The Elven Elite is an organized, fun, and friendly clan led by Nicolo77. It is small, but growing. Its members are helpful, friendly, and experienced Runescape players. We are always recruiting those who have 50+ combat, and are temporarily recruiting those who have 40+ combat. The only exception to this is our pures policy: If you have one skill that is at least 10 levels higher than all of your other stats, I consider you a pure. The one skill must be in the high scores and be at least 40. If you wish to sign up, post your name in the discussion page. I will then review your high score stats, and then add you to the members list if I feel that you will be a loyal member of the clan.

The clan is mostly for members only, but we have a small free-player sub-clan. It is sponsored by us, and all members are allowed to attend free-player events while being in the members clan. The free-player sub-clan also has a requirement of having a combat level that is 50 or higher, unless you are an eligible pure.

A member may participate in any event, while a free-player may only participate in free-player events and members events that are taking place on free-player worlds.

Standard ClanEdit



8-22 Pures Policy is Established

To make this clan more open, I have created a pures policy to allow non-combat dedicated accounts to join. The policy is: If you have 1 skill that is at least 10 levels higher than all of you other stats, I consider you a pure. The 1 skill must be in the high scores and be at least 40.

8-21 Free-player Sub-clan Formed

Recruitment is now open to free players to join the Elven Elite. This message effcts those you recruit, and also those who have applied and been declined because of their free-player status.

7-02 Emergency Draft: Clan Requirments Temporarily Lowered

In an attempt to get this clan up and running, I have lowered the recruitment to 40+. This applies to both members and free players. The new recruits that aren't 50+ have 2 weeks to get there.



Supreme Commander Nicolo77

Minister of Activities (none)

Minister of Recruitment (none)

Minister of Supplies (none)

Minister of Public Relations (kingchowder9)

Officers/Elven HigherEdit

Flag Officers/Command OfficersEdit

Field Officers/OfficersEdit

  • Vice Admiral Hereticrng

Enlisted/Elven LowerEdit


  • Colonel Ian G R
  • Exodus Cry


  • Lieutenant Commander Fooflesnort
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