him. A second revenant-hunting trip happened, resulting in Peteypirana1 being separated from his clanmates and unceremoniously dying to a group of Revenant Orks. He also got into a short feud with Lil Duck 99, a fairly well known player partially responsible for the mining rework. He was with a clan member in Falador square when Lil Duck began calling him a "poor noob" who "paid for pixels" (Lil Duck was, at the time, a strong advocate for f2p skillcapes, despite purchasing membership a few months later) and showing off a cash stack. Nathan accused him of RWT and the two began insulting each other until Nathan left. Unwilling to drop it, Lil Duck sent two of his friends after Nathan to continue harassing him on the way to Varrock. As it amounted to little more than childish trash talk, Jagex decided to mute both players for two days.

Around the same time, a connection error occurred on Nathan's end, making it appear as though he was rapidly logging in and out, inadvertently spamming players' chatboxes. This resulted in one of the clan's strongest members, Kulrich, to leave the clan and ignore Nathan before he could explain himself. Nathan was so desperate to get Kulrich back in that he tried messaging him on three alt accounts, which were swiftly ignored.

As the clan begin to rebuild, an idea was tossed around between the original leaders to appoint a new one. As mentioned before, every leader up to this point knew each other in real life, so the addition of a new one that they only knew ingame was a surprising proposition at the time. Eventually, a few candidates from the clan were selected to fight one another in safe PVP, with the winner awarded the leadership position.

Emerging victorious was Wizzyguy55. He gladly accepted the position and would often help organize wars and other events, even joining the RS Wiki. Around the end of 2008, he stopped logging in for unknown reasons for a few months. When he returned, Nathan messaged him asking where he'd been, but Wizzyguy55 replied very angrily, and acted strange, saying that he was annoyed by Nathan. Wizzy ignored him before he could get any answers. This event became an oddity within the clan. According to Wizzy's real-life friend, he had quit RuneScape for a long time in favor of other MMORPGs and gave his account to another person out-of-state. Though this mystery was never fully solved, it's generally believed that it was the other person who sent those messages to Nathan. Spitefully, Nathan banned Wizzy from the clan entirely over his choice to play another MMO, citing it as treason. Wizzyguy55 has not logged in again to date.

Yet again, attempts were made to get the clan some level of internet presence outside of the game itself. Admin Lordseal173 created a YouTube channel for the clan and made plans with Nathan for eventual videos, but none ever surfaced. Still, Lordseal did do some videos with him on his main channel, which still remain up to this day. Xspell67 advertised the clan on a popular RuneScape fansite, talking them up a bit by claiming that "almost all of them [were] pures". Nathan wasn't much help here, since he lacked basic knowledge on making videos at the time.

Things seemed back to normal at last; far more efficient and organized. Clan wars were now held weekly, managed mainly by Nathan and Chia. Throughout the rest of 2008, the GreenSkulls was once again quite a sizable clan, boasting over 150 members, and this time it was members that were here to stay and contribute. They went on to win and lose many clan wars (even befriending several clans they battled), and would often hang out somewhere ingame to celebrate the fun long after the wars had ceased for the night. Notably, Chris had a small feud with another player they knew in real life, Cartman1283 (Andrew) who formed his own clan called the RedSkulls as a joke. They once had an after-war party at the Rising Sun Inn, which Chris joked that Andrew was not invited to.

This time period saw the GreenSkulls' second rise to power. With power, came a level of influence they had not previously seen. The most notable example of this was a player named Cynofear, who despite swearing allegiance to his own clan, regularly assisted the GreenSkulls in wars. After a particularly long string of victories, he silenced everyone when he proclaimed fealty to GreenSkulls over his old clan.

The last major event of 2008 came during the Christmas season, when a rival clan messaged Peteypirana1 with a barrage of insults, setting off a flame war which Nathan tried to stifle through damage control. Once things had calmed down to the point of civil discussion, the rival clan claimed that Cragmore22 had taken to the RuneScape official forums to defame their clan and claim the GreenSkulls were superior. However, no such thread could be found and Cragmore22 claimed he had never even accessed the forums before. The other clan claimed the thread had been deleted by JMods, and eventually made peace with GreenSkulls but warned them not to do it again. The the real intent behind the strange nature of this event was never fully solved. As GreenSkulls was a fairly sizeable clan with weekly Clan Wars at this point, it is generally believed that this was simply an organized trolling attempt that may have gone further than expected.

