Sleeping Cap

This clan is currently inactive

Introduction Edit

  • Welcome RuneScaper! If you would like to join my clan the Elite Bladers, feel free to do so! The Elite Bladers is a clan by Sjgrenade (Originally by Sjblade but he gave up the name so Sjgrende took it). It has no limits to who can join but it'll be best for the middle level people such as people with combat levels from 15 and up. The Elite Bladers is a F2P and P2P Clan so anyone can join.

Ranks Edit

Channelowner icon Owner: Sjgrenade
General icon General: Sjblade
Captain icon Captain: (I'll go ask Sjgrenade)
Lieutenant icon Lieutenant: Crazyfreak96
Sergeant icon Sergeant: (I'll go ask Sjgrenade
Corporal icon Corporal: (I dunno)
Recruit icon Recruit:
Friend icon Friends: For Anyone

How to Join Edit

  • If you would like to join my clan, please tell me first on my Talk Page or my Runescape account by adding Sjgrenade to your friends list and when I'm on, you can message me.


The Clan:Blueshield requests a mutual alliance. Please consider it.

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