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Eagles is a clan chat hosted by the RuneScape account I Era (wikia user Jathsen).

This clan chat is for patriotic, cool-name-making, cool-skill-getting, famous, awesome, liberty-respecting, honorable players. :-D

If you are interested in events and not just a fun place to chat without the spam of immature people, rest assured that we love to clan war, play minigames (Fist of Guthix and Great Orb Project), lootshare giant cockroaches, make long lines, practice amazing dance moves, use Jagex's implemented game improvements like using home teleport and certain emotes together, through snowballs at people, and primarily just have fun.

Ranks and People Edit

It is possible for ANYONE to get a rank in this clan chat, provided someone with a Medal of Honor thinks you fit the description above in some way :-D. It has nothing to do with your stats and anyone is welcome. Feel free to add Jathsen and I Era (private chat is on when they are).

Possible ranks:

  • Captain iconMedal of Honor
  • Sergeant iconGeneral
  • Corporal iconCaptain
  • Recruit iconLieutenant

Here's a list of people who don't mind having their name listed, have a rank, and are pretty active.
Channelowner iconI Era - Host
Captain iconJathsen - Medal of Honor
Captain iconClipmaster3 - Medal of Honor
Captain iconCpt Moroni24 - Medal of Honor
Captain iconHokey2.0 - Medal of Honor
Captain iconCpt Frost7 - Medal of Honor
Captain iconWo0tilici0us - Medal of Honor
Sergeant iconCharleslmt - General

Pictures Edit

Click here.

Acknowledgement Edit

This information is provided by the maker of the RuneScape accounts Jathsen and I Era and the founder of the Eagles clan chat and is currently exclusive to Please do not replicate without our permission.

Thanks to our many friends and thanks to Jagex for the game.

Jathsen 20:59, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

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