Dead Clan
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Death chathead

Epic Elite PvM
Channelowner iconFounder:
June 1st, 2010
Clan Channel:
Eep Chat
Clan Forums:
Minimum Combat Requirement:
Additional Requirements:
86+ Herblore, 95+ Prayer, Decent PvM armour

Epic Elite PvM (EEP), is a combat clan which do most of the bosses in RuneScape as small or large groups. The Clan does mostly Godwars dungeon bosses, and the Corporeal beast.

Name ExplanationEdit

weer all gay in this clan

Joining InformationEdit

Hey Brembo

Clan chat & Ranking informationEdit

Our clan uses the Clan Chat called: "Eep Chat". If you would like to join our clan and you don't know any of the leaders and/or members you could always join the Clan Chat and come in contact with us there.

The ranks are as followed: Generals are Leaders and all other ranks must be earned by you and the other members of the clan by attending and/or making up new events.

Joining the clanEdit

DISBANDED To join our clan you can go on our forums and create a new account there, then apply by posting a new thread in the new applications forum.

For further information about the clan you could ask in the forums or by talking to other members in the clan chat.

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