Dead Clan
This clan has fallen.

Death chathead

Eternitys End

Clan Leader: Kisanorame

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We have been around since July 2008, but we havent had much activity until now, so the clan has suffered. But despite all of that, the clan still survives to this day, and we have over 100 members on Runescape, and about 150 others on different games, our clan accepts most members, except for: Those who are not prepared to devote their time to the clan, and members that have maxed out their characters,or are about to quit Runescape, because a clan is a growing experience, so when you get to such a level, there just isn't much left to do.


We aren't here to cheat our fellow gamers. We try to do things to help our members, such as give them jobs based on their skills, and promote warring with other clans. We rank our members because it gives them something to strive for, and it makes our members try to do better.


We are not just on runescape, I am currently working on establishing my clan on other games, so to unite gamers across many different games, so our clan will have spread to many different kinds of games, the clan has spread to Xbox-live, and Aeria, so if you want to join there, find me.


I'm almost always accepting new members, if you really want to join, there aren't that many requirements to join, but you need to be loyal, hard working, ready to devote some of your time, and respect your fellow clan members.
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