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Welcome to the GameWinners' clan wikia page! The GameWinners' clan is a community-based clan. The clan was originally founded back in 2003 at the RuneScape forum, and it gained more members over the years. The clan treats each of its members with respect and allows each voice to be heard.

The GameWinners' clan is not a large clan. Each person would be considered as helpful and kind to each other. New applicants should NOT feel afraid to apply to become a member or a clan friend.

Leaders: Edit

  • Drakargx
  • R e dF o x

Applying Edit

If you think you're a perfect candidate to become a member or a clan friend, you can apply here. Please make sure you read the clan's Rules and Terms and Requirements.

Requirements Edit


  • 70 combat
  • 750 total level


  • 75 combat
  • 1000 total level

Events Edit

IRC Chat Edit

Since the GameWinners' Clan is a community-based clan, most of the discussion and user activity takes place at its SwiftIRC channel. GameWinners' Clan's official SwiftIRC channel is #gwclan.

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