Through Nathan's collaboration with Chia and the leaders, the clan continued to function this way well into the following year. Nathan met a player named Titanorex during clan wars, who showed uncanny enthusiasm for joining the GreenSkulls, and would often manage operations and activities when Nathan and the other leaders were absent. He proved to be a great clan organizer and was given a special, unique title, "clan warlord".

With the release of PvP worlds in late 2008, the GreenSkulls could finally return to their favorite activity - unsafe PvP. Nathan and Jason, along with newer recruits Daystar585 (Craig) and MrDiamond88 (Tyler) would regularly team in Varrock and Lumbridge. Nathan and Jason returned to their old ways, having been seated next to each other in their US History class, giving them ample time to make plans for when they logged on. As well, they repeated their middle school tradition by taking a daily spot at the largest outdoor lunch table at school. Nathan, Jason, Chris, Andrew (who never officially joined the clan but still played with them), along with Zcruf Ruler (Tyler), Kenneth, and Kayla would often discuss their latest ingame accomplishments over lunch. Even Twinkies102 (Connor), a player who didn't like Nathan and Andrew very much, would often play with them after finding common ground. They would continue to battle in PvP worlds, often taking less risk by simply using whatever they obtained from kills to fight with.

In fall 2008, Nathan and the other leaders began their sophomore year of high school, and Nathan would move twice - first from his dad's apartment to his mother's old home. However, another dispute between him and his mother would lead to his second move, to a new apartment with his dad in January of 2009. He once again set up his PC. In February, he would create his main and still-active YouTube channel, Petey1Piranha. His earliest, now deleted videos were indeed recordings of him on RuneScape. Humorously, he was so determined to continue his grind that he would insistently play RS even when his PC was afflicted with a debilitating virus that made it near unusable. This eventually got so bad that Nathan had to send his PC to a professional to get it repaired, with a new hard drive in March.

Dead-set on improving his character despite his lackluster money-making skill, Nathan dedicated the entirety of Spring Break that year to grinding for a Bandos Godsword, worth around 17M at the time, more than he'd ever seen at once. Luckily, at the beginning of March, he'd met two new friends and clan members through Xbox Live - V Force Reeds and JunkWarrior, who told him of an extremely low-risk method of raising money. It simply involved buying iron ore and smithing it into bars, with rings of forging used to negate the risk. The method indeed worked, and Nathan purchased the Bandos Godsword in early April. Daystar585 helped him regain some of the money he had lost by training together with him. At his insistence, the weekly Clan Wars were held without him, with Chia and Jason leading in his stead. Soul Wars was also released around this time, becoming a popular clan event, often hosted by 671Quinn.

In early 2009, two more major events took place. The first of which involved two players that were friends in real life. Nathan was grinding on an alternate account at Minotaurs when another player began to insult him, even using censor bypasses. Nathan had had enough, and contacted his clanmate, Zin Ko Dinok (Brandon), a fairly skilled hacker who could DDoS other players, among other things. He threatened the other player with a potential hacking and leak of information, and his friend initially found the action justifiable. However, the tables were turned when the player's friend claimed to have reported Nathan on Peteypirana1, potentially risking a ban. Additionally, Brandon was asleep at the time and could not make good on Nathan's threats. However, the player's friend revealed the report to be a bluff after Nathan apologized, simply telling him to be more careful next time.

A few weeks later, during a battle in Lumbridge, the player Markl42 would fight Peteypirana1 one on one, but found himself losing by a wide margin despite Nathan not using any food. He retreated to Lumbridge Castle and hurled a series of insults at Nathan before logging out entirely. Nathan managed to get a report off, but his disappointment with the example he made of the community (and in all honesty, the fact that Nathan was admittedly thin-skinned back then and had a hard time handling even light trash talk) made him want to quit RuneScape again. Former player PhrozenFox told him that it was a waste to quit over such minor trolling, so he returned quickly after. Nathan did, however, organize a short lived campaign to try and counter-troll Markl42, but little came of it and he stopped logging in anyway, potentially having been banned.

Clan activity was still mostly routine during 2009, though many of the older leaders would depart for various reasons. Icesummons79, Kagomae02, and Riy 457 never returned to the clan. Jason was still present, and Ricardo and Amanda were major helpers alongside Craig, even though he had issues with his aging laptop. After his unfortunate YouTube ban, Chia largely disappeared, making sporadic appearances ingame and on the wiki before retiring altogether. Garrett was still around when he could be, and often dueled Nathan in the duel arena. With the absence of senior members, Dracules11 was also given adminship to make up for it. Meetings about where to take the clan next were often held during the summer of 2009, with some minor drama arising in July revolving around an issue unrelated to the game. Dracules11 talked some sense into the others, citing it as pointless.

