Destroyrune is a clan made by Kwrpg32, with hidden clan ranks that are not much known. Destroyrune is one of the most unpopulated clans, however, are are only consisting continuously of Kwrpg32 and Kirbyegg500. They are known to support the Order of Cabbage and did their first cabbage bomb single-handedly on November 25th, at World 7. The cabbages spread through the area, although at about 2 minutes into the sudden sprout, some doofus stole most of them and ran like mad. The official site is, altough if you are looking for cabbage bombs, go on, and go to forums.

Sock Riot Edit

This sounds stupid, eh? Well it ain't. Some time during the Summer of 2009, Kwrpg32 was one of the participants in a riot about putting socks in RuneScape. It stopped when we got to Lumbridge and the rioters started yelling "Looking for gf". But it did have a decent amount of people. Unforrtunatley, this was not recorded in RuneScape history, and it lasted a well 20 minutes.

Destroyrune CorruptionistsEdit

One of the hidden ranks, the clan members go around getting hired for 2k an hour savaging the rival clan of the clan that hired us. NO, we are not going as far as breaking the rules. We do our little spying, and, ultimatley, join the rival clan and crush it from the inside-out. Cool.

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