Here is a Combat Clan developed by Xxhitman500. Anyone who joins is ranked General. We fight other clans for glory in Clan Wars. We currently are hoping for members to join each time. The Clan has around 8 members so far, but we plan to recruit as many people as possible. We help each other, in many ways, and care for each ones saftey. We go into many Clan Wars. See the bottom on how to join.


Here are the founders of this Clan:

Xxhitman500 (Founder)

Note: The founders who have not left are the current leaders of the Clan.


Here are the requirments:

Team Cape: Team-33

Lvl Requirment: 20+

Combat Armour/Uniform: None (Excluding Team Cape)

Needed: Willing to help others, and Having a strong heart

Recommended: At least 30 Attack, and 5 Range is recommened

Note: Rune, and Adamant armour is also recommened, for we mostly do Knock-Out battles in Clan Wars.

World(s): Mainly World 7, but if full, World 1, or 9.

Latest News: We are currently looking for rangers, so we would have a winning chance against mages.

Activities: Clan Wars, Duel Arena, and Rev Hunting (At least lvl 70+ is required for Rev Hunting.)

God Worshipers: Here are the gods the founders/ex-founders worship:

Xxhitman500: Zamorak

To Join, just enter Xxhitman500, in 'Join Chat'. Introduce yourself, and Xxhitman500, will determine whether, your in, or out. If neither of the founder are online, please check in another time.


No Spamming

No Flaming (If something occured, then inform the founders.)

No Cursing

No Asking For Other People's Password

Have fun while joining!

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