Near the end of that summer, Nathan would attempt his first 99, in the Attack skill. He did this through training at the Dagganoths under the Lighthouse, as they would attack in groups and did not deal much damage if one wore decent armor. It was around this time that Jagex updated RuneScape to allow players to change their character name, and Nathan actually changed Peteypirana1 to "TheTF2Medic", as he had recently began playing Team Fortress 2, mainly using the Medic character.

During a training session with clan member KiteDJ123, Nathan got into yet another feud with a player, though he incited it this time. The other player had 'crashed' his world by using a Dwarf Multicannon. A bit of a purist at the time, Nathan considered this method of ranged training cheap and telling of a player's lack of skill at the game. Annoyed at having to repeatedly hop worlds, Nathan openly berated him for using the cannon. The other player responded by calling Peteypirana1 a waste of stats, even though Petey was not a pure by any means and wished to level all of his combat stats equally. At the advice of KiteDJ, Nathan left, but resorted to spamming the other player insults on both his main and an alt via PMs.

For the rest of that summer and well into the fall, Nathan would remain at Dagganoths, hoping to obtain 99 attack. He only ever left for the usual weekly clan wars. One of the last major events the clan did during this time was the 2009 Halloween event, lead by Nathan and BigTheCat69. Sadly, it was around this time that a game freeze would cause Nathan to die at the Dagganoths, losing most of his gear. It was actually not as bad as it seemed because the Bandos Godsword had somehow risen from 17M to 30M, so he sold it to make up for the losses and even bought a Dragon Platebody. Still, he never obtained another Godsword, and this death had killed most of his motivation for obtaining a 99 and playing consistently.

Peteypirana1 and Daystar585 on recon deep in the Haunted mine, during a group questing event in the final days of the GreenSkulls' Clan Wars Era. This image dates to Spring of 2009.

2010-2011: End of Clan Wars Era, dormancy and general inactivity[edit | edit source]

After 2009 came to a close, the GreenSkulls had very little activity for quite some time. Nathan and the others had largely moved onto other games, including another MMO called Dragon Saga. Craig would occasionally still log on to check in on things, but not much of note happened. Nathan's old PC finally died for good in early March of that year, meaning he couldn't have played even if he wanted to until April. There was one more small surge of activity in late May 2010 when Craig made a new account, Darthmorder, with the unusual goal of being a Defence pure. Nathan created NiteSneasel in response, a more traditional Strength pure. This resulted in a short revival of the GreenSkulls as Nathan used both Petey and NiteSneasel, making his clan chat fairly lively between him, Craig, Amanda, and new member DmonDisaster, along with several randoms. This era was cut short when Nathan had to temporarily move again, and had lost interest by the time he regained PC access in mid-July. NiteSneasel was never used after this, and ultimately it would be the last time Peteypirana1 was ever active in any meaningful way.

Regardless, several attempts between leaders to renew interest in the game and start a "revival" of the clan were made, but were usually unsuccessful. Herrin100 tried to bring in new members around this time, and Titanorex and MrDiamond88 attempted to organize a sort of "elite group" consisting mainly of the higher leveled members known as "The EmeraldSkulls" (inspired largely by the then-new film, The Expendables) to carry out important or dangerous tasks, but little came of it. During Spring, Nathan and Titanorex made another attempt at a YouTube channel for the clan, "TheGreenSkullsClan." Only one video ever surfaced - a standard recruitment video - and the channel was abandoned before the end of the year.

On top of everything else, Nathan, who was ostensibly the heart of the clan, was in a very bad spot in life due to real life events. The Wilderness did in fact return in early 2011, but for many veteran players, GreenSkulls included, it was too little, too late. There were plans between Nathan and Craig for the GreenSkulls to return and "take over" certain worlds, but yet again, nothing came to fruition.

The GreenSkulls existed in name only by the end of 2010. They were unofficially declared inactive for the time being. The magic that had sparked back in 2006 was gone for now, for better or worse.

2012: Revival: The Clans Update Era[edit | edit source]

In Spring 2011, an altercation with the apartment's landlord resulted in Nathan having to move yet again, back to his old home with his mother. Even more hardware failure and another virus rendered him without a PC yet again, this time until September of that year. When he was able to regain access to RuneScape, he found that Peteypirana1 had been hacked somehow. Even though his items and money were still there, the hacker had completely wiped his friend list, which he meticulously put together over the years. It would have been impossible to readd everyone, especially with the name change feature in effect. This was a crushing blow, but the final nail in the coffin was the graphical overhaul to the Verac's Helm, which Nathan considered to be more or less the face of Peteypirana1. He moved onto other games after that, including returning to Dragon Saga for a few months.

