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Oh yeah. It's on now. XD

~ Deja-Vu XLIV
Deja Vu Clan
Channelowner iconFounders:
Clan Chat
Deja Vu Cc
Clan Leaders
Deja-Vu XLIV, KB Waffle
Home Worlds
92 (P2P) 93 (F2P)

Deja-Vu is clan founded in the late hours of the 21st of January 2010 by Deija-Vu Xii that focuses on combat and tactics in Clan Wars.

We are currently accepting all new recruits that meet our demands.

This Clan is Based in London, England but people from other countries are welcome to join if they can manage the time restraints.

Our Recruitment Thread: Deja-Vu Recruitment

Official Clan List on RuneHead: Runehead List

Our Website: Deja Vu Website

Events Edit

Event Day/'s Time World
Clan Wars (F2P) Saturday 6-8pm GMT World 141
Clan Wars (P2P) Sunday 6-8pm GMT TBC
King Black Dragon Weekends 3-5pm GMT TBC
Fist of Guthix

When there are enough people that want to do it.


Other Events will be added over time.

Rank System Edit

General iconGenerals Clan Leaders
Captain iconCaptain Clan Moderators
Lieutenant iconLieutenant Elected by the Clan members
Sergeant iconSergeant Paladin (Approved by Leader)
Corporal iconCorporal Combat Level 80+
Recruit iconRecruit Combat Level 79-
Friend iconAllies Allied Clan Leader

Only Captain's and General's can kick.

Kicking for no reason will result in being demoted to a Recruit/ Corporal.

Clan History Edit

A Outline of the Clan's History which will expand over time.

The Birth of Deja Vu Edit

After Founder KB Alex changed his user name to Deija-Vu Xii he decided to start a new page in the history of Runescape Clans by creating the Deja Vu Clan.

Joining the Triumvirate Edit

Soon After the Creation of Deja Vu, Leader Deja-Vu XLIV offered to join Zerouhs Triumvirate and was kindly accepted.

We shortly left the triumvirate due to leader Zerouh's massive lust of uneccesary war.

Army of Saradomin Edit

After talks with King Aeraes over an alliance, Leader Deija-Vu Xii (Deja-Vu XLIV) accepted the terms. As of 24/01/2010 Deja Vu is allied with Army of Saradomin

Inactivity Edit

Deja Vu is inactive due to the Leader (Deja Vu XLIV) moving house and having no regular access to internet for a few months. clan will kick off again after a stable internet connection has been established. For now Deja-Vu XLIV has joined a clan in which he was before. (Kaiser Blade)

Sign's of Return? Edit

On the 31st of May 2010 Deja-Vu XLIV Stated in the Army of Saradomin Clan Chat that Deja Vu may be restarted. No particular time was stated but it is possible that it will happen during July.

Return Edit

As of the 13th of November 2010 Deja-Vu is now back in business and we are accepting all new recruits!

Alliances Edit

How To Join Edit

  • Pm me Ingame (Deja-Vu XLIV)
  • Leave a message on my Talkpage -Deja-Vu XLIV
  • Join the Clan Chat and see if anyone is online (Deja Vu Cc)

Trivia Edit

  • The pronunciation of Deja Vu is dei-jah voo
  • The Clan founder is Not French.
  • Deja Vu means: Already Seen
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