Dark strike was founded by Zatan Strike

this is a all around clan

We are a clan that was founded in may, 5, 2010 I started this clan because i was tired of it when no one listens to you in a clan. In this clan you will be heard and opinions listened to. We also are a very active clan, we will have clan events of people polls and choosing of course they are not mandatory but it will be fun to participate.

Now i have been in many clan's so i am experienced in the field of wars and clans i will be able to take care of any problems you have with the clan.

Now please read the first two pages and fill out the application if u are interested in joining HAVE FUN!!

Clan Chat: zchatz Clan Homeworld: 158

Clan Timezone: PST is the main one but any others will do Discussions thread

QFC:90-91-416-60708748 Quick find code:87-88-721-60933307

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