As though history was repeating itself, Craig would encourage Nathan to return to RuneScape in early 2012. With Peteypirana1 having ran his course as an account, Nathan decided to start fresh with a brand new one - SmoothYamcha (later changed to Yamcha DBZ). Craig would abandon his original Daystar585 account, now using Darthmorder as his dedicated main, even leveling other stats to forego his original build as a pure. For many months after this, Nathan and Craig would play RuneScape nightly, helping SmoothYamcha gain levels to catch up with everyone else. This reignited Nathan's passion for the game, achieving combat 90 in less than a month. The two would often play late into the night, with Nathan watching music videos on MTV while Craig took naps and made coffee to keep himself awake.

While Nathan and the others were away, Jagex had finally come to fully acknowledge clans ingame with the feature to legitimately form one's own. During Spring 2012, Nathan had reconnected with Garrett and Jason, both of whom were still active RuneScape players. During a Skype call after some Giant Mole runs, the two expressed desire to form a clan under the new system, to which Nathan revealed his intention to reinstate the GreenSkulls. Perhaps feeling that same spark of nostalgia, the two agreed to his proposal. On a late night in mid-May 2012, 6 full years after the clan's original founding, Nathan and Garrett met up in town, and instated the GreenSkulls under the new clans feature, posting the thread on the forums while on the wifi at their local McDonald's.

Yet again, the GreenSkulls entered a period of prosperity. Though many of the long-standing members were gone, Garrett, Jason, and Craig gladly stepped up to leadership roles and helped things run smoothly. Interest had finally been renewed in the game, and for good reason. This time around, the clan only gained around 60 official members at it's peak, but everyone here was generally high-leveled, competent, and active. The clan returned to their old stomping grounds in the Wilderness, PKing in both f2p and member's worlds, even killing Green Dragon bots for fun. Nathan and Garrett often met up IRL to play together and discuss what to do next. Dutese (Isabella), a player Nathan met in high school and briefly attempted to date, would often play with them too, even organizing clan wars occasionally.

Moon_light21 (Jason) addresses Nathan and some other GreenSkulls in the new citadel, Summer 2012

This era saw the recruitment of some of the most strange and colorful characters ever to fight under the GreenSkulls banner. One of the earliest was named Silosighbin, an assertive player with very strong opinions, and wasn't afraid to stir up occasional drama by voicing them. He had recruited a member named Watmanwat, who himself proved to be an asset to the clan. Another was Escort Killer, who was originally fairly helpful but had increasingly frequent outbursts of racial slurs, and was the first player to be permanently banned since Wizzyguy55. Nathan would often set his alarm and wake up early to play, fishing sharks for the clan or PKing.

Watmanwat (Brian) became fast friends with senior member Final784 (Ricardo). The three often talked over Facebook and posted photos of their gameplay to each others' timelines. Ricardo still had decent combat stats, but had largely transitioned to skilling by this point, earning several 99s. Brian on the other hand, as a bit newer but focused mainly on combat. This put them on a somewhat even playing field, and they would often challenge each other to 1v1 in the Clan Wars portal. Normally, the fight would stay even until the last hit, where something ludicrous would happen, ending up in either of the pair dying in a humorous way. This became somewhat of an inside joke between some clan members.

This was largely considered to be another renaissance era for the clan. Since organization was tighter, it was easier to plan out boss runs, dungeoneering, group questing, and the like. A small Skype group was created for voice chat during this time. Activity would admittedly fluctuate over the weeks, with the chat being lively one day and dead the next. Gartacus at one point felt like he was the only one there and joined a maxed clan, but later rejoined GreenSkulls since its playerbase was closer to his level.

However, this peace didn't last quite as long as the previous heydays the GreenSkulls had enjoyed. The first major disturbance happened near the end of the Summer of 2012, a new member by the name of Tetration was recruited. Several high-ranking clan members disliked him for the controversial statements he would often make in the clan chat. He often offered help that was either false, or present common knowledge as useful tips. He would also attempt to tell his clanmates that his playstyle was the only "right way" to play the game, and proved rather annoying to some of them. Nathan, on the other hand, welcomed his presence, though he disapproved of some of his actions. Numerous clan members did not like the situations this created, because an argument would ensue any time three admins and Tetration were online together.

Darthmorder(Craig), Final784(Ricardo), and Watmanwat(Brian), all ranked Admin or higher, demanded that Tetration be kicked, threatening that all three would leave otherwise. When Nathan refused, the three met in a private friends' chat channel behind Nathan's back, and conspired to kick Tetration anyway, without Nathan's approval. Watmanwat was the most insistent in kicking Tetration, and would be the one chosen to kick him once and for all. A lengthy, violent argument ensued within the clan chat, lasting for the remainder of the day, well into the evening. The argument resulted in several long-time members becoming uncomfortable with what was going on. This caused Nathan to take into consideration how genuine his friends and clanmates really were. Tetration even contacted Nathan over Skype to prove his innocence and even apologize, but Nathan was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as it was ultimately more sensible to let him remain banned than to lose three admins, though the result was the same either way.

During the argument that evening, two of the most active and important clan members (three if one counts Tetration himself), Blood Stroke and Ams28447, both left the clan due to the unnecessary drama. This loss was considered a "huge setback" by Nathan, who threatened to disband the clan and quit the game that same night, although the other admins weren't fazed very much by the threat, with Ricardo stating that he should go ahead if that was how he really felt. Nathan, Craig, and Brian even met over Xbox Live that night to discuss the incident, eventually reaching a point of civility. A zero-tolerance rule was also put in place as a result of this scandal, stating that no member is to be kicked without consulting the clan leader first, with no exceptions. A failure to comply with this rule would result in being kicked from the clan, as well as having all contact between Nathan and the offender cut off. Nathan was so frustrated at the time that he originally planned to do even more unsavory things to those who broke the rules, even attempting to track IPs and such.

Predictably, this was not the only incident of this nature. Watmanwat's vitriolic attitude often caused him to have bitter relationships with other clanmates. Arguments would often arise, but typically he'd make some sort of joke and keep everyone happy for the most part. There were a few cases where Watmanwat's attitude went too far with some clan mates. Unknown on how the fight started, a clan member by the name of Skrillex_RMX began to argue with Watmanwat. As usual, Watmanwat would often make a joke, and attempt to diffuse the argument in a funny or amusing manner. However, Skrillex_RMX didn't find it funny, so he challenged Watmanwat to a duel.

To raise the stakes, Watmanwat proposed the idea of betting money. The first fight consisted of a 100k wager. Watmanwat beat Skrillex_RMX, but Skrillex wanted a rematch. Another 100k wager was made, and again, Watmanwat won the battle. Skrillex_RMX demanded a duel with no armour or weapons, and Skrillex_RMX won that battle. Watmanwat decided once and for all to see who the best fighter was, and asked Skrillex_RMX to use his best equipment. To make the last battle worthy, a bet of 1 million GP was set as the wager, and Nathan had a promotion for whoever won the brawl. Skrillex_RMX entered with all three of the Combat types. Watmanwat entered with melee, as always. Watmanwat eventually won, with food and potions able to be used. Skrillex_RMX had had enough, and temporarily left the clan, but rejoined and kept in touch with Nathan.

A few days later, a new member was added without Nathan's approval when he was offline, and began to harass Silosighbin. This harassment lead to his decision to leave the clan. For Nathan, this was the last straw. Frustrated at the loss of his most active members, and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a leader, which he never thought would be this great over something like an online game, Nathan announced to Watmanwat privately through Facebook that he would take an indefinite, but lengthy hiatus from RuneScape and the GreenSkulls.

Clan activity ground to a halt in the following month. As activity within the clan waned without players like Silo, Blood Stroke, and now Nathan himself to keep it active, Final784 and Watmanwat, the two highest ranking clan members behind Nate, made a last-ditch effort to revive the clan themselves and keep it alive long enough for Nathan to return. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful. They both left the GreenSkulls for good not long after.

Watmanwat, Yamcha DBZ, and Silosighbin standing behind the GreenSkulls's vexilium during the clan's "official" run under RS's clan system in Summer of 2012.

2013-2015: Conclusion[edit | edit source]

After Summer of 2012 came to a close, the GreenSkulls would never again see a true resurgence.

Not long after Nathan's hiatus, the Evolution of Combat update was released full-scale. Subsequently, many players quit. This update saw the largest amount of departures since the Wilderness removal back in 2007. Nathan initially gave this update a chance. Even though Yamcha DBZ's stat build was ruined by the reworkings EoC brought with it, he made an account called MarryTheNite, specifically to be built around EoC mechanics. This didn't last very long either. The fact of the matter was, RuneScape was a totally different game at this point, and the loss of important clan members that the GreenSkulls would never get back didn't do much to motivate him. He and the other leaders eventually came to terms with the fact that this was not the game they came to know and love back in 2006, and there was no getting that back.

For a time after the disbanding in 2012, a few halfhearted attempts were made to somehow bring the GreenSkulls back, but the few efforts that were made weren't serious enough to yield results. Old School RuneScape also was briefly considered, but the clan was so scattered at this point that re-organization would be nigh-impossible. The clan was still only considered to be on "indefinite hiatus" until 2015, when the addition of the Grand Exchange to OSRS effectively killed any and all chances of Nathan returning to the game in any capacity. That same year saw the untimely passing of senior member and admin Garrett (Master Lop/Getting Old), further discouraging anyone from returning.

Either way they looked at it, RuneScape was on the decline. The ingame population had reached an all-time low, barely tipping the scale at 50,000 players during peak hours, a far cry from the 400k it once boasted, and the OSRS servers turned out even more laughable numbers. Many worlds were even entirely empty. Everyone had agreed that for better or worse, the time had come to close the proverbial final chapter of the GreenSkulls.

Although they never made any notable accomplishments outside of the game itself, the GreenSkulls were remembered by everyone who once fought under them, and still looked back on fondly by the leaders. This page now serves as a complete archive of all their activities and exploits, etching them into history forever.

Never say goodbye. If you don't say goodbye, then you aren't really gone. You just aren't here right now.

~ Agent Carolina to Private Church in Red vs Blue

Activities[edit | edit source]

Here are some things that clan members typically did. They were for fun, experience, or any other rewards.

  • Clan wars
  • Wilderness PK-ing
  • Minigames/activities
  • Quests
  • Skilling(Fishing, etc)
  • Combat training(Most commonly Flesh Crawlers)
  • Lootshare
  • Financial assistance

Defunct Activities[edit | edit source]

  • PvP worlds
  • Making music videos with Chiafriend12 (Now mostly defunct due to his general inactivity, as well as being banned from YouTube.)

Members[edit | edit source]

Old/outdated member list.

  • Yamcha DBZ/Nathan(Leader)
    • Previous accounts: Kikyofire3 (2006-2007), Peteypirana1 (2006-2010)
  • Moon_Light21/Jason(Leader)
  • Icesummons79/Chris(Leader)
  • Riy 457/Allen(Leader)
  • Kagomae02/Cody(Leader)
  • Getting Old/Garrett(Formerly Master Lop, Leader)
  • Titanorex (Clan Warlord)
  • Silveredge11(Leader)
  • Mr Diamond88(Leader/Yamcha's bodyguard)
  • Chiafriend12(Head Recruiter)
  • Darthmorder/Craig (Formerly Daystar585, Admin)
  • Silosighbin
  • Watmanwat (Admin)
  • aqua1336
  • 6ITACHI9
  • Ams28447
  • Archer 7007(Also Jackslap0)
  • Blood Stroke
  • BlackAdderr (Formerly Final784, Admin)
  • Cindeh
  • DmonDisaster
  • Gartacus
  • Escort Killer Permanently banned
  • Funny Godz1
  • Green3789
  • Huisseleutels
  • J Dawg 47
  • Kinggidora1
  • Kobe82429
  • Lakersandy
  • Light1196
  • Lilhaus33
  • Lucid Jr
  • Madddog79
  • Omababa
  • Skrillex_Rmx
  • Money9012
  • Taytaylow483
  • Veltorius1
  • runecrawl92

Rules (as of final iteration before disbanding)[edit | edit source]

  • You must be at least level 25 to join, or at least have a competent grasp on how the game works.
  • You must be at least level 70 to join if you are a member, or at least have had an account of that level at some point, unless you are a pure.
  • You are never allowed to kick a member without consulting Yamcha DBZ first. Doing so will result in loss of rank, or even being removed from the clan and blacklisted.
  • If someone ranked Admin or higher is online, you should ask them before recruiting someone. If not, you are allowed to recruit them, but they may be kicked later at a leader's discretion.
  • All of Jagex's rule's apply. Don't attempt to trash talk or scam other players, even if they are in a different clan. You will only look stupid and possibly get muted or banned.
  • If you're insistent on leaving, do it on good terms and give a good reason. GreenSkulls isn't drop-in/drop-out.

Important Clan members (2006-2009)[edit | edit source]

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